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RE: [Update]Backup Extreme! 2.0
Would be nice if it could backup custom emotes and display pics. Cause they're more important to me than custom emoticon sounds and chat logs. Though i'll have to try this soon ^_^
JellingsScripting07-27-2006 at 10:21 PM
Odd, this guy is trying really hard to look helpful. Usually fake people act clever for a bit, then shout abuse at you. Oh well, he doesn't seem to be doing any harm - i might leave him on my contact list for when i get bored...
JellingsSkype & Live Messenger07-24-2006 at 10:55 AM
must've been a coincidence, i thought it best to check just in case though. thanks
JellingsSkype & Live Messenger07-23-2006 at 08:25 PM
Thanks for the help everyone. I got a weird bug about 15minutes after talking to this guy - above one of my conversation windows i got a message like "this person is not on your contact list, click to add them now" (i don't remember the actual wor...
JellingsSkype & Live Messenger07-23-2006 at 08:06 PM
do you recon they're trying to hack me? should delete and block them or can i talk to them without any chance of being hacked?
JellingsSkype & Live Messenger07-23-2006 at 07:11 PM
i got an add from "MSN-ADMINISTRATION-TECHNICIAN" (msn-administration-technician@hotmail.com) Aparently msn assigned him/her to talk to 400 contacts about msn: [i]"I get assigned 400 contacts to talk to, to see if they like msn and its new featur...
JellingsSkype & Live Messenger07-23-2006 at 07:01 PM
RE: [Release]Group-Conversation Warning(Version 0.5)
I just tested it again - it worked but the "accept multi chat" window came up behind the multi chat itself. is there a way for the warning window to automatically come up infront of the multi chat when you click to focus on the multi chat?
JellingsScripting07-22-2006 at 09:27 AM
RE: The open/closed window notifier feature
Awesome, where will this be released (does he have a website, or will it be released somewhere on the messenger plus! forums?)
JellingsScripting07-21-2006 at 11:39 PM
RE: The open/closed window notifier feature
someone should make a "session notifier". it's nice to know that people are thinking about you - even if it's just looking at your contact card. and anyway - if someone opens a "session" with you and they're "offline" wouldn't that mean tha...
JellingsScripting07-21-2006 at 11:09 PM
RE: [Release]Group-Conversation Warning(Version 0.5)
ah ok back on topic - does anyone know why the window isn't appearing when i get a group chat?
JellingsScripting07-21-2006 at 10:54 PM
[Release]Group-Conversation Warning(Version 0.5)
I've tested [url=http://www.msgpluslive.net/scripts/browse/ind ex.php?act=view&id=96]Group Chat Warning 0.5[/url] by nitemare, and it hasn't get warned me about a group conversation (so far i've only been able to get myself invited to conversations...
JellingsScripting07-21-2006 at 10:32 PM
RE: [Request] Mass Spam
There is, i'm not sure what the limit is - but it can be got around by putting a delay of about half a second to a second between messages. (or at least that's how i've seen it got around by other scripts such as the fileserver script)
JellingsScripting07-18-2006 at 11:10 AM
RE: [Request] Mass Spam
If you really want to get people annoyed or blocking you - you could try editing the mocker script to repeat what your contact says ten times instead of once or something. Just an idea - i'm not going to do it cause i'm not very experienced at scri...
JellingsScripting07-18-2006 at 09:13 AM
RE: [Request] Mass Spam
There is a limit of how many messages a script can send in a row (i think it's 14) so a script would not be a very good way to spam people. And many developers are against spamming anyway, so i doubt this will be made.
JellingsScripting07-18-2006 at 09:00 AM
RE: [Beta Release] Myspace + NOW WITH MSAGENT!
When it checked my myspace i got a lot of toasts - too many for my screen, and they were about old messages i'd already checked a few hours ago. The "you have 1 new message" toast came up repeatedly until it went off the screen :s ([url=http://i2....
JellingsScripting07-17-2006 at 10:48 AM
RE: [Release]Birthday Reminder
Would be nice to have an option to remind you a few [customizable] days before the birthday - so that you have time to get a present etc.
JellingsScripting07-16-2006 at 08:01 PM
RE: [REQUEST] Set DP from now playing mp3
iTunes+ can set display pictures for the current song, although you have to be using iTunes, and you have to have the albumart put into every song by iTunes. (for those without iTunes and don't know what i mean - itunes can put the art for a song in...
JellingsScripting07-16-2006 at 07:35 PM
RE: [Release] KeyFlasher
When i click the option to make my Box beep (system beep or whatever it's called) it beeps - but then will not stop beeping. When the lights flash they only flash for about half a second - maybe there could be a delay, or make them flash 5 times in ...
JellingsScripting07-16-2006 at 04:53 PM
RE: Idea: script that keeps track of smartness ("spell checker script with a twist")
Instead of an online dictionary, maybe it could check your text against a file that contains common spelling mistakes.
JellingsScripting07-16-2006 at 03:53 PM
RE: [Release] toast messages
I really like this script - it's really useful cause now when i get useless messeges i don't have to get that window in focus. And it also makes recieving messages feel more instant. [s]One suggestion - would it be possible to change the title of t...
JellingsScripting07-16-2006 at 10:50 AM
RE: [Help] Getting font of contact.
I copy and paste something they've written into microsoft word, and word tells me what font it is. (I know that isn't much help for writing a script for it, but i thought it might be a good solution for until there is a script written for it.)
JellingsScripting07-13-2006 at 11:21 AM
RE: [Beta Release] Full Mocker, Anti Mocker and More!
when i turn it on using "mock" it mocks all the contacts not just the one i typed "mock" too.
JellingsScripting07-11-2006 at 05:30 PM
RE: [UPDATE] Mute 1.3
works perfectly so far
JellingsScripting07-10-2006 at 08:25 PM
RE: [release]MassMsg
Although the quicktexts exist this is really nicely made. I'm a lot more likely to use these options now that they're in a script and have tickboxes and such.
JellingsScripting07-10-2006 at 06:13 PM
RE: [Release] FileServer Script v1.1.2
Ah, the person i was testing it on doesn't have messenger plus!, so the /noicon command didn't work on them. so i guess that they will receive the custom emote if they don't have plus! and won't if they do have plus!.
JellingsScripting07-08-2006 at 12:08 PM
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