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RE: Another IDEA for a plug-in!
Still sounds a damn sight like a bot to meh. You could just dump it all into a 2 x * data file, search the first collum, then respond with the other
Flash13Plug-Ins08-09-2004 at 04:38 AM
RE: Plugin idea
I'm not talking about that often, I was thinking more along the lines of every 5-10 minutes, at most, just something that shows if you've got up and walked away, Plus, this would only affect the people that are chatting to you, so there wont be tha...
Flash13Plug-Ins08-08-2004 at 10:41 PM
Plugin idea
I've been thinking about a plugin for quite some time, after looking at the plugin VB code, realising I have bugger all idea what it was doing, and not knowing how to impliment the rest of my idea either, I thought I'd post it here, and see what co...
Flash13Plug-Ins08-08-2004 at 10:35 PM
RE: /syawn |-) & command in command polish
Sorry, I was a little unclear by 'patch' I didnt mean hacking code, I just ment, maybe turn the original panel off, and picking up the click? or similar.. I don't know, I don't do alot of programming.. but its definatly do'able witout hacking. A...
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports06-22-2004 at 09:33 AM
RE: /syawn |-) & command in command polish
But as for the update to inclued '/sound /action' commands? Oh, idea -Would it be impossible to patch over the Messenger emoticon table with Patchou's one? Wouldn't that make it work? I'm sure theres 100's of ways of making it work...
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports06-22-2004 at 01:11 AM
RE: /syawn |-) & command in command polish
Sounds alot like a bug to me :P on the plus side, it still works if you enter it manually too
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports06-21-2004 at 08:55 PM
/syawn |-) & command in command polish
Try this; /syawn /'me yawns then insert an emoticon from the messenger planel presumably it should come up *[color=purple](!NP) yawns |-)[/color]* and play the sound instead, it plays the sound and shows /'me yawns I thought this could be improve...
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports06-21-2004 at 08:26 PM
RE: Quick Text bug
I know its not really important, in this case it has no releivance, just, it could be annoying in future, and I didnt know if it could have been somthing more seriouse that I'd subtly stumbled upon.. Polish is everything The file contains *ALOT* of ...
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports02-02-2004 at 10:21 PM
Quick Text bug
Buffer overflow errror; Paste file's (asd.txt) contents into a new quick text Then try to use it, MSN Messenger closes System; MSN Messenger 6.1, latest plus!, XP pro No system error report, so maybe its a defence mechanism?
Flash13WLM Plus! Bug Reports02-02-2004 at 05:58 PM
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