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RE: animated desktop wallpaper?
Animated gifs work perfect. and it looks cool that is why he wants it. I will stick to my Carmen Electra wallpaper :p
ripdownTech Talk01-31-2005 at 05:30 AM
RE: Canadian Hosting
my friend used dreamhost and i have had a page on hers. Very good support etc.
ripdownTech Talk01-31-2005 at 05:28 AM
RE: Happy Birthday Patchou!
Happy Birthday Patchou
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-31-2005 at 05:26 AM
RE: New computer
i recommend custom built comps. Go to www.ncix.com and custom build your own to suit your needs. (Canadian site if that if that makes a difference)
ripdownTech Talk01-30-2005 at 08:41 AM
RE: Hide Window Frame
hmmm never heard of buttons missing before. Ask him if he has a special skin :S
ripdownSkype & Live Messenger01-30-2005 at 08:38 AM
RE: Slipknot Concert Last night
to tell you the truth you saying rap sux doesnt make it suck... maybe you dont like it but that doesnt mean it sux.
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-30-2005 at 08:32 AM
RE: This problem really has been driving me mad for many, many, many months.
sometimes some microsoft accounts do not sign in because some of there servers are down at the time. i dont think there is anything you can do about it tho :(
ripdownSkype & Live Messenger01-30-2005 at 08:28 AM
RE: Msn ip2ip downloading
I just use Norton's firewall and that solved all my problems :) Windows firewall didnt really work much for me. I recommend nortan antivirus 2005. Works really good havent had a virus since i started using it. Setup your router using TCP/IP settings...
ripdownSkype & Live Messenger01-30-2005 at 08:26 AM
RE: MSN 7.0 Beta Problem
I had a custom skin for MSN and it said i couldnt connect. But then i reinstalled the default skin and it fixed it. Do you have a custom skin?
ripdownSkype & Live Messenger01-30-2005 at 08:23 AM
RE: pinned emoticons won't stay pinned
yeah mine does that too. i agree with that he said. Microsoft is probly trying to fix that right now :)
ripdownSkype & Live Messenger01-30-2005 at 08:22 AM
RE: This has to be Homer Simpson...
you would think he would just take the kegs and go home...
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 10:26 PM
RE: Turn Windows into Linux and become more l33t...
LMFAO that is killer. somewhat true :P
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 10:23 PM
RE: My very own theme
MyBB is awesome :) Looks very cool when you customize it. Are you just planning on changing the colour theme or the whole layout?
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 10:17 PM
RE: We're all goin to die in the year 2029
well i will go on the opposite side of the planet when i hear about that happening :P hope it hits George Bush :P
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 10:10 PM
RE: Overclocking
You can overclock it but to overclock it to a worthwhile speed you will need some kickass cooling system :P
ripdownTech Talk01-28-2005 at 10:02 PM
RE: Msgplus! Thug2 server
what is Thug2? -------------------------------------------- Edited: i didnt like tony hawk underground 1 but i like all the tony hawk pro skater games :)
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 09:58 PM
RE: The Big computer Spec Thread
AMD Athalon XP +2500 Barton 1024 DDR PC3200 OCZ :D Geforce FX 5600 Ultra 256MB ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe 21" Flatscreen Altec Lansing 5.1 Seagate 80GB
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 09:56 PM
RE: Halo 2, half life, Videogames in general
I cant wait for San Andreas to come out for PC. That game is gonna be ripper :)
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 09:47 PM
RE: Machinima: Objective 1!
Coo man next time let me in on that :) btw i have some ideas for the next one we work on :P Gotta get something on aztec (something to do with water :P
ripdownGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2005 at 09:42 PM
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