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RE: Prom!
hehe i was supposed to go to like 3 formals this year, but then i found out that the school wasnt allowing "dates" from other schools to attend, so now im not going to any:( poor kayles!
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat05-15-2005 at 01:26 AM
RE: should cannabis legalised?
well i reckn it should be legalised cuz like its a plant...that grows in the dirt, its a natural plant. its not like eccies where you got no idea wat the hell is in it. besides alchohol and ciggarettes are legal, why shouldnt pot be legal? if they ...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat04-09-2005 at 05:09 AM
RE: OMG +o(
thats gross, really, its wrong!!
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-25-2005 at 02:06 AM
RE: Why do you use MSN Messenger?
because without msn i cant actually organise to go out on the weekends and stuff, its like my only means of communication cuz i never have credit to ring anyone
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-25-2005 at 02:03 AM
RE: Would this wake you up? new Smart alarm, hahaha
i dont need an alarmclock really, i got my fone an when i dont use my fone my dad usually comes into my room and shakes me until i wake up, it hurts:( ahaha but i want one! id be mad to take to a friends place to annoy the crap outta them haha
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-24-2005 at 06:43 AM
RE: What's the worst injury you have ever sustained?
my worst injury is a toss up between almost breaking my back motox riding when i was 9, and even though this isnt much of an injury, getting my stomach pumped when i was 3 cuz i took a heap of tablets thinking they were lollies hehe near death experi...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-24-2005 at 06:38 AM
RE: Worst Movie Ever...
the worst movie would have to be alien V predator. i went with a group of people and no one understood any of it. the grudge was crap. and so was chuckys seed. not scary nor was it funny, just painful to watch lolz
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-24-2005 at 06:35 AM
RE: TXT'in world record broken
hmm not fair! i can send txt msges pretty quick too! lolz when i have credit:p
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-22-2005 at 11:21 PM
RE: Where do you see yourself in 5 or even 10 years
in 5 years im going to be 19. so i hope im rich! extremly rich! cuz then id give money to charity, and i can not work lolz i wanna be rich and famous for no reason, like paris hilton! hahah yeh i really dont know where i wanna be in 5 years, or 10! l...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-22-2005 at 01:09 AM
RE: What is the best movie?
i dont have one favourite, i have many favourites.i loved Grind, and all of starwars, you cant not love starwars! haha.yeh ok i remember any of my other fave movies but theres heaps that i love
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-20-2005 at 10:56 PM
RE: Letters in wrong order
that thing is so old but anyway, i showed a friend of mine 2 years ago and she couldnt read it, she just stared at the screen asking what it said, quite blonde hahaha.. a friend of my aunties is dyslexic, so hard to understand on irc sometimes! but m...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-17-2005 at 12:37 AM
RE: what's the STUPIDEST thing you've ever done?
i told me mum i skipped sport becuz something bad had happened and i rang her before school finished and so now im grounded:( stupidest thing EVER
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-11-2005 at 01:34 AM
RE: Do you smoke? y?
i dun smoke, i took a drag once, ok i lie 3 times lol but im a good little girl and i say no to that shit lololz i think its gross. my parents and my aunties and uncles do it. i hate it, i see my dad smoke like 5 in like the course of an hour and eve...
st0rmPoll Center03-08-2005 at 12:41 AM
RE: MTV Music Awards
mtv had it on from 6.30 on mtv for the bastards with cable:P and the poor people(like me) who dont have cable could have watched it at 9.30 friday night. was kinda boring, i wanted to go but didnt end up getting tickets. what i want to know is how th...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-05-2005 at 05:25 AM
RE: Post your means of transportation!
to get from home to school or from home to the shops dad drops me off in one of these [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v208/st0rmm /transportation/b9e6f4ab.jpg[/IMG] to walk around the place without my parents knowing where i am [IMG]http://img...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-05-2005 at 05:21 AM
RE: Do you believe in ghosts
i believe in them, but ive never really had experiences. my grandparents place is around old heritage houses and places like that and at night i get scared of ghostly things esp near the fire station. theres a really old house near it and when i was ...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat03-05-2005 at 05:08 AM
RE: So much typing -.-
oh i know how you feel! my godfather owes me 12 years worth of birthday,christmas and easter presents:(
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-27-2005 at 09:20 AM
RE: Real reason why fairies collect teeth
omg mad! ive lost all me baby teeth so mad my brothers turn hahaha
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-27-2005 at 01:57 AM
RE: Homework help...
:( ok that was mean just because im dumb and your not!xP hahah. nah im pretty stupid and i was rushing the post hehehe (A)
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-25-2005 at 01:05 AM
RE: Teacher Has Sex With Student in Car With Her 2-Year-Old Strapped in Safety Seat
thats just gross! how could you do that with your child present!doesnt it disturb them!?!?! gawd! i guess the kid learnt about the birds and the bees younger than everyone else
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-25-2005 at 01:04 AM
RE: You know its time to clean your room when...
..when you know where all the dangerous objects are at night when you wake up and walk to the kitchen
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-24-2005 at 10:10 PM
RE: Homework help...
ppschh asif do homework, i get it, i look at it, i put it back into my folder and copy it from someone else at skool, or the teacher never checks, none of my teachers chek for homework, and when they do, theyre soo gullible that what ever shit i feed...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-24-2005 at 10:09 PM
RE: Hand of Hope...
but still whats that thing tha the lil hand is cumming out from?!?!?! i need to know people!
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-17-2005 at 08:25 AM
RE: Hand of Hope...
yerre its like really hard to see what it is, theres the skin then this big round thing thats covered in blood then a tiny had and two big hands, wtf is the ugly round thing covered in blood?
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-16-2005 at 05:49 AM
RE: Valentines Day!
i spent valentines day at school, but i met my boyf after and he gave me a bunch of roses and a cute pink teddy bear from this expensive teddy factory hehehe and mum was like OMG! u did well! n yeh was heaps cool, i bought him a braclet and a sweat b...
st0rmGeneral Chit Chat02-15-2005 at 06:44 AM
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