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Ultra-Light Skin
I dont mean light in regards of colour, I just want a very basic looking messenger stripped of every wasted millimeter of space, to maximize the number of contacts I see on my list at a time, and the amount of content within chat windows. Would be ni...
codymurphy27Skin Requests12-22-2009 at 01:33 AM
Question about "Now Playing" script with MediaMonkey
I always leave my MediaMonkey running, even when I'm not listening to anything. So after trying the Now Playing script, I get my friends coming up to me saying "How come you always got the same song on, and things to that effect, because the last p...
codymurphy27Scripting12-22-2009 at 01:21 AM
RE: Plugin Idea's?
I dont know if this has been posted but I think a good plugin would be one that links to your IE history so when you begin to type in a url you will get a little drop down box with matching urls like in your IE address bar. This would be pretty conve...
codymurphy27Plug-Ins02-02-2005 at 11:52 PM
Where can I find the downloaded installation of Messenger?
[font=Trebuchet MS]You know when Messenger tells you that you that your version is outdated and you need to download the latest version or whatever and then it proceeds to download the update itself? Where does the installation download to in case I ...
codymurphy27Skype & Live Messenger01-28-2005 at 01:41 AM
RE: Handwriting Plugin Help Please
Thanks a lot
codymurphy27Plug-Ins01-26-2005 at 11:35 PM
RE: Handwriting Plugin Help Please
Yeah it seems that way..I downloaded InfoPenMSN but you gotta pay for it, can someone give me a link to a free download of the required Ink files, if such a thing exists? Thanks
codymurphy27Plug-Ins01-26-2005 at 11:29 PM
Handwriting Plugin Help Please
I'm using messenger 7 beta (build 0425) and Messenger Plus! 3.40.112 beta. A friend of mine was using the handwriting feature and I wanted to use it myself, so I went and got the plugin, and the InkRedist files, but when I go to enable the handwriti...
codymurphy27Plug-Ins01-26-2005 at 10:32 PM
Using Digital Camera as Webcam
I have the Kodak Easyshare DX4330 camera, which has video capture capabilities. Is there a way to set it up, via USB, as a webcam so I can use it in messenger? (Note it has to be USB as there are no video in ports on this computer, nor any firewire p...
codymurphy27Skype & Live Messenger07-23-2004 at 01:50 AM
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