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RE: Introduction
Name: Carl Knight Sex: Male Location: Netherlands Hobbies: Computers and roller skating. Statement about yourself: Love to party Why you have the username you have: My firstname spelt backwards with the first 3 numbers of my icq account.
lrac522General Chit Chat05-31-2013 at 07:50 PM
RE: Introduction
Name: Carl Sex: Male Loacation: Jamaica WI Age: Off the calendar. Hobbies: Flight Simulator and messing with my iPhone :-#:-# Shhhhh! (don't let them know that it's a 2G) Statement about yourself: Looking very young for my age... :lol:
lrac522General Chit Chat07-16-2009 at 03:35 AM
RE: What do you use Plus! for?
tab chat and all the other wonderful features that comes with it. too many to talk about... Hi all...:wave:
lrac522WLM Plus! General12-07-2008 at 06:28 PM
cheers (Y)
lrac522Tech Talk10-07-2008 at 01:46 AM
Could I be educated on what is the TTY feature on the iPhone and how does it work? Thanks a lot... Hi all... :wave::wave:
lrac522Tech Talk10-07-2008 at 01:23 AM
RE: How do i...
I used this [url=http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?eni d=1572]link[/url] to get it unlocked to firmware 2.0.2 without any knowledge of jail breaking and unlocking a phone and there were no problems. Thanks to you all... (Y) Hi all...:wave::wav...
lrac522Tech Talk09-13-2008 at 01:11 AM
RE: How do i...
Thank you all for ur kind help, i will try to have it sorted...(Y)
lrac522Tech Talk09-02-2008 at 02:27 AM
RE: How do i...
My iphone is already jail broken with firmware 1.4.1, i tried upgrading to ver 2.0 and the phone is now locked saying that the sim is not recognised and needs the correct sim to register. Could you educate me on some issues here, is it that the phone...
lrac522Tech Talk09-01-2008 at 04:14 PM
RE: How do i...
again unfortunately i've never seen a mac machine only on the tele, never use one...:(
lrac522Tech Talk08-31-2008 at 05:40 PM
RE: How do i...
Unfortunately i don't...:(
lrac522Tech Talk08-31-2008 at 04:10 PM
How do i...
I have an unlocked iphone with firmware 1.1.4 and need to upgrade to 2.0. Is there a free unlock site to jailbreak after the upgrade, if so, what is the link. Thanx. Hi all... :wave::wave:
lrac522Tech Talk08-31-2008 at 04:00 PM
RE: What could be wrong?
I did that and everything seems to be quite ok. Cheers.
lrac522Tech Talk06-24-2008 at 06:14 AM
RE: What could be wrong?
I downloaded the file and when I started the installation I got what is shown below, should I just go Next or do I have to uncheck a few? Thanks. [URL=http://img410.imageshack.us/my.php?image=code cpackqx5.jpg][IMG]http://img410.imageshack.us/img4 10/...
lrac522Tech Talk06-21-2008 at 05:05 PM
RE: What could be wrong?
Don't have the slightest clue what those extensions are but I will check it out. Thanks a lot...
lrac522Tech Talk06-21-2008 at 03:41 PM
RE: Firewall vs Anti-Virus
ok that makes sense. now i know. thanks a lot...
lrac522Tech Talk06-21-2008 at 05:23 AM
Firewall vs Anti-Virus
I am so ignorant to this so if someone could educate me on this matter. What's the purpose of a firewall when it cannot prevent you from being infected with viruses if there is no anti-virus software installed? Please explain... Hi all... :wave:
lrac522Tech Talk06-21-2008 at 05:08 AM
RE: What could be wrong?
Yes i do... an HP Pavilion tx 1000 [URL=http://img167.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpsy 5.jpg][IMG]http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/6376 /hpsy5.th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
lrac522Tech Talk06-15-2008 at 04:43 PM
What could be wrong?
I realized lately that whenever I tried opening or just click on a movie file without even opening it I would get this error message, do you think it's time to do a full system recovery or is there a solution otherwise to this problem? Hi all... :wa...
lrac522Tech Talk06-14-2008 at 02:15 AM
RE: Contacts Not Showing Online
Are you sure you're not on their block list?
lrac522Skype & Live Messenger06-08-2008 at 01:20 AM
RE: How old is your PC?
Could not agree with you more...
lrac522General Chit Chat12-17-2007 at 11:13 PM
RE: How old is your PC?
I still have my first Desktop 10 yrs old, 533 Mhz, 256 Mb Ram, XP home edition, which works quite well Still have my second 2 yrs old, a Dell notebook Inspiron 1150 which is rubbish... 2.6 Ghz, 2 Gb Ram And now I have [url=http://img532.imageshack.us...
lrac522General Chit Chat12-17-2007 at 06:09 PM
thank you so much...(Y)
lrac522Tech Talk11-23-2007 at 06:05 AM
I would like to be educated on this particular feature in flight simulator x, what is the name of the tube that is attached to the door of the plane for entry or exit and how do I see it work when you taxi to park? thanks a lot. Hi all...:wave::wave:
lrac522Tech Talk11-23-2007 at 01:04 AM
RE: Vista Privileges
thanks a lot, i will try that...
lrac522Tech Talk11-05-2007 at 02:13 AM
Vista Privileges
I am kinda new to this Vista thingy and found it to be so annoying, most of my programs i usually use with XP are not running because i'm being told by Mr Vista that i don't have administrative privileges to do so. I bought this computer which make...
lrac522Tech Talk11-05-2007 at 02:02 AM
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