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RE: Quick menu
Oh....I didnt know it was illegal but as jimbodude said,microsoft got better things to do (than to look for peaple that changed msgslang.dll) :p
super-schafTech Talk12-22-2006 at 12:00 PM
RE: Quick menu
Thanks Dazzy...... :p
super-schafTech Talk12-17-2006 at 05:38 PM
RE: Quick menu
Ok here`s the link: http://upload2.net/page/download/TuQQmP16QGfh7Yz/Q uick+menu.zip.html if anyone would like different/more items in the menu please pm me. super-schaf PS:sorry about the waiting time on the host of quick menu (i could`nt find anyone...
super-schafTech Talk12-17-2006 at 02:49 PM
RE: Quick menu
i had to edit the file msgslang.dll on page 200 (thats the main window menu.....instead of posting a tutorial i could just upload the file so you could download it super-schaf EDIT: if nescesery i could make a installer for noobs (H) EDIT EDIT: when ...
super-schafTech Talk12-17-2006 at 02:40 PM
Quick menu
I was once playing around with resource hacker (not knowing what to do :p) and then slowlyi got to know how to create menus and popups....... after about 30 mins of fiddeling around , i got the hang of things (H) (kindof) This is the result of that f...
super-schafTech Talk12-17-2006 at 08:49 AM
RE: name a usb device
ehm...that didnt happen with me! i tried a 12v fan and it didnt do a thing:-(
super-schafTech Talk04-17-2006 at 12:15 PM
RE: name a usb device
what d yu mean by pwns all of yours?
super-schafTech Talk04-16-2006 at 10:23 AM
RE: name a usb device
i agree. i just dont want to trash my box to change it. oh and ehm..... when i ment fan i ment an prosessor fan :p not a big one... super-schaf
super-schafTech Talk04-15-2006 at 08:08 AM
RE: name a usb device
it only runs on 5.1v and i unplug it when i go out so i dont think it will do anything bad (sofar so good :p) EDIT here are the instructions. i have notised that a few of you want to make this yourselfs. so i have written out the instructions of thi...
super-schafTech Talk04-14-2006 at 09:30 PM
RE: name a usb device
well, the light is only a very small one and is attached to a little switch. yes it is running on the same power supply but i agree, if one would to put a light directly to a power source then it would slow it down. PS: sur i`ll post a pic of the ins...
super-schafTech Talk04-14-2006 at 09:05 PM
RE: name a usb device
ehm.... there is no instruction :P. ij ust took a box cut it up and stuck a fan in there :p
super-schafTech Talk04-13-2006 at 02:56 PM
RE: can someone....
super-schafTech Talk04-11-2006 at 05:12 PM
RE: can someone....
what about serial? i could change the connector to serial if anyone could make a prog for that...:p
super-schafTech Talk04-11-2006 at 12:33 PM
RE: penny boat
how deep is the water? if its like 10 cm deep, just make a colum taller then the water. so it would never be underwater :p just pile the pennies on top and there you go! :p :p :p
super-schafTech Talk04-11-2006 at 11:04 AM
can someone....
hi. as a few might know , i have made a usb fridge. (look [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=57830&page=1]here[/url] if you dont) anyway... i was wondering if someone would /could create a little program that would turn on the num...
super-schafTech Talk04-11-2006 at 10:30 AM
RE: Software you cant live without
windows :p
super-schafTech Talk04-08-2006 at 07:11 AM
RE: MSN LED notification --> New version 0.2.5 (31.Aug)
it would be cool if someone could make a plugin that would just flash a caps lock button on a keyboard. i have no idea how to. so thnx in advance. super-schaf
super-schafPlug-Ins04-07-2006 at 11:04 AM
RE: What instrument do you play??
i play classical guitar (just had a consert and played kalamatianos and zorbas dance) maybe someone knows what thay r )
super-schafGeneral Chit Chat04-07-2006 at 10:36 AM
RE: name a usb device
here r the pics. sorry for the delay. i forgot that i was going on a school trip. :p [url=http://img140.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img3 9755vl.jpg]pic o fridge[/url]
super-schafTech Talk04-07-2006 at 10:31 AM
RE: name a usb device
well... 1stly the fridge is out of cardboard (found it in my cellar) 2ndly i will post some pics of it tomorrow so you know the size. 3rdly this is only a laph this is not really serius. 4thly if you cant wait untis 2morrow its about 40 cm wide and ...
super-schafTech Talk04-04-2006 at 06:59 PM
name a usb device
hi i`ve just made a usb fridge :P i have cut upa old usb cable and have connected the power lines to a old comuter fan. it works peerfectly (by cooling my capri sun :p) i would just like to know if i cold have a popup wich sais: you have connected yo...
super-schafTech Talk04-04-2006 at 10:42 AM
RE: planet earth infos
cool thanks alot! you have safed me from a F !
super-schafGeneral Chit Chat02-02-2006 at 09:50 AM
planet earth infos
i am in skool right now and my teacher said i can go on her laptop for ten mins so it got to be quick. we have the theme planet earth right now and i need a website were i can get infos about how it was made. plz help!!!!:P:P:P super-schaf
super-schafGeneral Chit Chat02-02-2006 at 09:30 AM
RE: ehm... HELP!
thanks im trying it now! :p EDIT: Wow! all i wanted was to upload games to my phone,but i got a hole new firmware on it now! :p before i had a v525 now i got a v600!
super-schafGeneral Chit Chat12-06-2005 at 06:58 PM
RE: ehm... HELP!
well.... i need the driver for that. when i plug it in to my dads comp it sais a problem accourd wile installing software please locate the driver or something like that so i already googled it and i found something but it dosent work (or dosent wa...
super-schafGeneral Chit Chat12-06-2005 at 06:49 PM
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