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RE: The future of Messenger Plus!
I come back here after a while and this is what I see.. *sigh* :P +1 :refuck:
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat11-23-2012 at 08:16 AM
RE: An open letter to Yuna Software
I logged in today because I didn't have mIRC on my new machine and wanted to get onto IRC. Surprised to see the site still here.. I think that resonates with what you folk are saying :)
John AndertonWLM Plus! General08-19-2012 at 08:56 PM
RE: WTF is this...
I know I've been away for a while but did we really move back to calling them plugins? PS: looks like he is the "Head of Business Development Messenger Plus!".. cool :)
John Anderton03-08-2012 at 05:02 AM
RE: SOPA & PIPA. Your thoughts?
Chances are, you'll get almost all "No"s here :P That is, if anyone is still around here to vote :p
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat01-21-2012 at 08:39 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! November Beta
I don't have a MyPlus! account but I'd definitely like my shot at testing this app :) I echo what Sam asks.. can we get in on the app? :P
John Anderton11-17-2011 at 09:11 PM
RE: Plus! 5.10 Beta announcement
Might I ask why we use web installers? I am against them purely because I like to have my installer on my local machine from the old days when I was on a 40 kbps connection and it took forever to download something. I see no reason why that should ch...
John Anderton07-27-2011 at 03:11 AM
RE: Plus 5.1, going back to 1997?
seriously? :-/ As Adam said, the idea of clippy is totally 1997 but even if you HAD to do it (which I don't see why you do), you could have tried a custom character like a the Plus! logo instead of the Plus! exclamation. And honestly, the colour sc...
John Anderton07-27-2011 at 03:05 AM
RE: Memories..
And here I thought WDZ left and our forum's new admins would be non lazy :refuck: /me runs.. fast! :grin:
John Anderton07-23-2011 at 02:30 AM
RE: Memories..
@Chrono: mass convert all images to jpeg and ftp it to a folder. If you don't have space, let me know, I'll get something done for you.. my server has shit loads of space. Give me a link and I'll be happy to download all of it and upload the ones ...
John Anderton07-17-2011 at 05:53 PM
RE: Memories..
I like this image because I'm last on it :P
John Anderton07-17-2011 at 04:12 PM
This forum was a big part of my life when I started using the internet regularly. It taught me a lot and I am happy I met a lot of you and got a chance to do/learn the things I did.. it really pains me to see the current state of things and then reme...
John Anderton07-17-2011 at 03:26 PM
RE: MsgPlus.net French Forum Testing
How'd you submit a new thread? I think I missed an option for that somewhere :S
John Anderton03-22-2011 at 02:39 PM
RE: Forum testing! [UPDATED]
The French sticks fine for me. 1) open msgplus.net 2) change to French 3) Page reloads in French 4) click Community > Forum 5) Forum is open in French Don't be confused by parts of the text being in English. That's one of the things I reported [ur...
John Anderton03-22-2011 at 02:37 PM
RE: MsgPlus.net French Forum Testing
In general, a lot of parts of the CSS need redoing since the language is changing. New language = different words = different widths = new size of components :)
John Anderton03-22-2011 at 02:31 PM
MsgPlus.net French Forum Testing
Here are some of the things I've noticed 1) Parts of the site are still in English 2) Text on the search button on the [url=http://www.msgplus.net/Community/Forums]main forum page[/url] goes out of the button 3) To have a smiley in the head text of ...
John Anderton03-22-2011 at 02:28 PM
RE: Guess who showed-up on New Year's day?
(Y) Congrats Patchou! :) Really cute kid and I love the name :) /me makes a note to start a birthday thread next year on 1st Jan :o We have the Plus! man himself and even Plus! Babes.. now we have a Plus! Baby :grin: Let us know when she plays with ...
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat01-05-2011 at 03:01 AM
RE: Plus! 5 Beta announcement
What about dynamic IP addresses? If you're giving me a single IP access, it might be a bit of an issue :( If it's a single IP access, may be you guys could migrate to giving access to a wider IP range with may be a username/password key as well on...
John Anderton12-24-2010 at 08:07 AM
RE: Plus! 5 Beta announcement
Just sent the mail. Hope I get access from my brother's place while I'm on vacation. Once I'm back home, I'll resume testing from my home (with another mail). Let's hope that's not an issue :)
John Anderton12-23-2010 at 10:36 PM
RE: Plus! 5 status update
Just read the thread and I'd like to first say (something lots of other people have said already), thanks for the update. We really do appreciate us getting such info from time to time :) I can't wait to get my hands on the new MP!5. Despite my bus...
John Anderton12-01-2010 at 04:48 AM
RE: Development Office in Montreal
*cough* (A) :D
John AndertonAnnouncements & News10-10-2010 at 04:41 AM
RE: Chris4's Europe Trip
Have fun.. :p I am planning a trip at the end of the year but it won't be Europe. The trip next year would probably be South East Asia (some remote beach :p).. so I'll probably hit Europe again in 2012.. before the end of the world :P
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat08-21-2010 at 03:43 AM
RE: wtbw we miss you!
And me too.. [size=1][color=white]Not really.. [noparse]:p[/noparse][/color] lol..[/size] REvealer looks sweet. I'd like to see the demo too :o
John Anderton08-19-2010 at 01:49 AM
RE: i <3 all :)
<3 :) PS: Elite :spam: :grin:
John Anderton07-30-2010 at 04:30 PM
RE: World cup South Africa 2010
Silly TV chans call it BPL. I hate that name. EPL/"Premier League" ftw :) @Menthix's pics: Wow. That's orange :p
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat07-15-2010 at 02:42 AM
RE: World cup South Africa 2010
I saw 3 reds in the match tbh.. the one that was given (obviously) along with ones for De Jong and the other guy who got a card early on for showing his studs.
John AndertonGeneral Chit Chat07-13-2010 at 06:23 PM
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