What happened to the Messenger Plus! forums on msghelp.net?
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RE: Admin/Mod Status
BTW - In case it wasn't obvious, I'm out... I obviously don't have the time anymore, don't use Plus! (or WLM), etc. Best of luck. :)
surfichris01-21-2011 at 10:44 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 5 information
I wouldn't say there's a particular owner here, but if you were then ultimately it belongs to Messenger Plus!, which belongs to Yuna.
surfichrisAnnouncements & News12-31-2010 at 12:57 AM
RE: Hi & Thanks!
I swear, it was not me, and I swear I did not also photoshop it in to a movie cover. Honest. [edit] I just found the picture in question.
surfichrisGeneral Chit Chat12-30-2010 at 12:39 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 5 information
I don't remember being asked about how difficult the forum would be to integrate, and I'm guessing WDZ probably wasn't either. We're the ones who know the software, and know it probably wouldn't have been more than a day or two worth of work.
surfichrisAnnouncements & News12-30-2010 at 08:24 AM
RE: New community manager - 2
surfichris03-05-2010 at 08:45 AM
RE: New Forum Server/Hardware/Domain
Haven't heard anything back yet from Yuna. I'd probably want to change the DNS elsewhere, just because I don't run a DNS server on any of my servers anymore anyway. (Using SoftLayer's geographic DNS)
surfichris01-16-2010 at 01:08 AM
RE: New Forum Server/Hardware/Domain
Me neither. Granted I did switch operating systems, but even still I haven't been entirely active on the forums :p
surfichris01-04-2010 at 06:30 AM
RE: New Forum Server/Hardware/Domain
The problem with a new domain is all of the traffic comes to this domain. Therefore we would need to keep it. :)
surfichris01-04-2010 at 05:07 AM
New Forum Server/Hardware/Domain
Hello to you, my good people. I just bought up the issue of moving the forum to new hardware with Cyril again, because this server is seriously on its last legs and I think we'd get much better performance elsewhere. By elsewhere, I mean my lovely M...
surfichris01-04-2010 at 04:57 AM
Forum Downtime (04/04 - 07/04)
Hi all, As everyone would aware, the Messenger Plus! Forums have been down the past few days. Unfortunately they were down for a lot long than we'd hoped. We've been having some problems with the server in its current state, as it has been overheat...
surfichrisAnnouncements & News04-08-2009 at 03:53 AM
RE: Server troubles
wtf. I guess I need to see what is up with Host Tracker then :/ Server needs moar ram. Tempting just to move the site to one of mine too.
surfichris12-31-2008 at 10:51 AM
RE: Server troubles
I didn't get an sms message saying it was down :/ How long was it gone for?
surfichris12-31-2008 at 06:01 AM
RE: Server updated
/me gives this a slight bump.. -- Mem: 1027828k total, 1012116k used, 15712k free, 109832k buffers --
surfichris11-09-2008 at 10:28 AM
RE: Server updated
There were some problems I had getting it to build/install correctly so it's disabled for now. I think I'm going to change it over to XCache as it's what I'm using for MyBB and for all of our work servers and we seem to be getting much better re...
surfichris10-03-2008 at 11:14 AM
RE: Server getting hammered - disabled some things
Was the same deal here - except it didn't go away and for some reason I didn't receive the SMS notification like I normally would.
surfichris09-12-2008 at 08:00 AM
Server getting hammered - disabled some things
Hey guys, The server has been getting hammered because MSN Messenger has been down - had to disable a few things such as the who's online, thread post indicators etc. Also tweaked the server a little. Needs more RAM.
surfichris09-11-2008 at 01:35 PM
RE: Google Chrome
Not really, I don't use any of those browsers (not even Chome ;)) Sunshine/CookieRevised/paranoid people: http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/google-chrome-commun ication/
surfichrisTech Talk09-05-2008 at 11:15 PM
RE: Google Chrome
Give me a break. You mean to say that Google started developing Chrome and adding in per-instance tabs etc right after Microsoft announced it? Do you realize how long Chrome has actually been in development for? [size=1]Just my opinion.[/size]
surfichrisTech Talk09-05-2008 at 01:58 PM
RE: Ezy Web Hosting and MsgPlus
That's just part of the webdings/wingdings font sets. :)
surfichrisGeneral Chit Chat08-24-2008 at 01:34 AM
RE: Server updated
Hmm. I guess I'll play around with it (I'd keep it all reversable, just stop Apache etc). Haven't had any problems with it on a client's server - for a pretty popular site, but then again their hardware is a lot better than what's behind these f...
surfichris08-18-2008 at 11:53 AM
RE: Server updated
Thinking about switching to lighttpd for the forums actually. Was running it on the MyBB server, ended up using 1/3 less RAM than Apache was.
surfichris08-17-2008 at 09:20 AM
Server updated
Hi children, I've just updated Apache/PHP/MySQL on the server. That is all.
surfichris08-16-2008 at 11:56 AM
RE: MP! Live Reported Posts Notifier
Hmm. That would explain on my used-to-be-my-now-dad's laptop it keeps showing up. Thanks WDZ (Y)
surfichris07-16-2008 at 08:03 AM
RE: Should I buy a Macbook
No offense, but Toast is err, rubbish (A). Grab yourself a copy of Disco - http://discoapp.com/.
surfichrisTech Talk07-06-2008 at 10:43 AM
RE: Convert "msgplus.mybboard.com" to "www.msghelp.net"?
Pfft, wasting previous server resources. How about... [code] Redirect 301 / http://shoutbox.menthix.net/ [/code] Much nicer. Done.
surfichrisForum & Website06-15-2008 at 03:48 AM
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