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RE: Messenger Mobile is sending double messages.
Hey me too started facing the same problem on my blackberry torch, Did you found out any way to solve this problem ?
hannajueSkype & Live Messenger07-17-2013 at 03:15 PM
RE: Bring Msn Back it was much better
msn Reviver is the best, it doesn't need anything good to describe
hannajueSkype & Live Messenger07-17-2013 at 02:57 PM
RE: Which messenger will you be using next?
From where did you fine this info about difficulty in uninstalling?
hannajueSkype & Live Messenger07-17-2013 at 02:53 PM
RE: Video Effects on XP affect Skype sound
Does this works on window 7 ?
hannajueSkype Plus! Help04-23-2013 at 02:55 PM
Is there any way to keep my skype hidden on windows 8?
hannajueSkype Plus! Help04-23-2013 at 02:55 PM
RE: Upgrade ?
I am facing the same problem too, may be there are few bugs in it.
hannajueSkype Plus! Help04-23-2013 at 02:13 PM
RE: dark colour in chat windowd
Can you describe it briefly, which version are you using and give a full detail i can help you out
hannajueSkinning04-23-2013 at 02:05 PM
RE: Please help
Hey try downloading this version, i guess it should work Skype You will get it here http://www.oldversion.com/windows/skype-3-8-0-188
hannajueSkype Plus! Help04-23-2013 at 02:03 PM
RE: hide skype on the computer
Amy one knows how to hide skype from my desktop, i dont want my sister to see it
hannajueSkype Plus! Help04-23-2013 at 01:46 PM
RE: Hide buttons in main window (WLM 2009)
Where can i find this WLM update, anyone can paste me the URL please
hannajueSkinning04-23-2013 at 01:42 PM
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