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How to Report a Bug (READ) by surfichris on 05-26-2003 at 11:37 AM

Before reporting the bugs you have found in Messenger Plus! please review the following as a suggested way of reporting them that will help Patchou.

  • Try to provide a detailed analysis of what's happening, and what you just did to cause the problem..
  • State if you are using Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger as well as the version you are currently running
  • State which version of Messenger Plus! you are currently using. (You should be using the latest release anyway).
  • Include other details such as your operating system, and any other relevant software details.
  • Make the bug easy to understand, Patchou is not going to spend 30 mins just on one thread trying to understand it. Set it out clearly.
  • Do not report duplicate bugs; before posting your bug report, have a look around the forum for a similar bug and check to see that it is actually a bug and its not a fault on your behalf.
Please show your support by also not creating new threads in here which aren't related to plus, and all suggestions should go in the "MsgPlus! General Talk" forum.

Please remember, that in this forum you are trying to help Patchou keep his software bug free... swearing, double posting, and abusing is not going to help..

Thank you,
Chris Boulton