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Generic Subclassing Helper DLL by Mnjul on 07-24-2010 at 02:59 PM

Hello scripters!

I have just finished my generic subclassing helper DLL. This DLL enables arbitrary JScript WndProc-like functions to be called back asynchronously, essentially enabling JScript to subclass any non-Plus! windows.

The usage is pretty simple - just declare your WndProc function (with hwnd, msg, wparam, lparam parameters), and construct the subclassing by calling the DLL functions (sample js code is attached). Functions as object methods are also supported (as long as "this" is supplied).

So, next time if you want to subclass a non-Plus! window and don't want to write your own DLL (since we have no asynchronous callback in Plus! scripting), feel free to use my DLL (specify the usage in your script's page/about screen, though).

If you feel anything unclear, just reply and I'll detail.

New version on 2011-Feb-23: More compatibility with WLM2011.

RE: Generic Subclassing Helper DLL by matty on 07-24-2010 at 06:51 PM

Way to go Mnjul! This has been long awaited!