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RE: 24" Widescreen monitor
ahh, what's the difference between the two? I didn't see that one!
tomfletchermanTech Talk12-11-2007 at 12:30 PM
RE: 24" Widescreen monitor
I'm going to buy a 22" samsung, they look to be very good, specifically this one - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-SM226BW-Widescreen -LCD-Monitor/dp/B000MRVBF4/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8 &s=electronics&qid=1197226895&sr=8-1 The contrast ratio is really...
tomfletchermanTech Talk12-10-2007 at 01:17 AM
RE: iPod Video vs. Creative Zen Vision:M [Leave Your Opinion!!!]
The problem here is that apple have found the best control solution probably (one piece that scrolls and has playback controls) so it going to take another company forever to find a superior alternative. Saying this, I'd still go with the creative f...
tomfletchermanTech Talk08-12-2006 at 08:42 PM
RE: PS2 Net Games
mgs3:subsistance - got a few different game modes, havn't played it myself but it looks good.
tomfletchermanTech Talk06-15-2006 at 09:17 PM
RE: New ringtone that parents supposedly can't hear.
I could hear this for a few seconds after I stopped playing it and got a bit of a headache:P It's an interesting read and goes further to prove all technology can be used and abused.
tomfletchermanTech Talk06-13-2006 at 09:12 PM
RE: FPS Drop
Are you running any new processes to the time before this issue occured? There is a driver check included with steam for source games now I think.
tomfletchermanTech Talk06-06-2006 at 10:02 PM
RE: suggestion: rss newsfeeds as personal message
ah ok :P *feels pwnt*
tomfletchermanPlug-Ins05-21-2006 at 11:39 AM
suggestion: rss newsfeeds as personal message
Not sure if this has been suggested already. Possibly a good way to deliver content to others who havn't heard of some websites.
tomfletchermanPlug-Ins05-20-2006 at 10:43 AM
RE: Has anyone got MySpace?
Just a few words: myspace angles your parents might see things you don't want them to myspace whores
tomfletchermanGeneral Chit Chat04-23-2006 at 04:59 PM
RE: Firefox
The real issues are with the random memory leaks and the fact is nothing is totally bullet proof. I'm used to firefox and although my belief is that Opera is just as good/better I'm sticking with ff for the plugins like adblock and the filterset G ...
tomfletchermanGeneral Chit Chat04-23-2006 at 04:48 PM
RE: Contention ratios and traffic shaping
Well I'm just going to have to live with it:( if I could download more, I would...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-18-2006 at 04:05 PM
RE: OMG Can't boot what theeeee
This is interesting, as I also have problem b) with my family home desktop computer, although if I reboot it enough times windows will eventually load. What I find is that the PC will generally have more chance of booting if there is a beep and the C...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-17-2006 at 03:50 PM
RE: Contention ratios and traffic shaping
Yes, it's per month, but many people I know have a 2GB cap which is much much worse. I'd agree Britain is quite unfortunate for broadband, it is a little overpriced. I'm finding that I download less programs, but more tv shows now, and I can keep ...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-17-2006 at 03:42 PM
Contention ratios and traffic shaping
Relevant articles: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/click_online /4905660.stm http://torrentfreak.com/how-to-encrypt-bittorrent- traffic/ What do you think about this? I personally can't believe this has only recently come to light. I found out a...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-17-2006 at 03:17 PM
RE: Firefox Ads - Wheee!
The ironic thing is that all the videos flashed black video black video etc for me in firefox, so then I had to open it in IE, and then it told me to click to load an active x control, which would happen whether I pressed ok or crossed the warning me...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-16-2006 at 02:17 PM
RE: "show desktop" icon
This happened to me too, but I got it from another computer. I've attatched it, just copy and paste it to your quick launch bar.
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-14-2006 at 12:24 PM
RE: Bored .... need a change
I have made quite a few bootscreens in the past, they are located here: http://www.themexp.org/search.php?view=search&mode =simple&string=not_quite_here&op=auth&search_theme xp=Search&search_themexp=Search And my favourite one : http://www.themexp.org/...
tomfletchermanTech Talk04-12-2006 at 10:20 PM
RE: anybody else get this?
I think it is messpatch, because it removes the bottom text ad link, and I still have the less transparent bar too
tomfletchermanGeneral Chit Chat04-04-2006 at 12:19 PM
RE: The Lost Thread *SPOILERS*
I was going to post the map :P Episode 217 was very interesting, and the fact that their hostage is one of the others will probably help them to find a lot of new information. The fact that there are other hatches is interesting and poses the questio...
tomfletchermanGeneral Chit Chat04-04-2006 at 12:15 PM
RE: P2P downloaded movies are busted
Sorry, but we can't talk about illegal things like this, it's in the rules.
tomfletchermanTech Talk03-29-2006 at 06:46 PM
RE: Wireless File and Printer Sharing Network Help
Could you describe how to set up sharing folders please? The problem being that I want to do this through windows, and even though I have sharing enabled the folders don't show up in my network places, and the computer is inaccesible, sometimes givi...
tomfletchermanTech Talk03-29-2006 at 05:44 PM
[Solved] Graph of functions program
My AS maths coursework is in tomorrow, and it seems I'm missing a few vital tools at home, does anyone know what the best graph drawing software might be? Freeware or on trial is fine, I would get the geometers sketch pad, but I think that is pay fo...
tomfletchermanTech Talk03-29-2006 at 04:43 PM
RE: Wireless File and Printer Sharing Network Help
Just a few questions about network magic: Does it need to remain installed after the file sharing has been set up? Will it cause any security threats? Does it just change options in windows that can be changed manually?
tomfletchermanTech Talk03-26-2006 at 06:26 PM
RE: Wireless File and Printer Sharing Network Help
Networking is a pain, and I have exactly the same problem as you, my computers on the network wont communicate with each other. This is a problem for me because I can't access files on different computer hard drives. Before we got a wireless/network...
tomfletchermanTech Talk03-25-2006 at 07:02 PM
RE: What instrument do you play??
I play the piano, saxophone and guitar, I do grade for the first two, but guitar is just for fun, I'm not particularly good. Unfortunately my time management isn't good and I havn't got much practice done at all of anything :(
tomfletchermanGeneral Chit Chat03-24-2006 at 09:22 PM
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