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RE: Sending Files over MSn
i have no idea otherwise i would have installed it and as i said in my first post it also stops 1/3 of the way sometimes as in freezes on transfer.
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 06:12 PM
RE: Sending Files over MSn
Yes i can recieve files but i havnt tried re-installing msn yet.
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 03:07 PM
RE: Sending Files over MSn
It happens with ALL contacts
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 03:01 PM
RE: Sending Files over MSn
nope no router it has been working fine but since the last couple of days its just gone tits up :S Any other ideas??
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 02:48 PM
RE: Sending Files over MSn
they range from 5kb - 5MB
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 02:43 PM
Sending Files over MSn
Hey guys, Just recently i cant send ANYTHING over msn when i do it just get stucks a 1/3 of the way and sometimes my contacts cant even see me sending anything8o|! Any help on this would be appreciated!:D
MelocoTech Talk09-05-2004 at 02:29 PM
RE: BT Router ?????
^o)I really dont have a clue try e-mailing BT about this.
MelocoTech Talk09-04-2004 at 02:14 PM
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