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RE: Car Mods
haha, oh man, cars are awesome!!! me, I have a crap car, but my bf has a 95 eclipse, and he's modded the crap out of it, its so awesome and yeah, its sad, but I notice cars before I notice the guy driving em :undecided:
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat11-06-2003 at 02:16 AM
RE: Cell Phones
haha, I have the tracfone crap too...except I have a nokia 5165, which is basically the same. I'm getting a motorola T720 in like a month though!!! yay!:D
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat09-24-2003 at 01:49 AM
RE: what does everyone do?
lol, you lucky peeps, I gots to work during the summer! But I'm a lifeguard, so its all good!!:D All day sittin outside, nice tans :P
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat06-14-2003 at 04:16 PM
RE: Fraisie.net ??
Fraisie looks like Rachel Leigh Cook!! Site's awesome, learned some French thx to a translating place, lol :P
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat05-24-2003 at 07:16 PM
RE: Thats funny and weird
hott evil stalker!!! (6) lol
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat05-21-2003 at 09:50 PM
Happy 18th sock!!!!! Make it a great day!!!
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat05-17-2003 at 04:56 PM
RE: Introduction
Name: Kari Sex: Female Loacation: Minnesota, USA Age: 16...well on sunday I am! Hobbies: swimming!!!!! Statement about yourself: uhhh...dunno? Why you have the username you have (not a big ass story, just short and to the point): eagles: my swim team...
eagleswim2005General Chit Chat05-16-2003 at 10:00 PM
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