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RE: MX or A records error messages
What's the domain name of the person you're trying to reach? Example, if I'm trying to reach person@hotmail.com , the domain name would be hotmail.com An MX record will point to where the mail servers are. So if I'm emailing to hotmail.com, the c...
albertTech Talk11-11-2011 at 06:11 PM
RE: [Release] Metro 1.01.3
I really like it!!!! Finally a skin i might be using! :) keep it up, it's awesoem!
albertSkinning04-05-2011 at 12:11 AM
RE: Official translators, read this
did it on purpose actually, so that people that don't select all the text actually notice it. :P
albertTranslation03-26-2011 at 01:06 AM
RE: Official translators, read this
:O!!! [color=white][joke][/color] On the contrary, everything that chromo planned happened! First off, he got Patch kicked out of plus! forever!!!!!!!!!11 then he got WDZ to give up admins right to him!!!!!!!!!! it's the end of the world!! the end ...
albertTranslation03-25-2011 at 10:27 PM
RE: Installing Windows 7 to the same hard drive that I'm installing to
What is due to USB exactly.. What problem does USB cause..? How did you put Win7 on the USB drive? Did you use this method: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/9585/how-to-setup-a -usb-flash-drive-to-install-windows-7/ because that should be working fine....
albertTech Talk03-04-2011 at 12:58 AM
RE: [SOFTWARE - 702 (conduit - b)] Yuna, PLEASE do not screw up and notify translators!!
Admin spam?! :O Using powers for evil!
albert03-03-2011 at 01:57 AM
RE: Not Login MyPLus!
Yes, as the whole forums strategy is not yet launched on the new site, having reset the password will not update on the new site.. I'll alert Sunshine of the following thread so that she might better assist you. Be patient. :)
albertForum & Website02-19-2011 at 06:40 PM
RE: Not Login MyPLus!
Check this thread right here to see if it solves your issues : http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=968 65 .
albertForum & Website02-19-2011 at 06:15 PM
RE: Official translators, read this
[off-topic] I'm pretty sure a lot of people actually already have facebook, and creating such account is faster than a new e-mail if i recall correctly.. :P but anyhow, it was just a suggestion. :P [/off-topic]
albertTranslation02-18-2011 at 11:47 PM
RE: Official translators, read this
This might sound silly but.. How about simply creating a Facebook group and adding in the testers..? Most people already have each other, and you don't need to be friends to be in the same group, ergo you can hide your full info.. Just have everyone...
albertTranslation02-18-2011 at 10:26 PM
RE: The 2011 Messenger Plus! Skinning Contest
Glad to see about a new contest. :) Won't be in participating, but it's nice to see activities around Plus! happening, gets the community of the software to shine. :)
albertAnnouncements & News02-15-2011 at 01:23 AM
RE: cannot generate cryptographic key
Translated: Why do I ask out where the information will be encrypted chat window shows that out of it?
albertWLM Plus! Bug Reports02-14-2011 at 06:45 AM
RE: Messenger Plus 5: Extreamly Dissapointed.
[RANT] ............ Grow the **** up everybody. Feature list is none of your business! If you can't even think of reasons why companies don't release features list, then you're in no damn position to be writing about Yuna in the first place! It's...
albertWLM Plus! General02-14-2011 at 06:14 AM
RE: Messenger Plus 5: Extreamly Dissapointed.
Please post the decryption! As it's Friday here in Montreal, and that my brain is half fried due to reading all the complaints about the whole fucking world on this board, I'm having trouble analyzing this weird sentence. [size=1][b]Yes, my questi...
albertWLM Plus! General02-11-2011 at 11:05 PM
RE: Release delayed-Online chat logs to be deleted
Thanks for the update Sunnie, as many others testers, I personally prefer quality over fast delivery, so hopefully everything will go smooth. :)
albert02-07-2011 at 11:46 PM
RE: [WEB] Reputation Vote
I agree with it being very low.. maybe 100 makes more sens?
albert02-05-2011 at 03:05 AM
[WEB] Reputation Vote
I'm not quite sure this is a bug and cannot (yet) test it myself, here's how it goes. If you go in my account/my profile/reputation and try to vote yourself, does it allow you to do so or not, and is that intended or not? I can't vote yet, because...
albert02-04-2011 at 11:33 PM
RE: [SOFTWARE-ALL]The spanish translation of the EULA have some issues
From what i understand in this thread (correct me if I'm mistaken) but only a few languages had their EULA translated.. the rest had the standard English one.. My suggestion is, put he English one as default for all languages until you have some law...
albert02-04-2011 at 11:15 PM
RE: Hi & Thanks!
You found the .psd file, didn't you? :P
albertGeneral Chit Chat12-30-2010 at 03:23 PM
RE: Toshiba
Actually, scratch that, check the one on the right, at 499.99. Toshiba C650D-028 i3-370M 4GB, 500GB http://boxingday.redflagdeals.com/index.php/flyers 2010/image_full/212/
albertTech Talk12-20-2010 at 04:31 AM
RE: Toshiba
Wacky, this might not be the brand that you way, but it seems a very good deal for power/price and quality: http://boxingday.redflagdeals.com/index.php/flyers 2010/image_full/391/ The one on the right.
albertTech Talk12-20-2010 at 04:27 AM
RE: Toshiba
I've honestly never used a Lenovo consumer machine, so sadly I wouldn't be able to tell you.. It's a lot easier if you have a set budget on mind. The specs for this one are actually great, and having a Core i3 is faster than Pentium processors, ...
albertTech Talk12-18-2010 at 10:38 PM
RE: Toshiba
Meh, it really depends on who you fall onto. BestBuy, FutureShop and Staples basically all work the same way for repairs of laptops: everything that is hardware is [i]usually[/i] sent out to an external repair company. The truth is, if you are gett...
albertTech Talk12-17-2010 at 10:40 PM
RE: Toshiba
Dual processors and over 2GB of RAM will take care of that. It seems clients always had a hard time believing it, but a Pentium processor can handle a good amount of multi-tasking provided it has enough RAM. Try going to a FutureShop or BestBuy, ope...
albertTech Talk12-17-2010 at 12:42 AM
RE: Toshiba
wacky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11oneone! Intel vs AMD usually depends of your need, what's you budget and what exactly would you do with the computer? Also, Toshiba is a great choice in my opinion, but did you check out Lenovo Thinkpads? They're a ...
albertTech Talk12-16-2010 at 11:27 PM
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