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Can't hear people speaking on my speakers by ulrichburke on 07-17-2009 at 10:12 PM

Dear Anyone.

For starters, I'm NOT very technically intelligent, be gentle with the answers.

I can't hear anything anyone says to me via the microphone/speaker hookup system (very techie description there - NOT!)

I'm using a soundcard - an M-Audio Audiophile 2496. I've got the speakers plugged into the soundcard. I use the wizard and click on 'Test Speakers' and never hear anything,  no matter what combinations of input/outputs I use.  People say they hear me, I just can't hear anything back. 

I'm using Version 4.7, as the new version keeps giving me viruses (every time I've used it, my scanner's found 182 viruses the next day. Every time I use 4.7, no viruses. Ergo, the new version lets viruses through - though why it's always exactly 182 I've no idea.)

Anyone got any ideas?

Yours hopefully


RE: Can't hear people speaking on my speakers by Joa on 07-18-2009 at 12:16 AM

what anti-virus program are you using?

from 4.7 i'm assuming you are talking about messenger plus! live. there are no viruses within the program, it is safe to use with or without the sponsor program. you have an option of installing it without the sponsor program.. at the beginning of the installation you are given the option.
make sure you download the program directly from this site!

i do not think that plus! has anything to do with your speakers not working.

here are some tips:
make sure you haven't accidentally "muted" anything (Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control).

make sure you have the right "environment" selected. if you have one speaker, two speakers etc. (Control Panel -> Sound & Audio Devices -> then under "Speaker Settings" hit the Advanced button)

did you install the drivers for your sound card?

did they work before but are not working now?

RE: Can't hear people speaking on my speakers by ulrichburke on 07-18-2009 at 12:46 AM

Thanx for answering!

It's just that the new version of Messenger seems to roll out the red carpet for pesky ad-viruses. Nothing serious, just loads of adbots keep popping up when I scan my computer when the new versions in, when my nice old version's re-installed, the keylogger/adware virus count goes WAAAAY down!

So, something in the new version says 'Howdy. Welcome!' every time an adbot/keylogger wants to come in. 

I'm using Threatfire, Clamwin and Super Anti Spyware.  I set them to disregard MSN Messenger, that's what makes me think they're coming through that way - when a virus tries to come onto my computer WITHOUT using Messenger, 9 times out of 10 I get a warning. 

MP3s are playing fine. Streaming video's got sound, no problem. But whenever someone says they're talking to me, via MSN Messenger, I get zilcho. If they type and I talk to them via my headphones with built in mike (think Madonna!) they say they can hear me fine.  I've  tried playing an MP3 while using Messenger, I can hear that fine, so it's not that something on the soundcard isn't turned up, I wouldn't have thought - I'M NOT a techie, so feel completely free to disagree.

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of options to do anything with in Messenger. There's this wizard that's supposed to set things up for you, I've been through it many times trying many different settings, no joy. Sometimes it mucks up my sound altogether so I can't hear anything anywhere but I reckon that's my fault for trying an incorrect setting, just in case. 

Do you think I should use the new version and add more virus protection?

Yours puzzledly