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RE: Script Snippit Examples?
That's the first site I came across when I searched before I posted. It's got very few examples unfortunately :(
KeikoniumScripting09-03-2008 at 06:07 PM
RE: Script Snippit Examples?
Ah it works :D! I think I understand this now, since I've applied it to contacts starting a conversation also :). Thanks for helping out a noob guys, it's been quite informative ^_^. I hope to get my script out soon (almost done the basics!).
KeikoniumScripting09-03-2008 at 11:19 AM
RE: Script Snippit Examples?
I'm still a bit confused, so how do I go about calling the objects that aren't related to Plus!? I have tried "Contacts.GetContact(Email);" (which makes sense to me) but I still get an error :P. I just want to display a toast that contains a con...
KeikoniumScripting09-02-2008 at 11:42 PM
Script Snippit Examples?
Is there a place on the net where I can view examples of code with an explanation of what it does? Basically, I am a noob when it comes to JScript, and I'm not quite understanding the documentation all the well :-#. For example, I see in the documen...
KeikoniumScripting09-02-2008 at 11:22 PM
RE: [Suggestion] Sound Packages
Sounds like a plan! I am in the process of trying to make it into a script too, but I am sure you'd be able to get something pretty spectacular up and running. It would still be nice to have as a native feature in Plus! however ;)..
KeikoniumWLM Plus! General09-01-2008 at 10:28 AM
RE: [Suggestion] Sound Packages
If I were any good at scripting, I would give it a shot for sure, and upon thinking about it, I don't know if it would be THAT hard actually. Creating an option to import/export sound packages might be hard for me to do tho lol. Might try and give ...
KeikoniumWLM Plus! General09-01-2008 at 10:20 AM
[Suggestion] Sound Packages
I have been testing out various IM programs over the past few days to get ideas for skins / features etc to try and add into a MP!L skin I am in the process of making. Anyways, one thing I noticed in a few IM programs is the ability to apply custom s...
KeikoniumWLM Plus! General09-01-2008 at 09:42 AM
RE: [Looking for a skin] Shaped Cat Head Skin
Yeah she wants that exact one lol. I could attempt to make it myself, first time I'll be diving into shaping windows :D. Thanks for the reply man :).
KeikoniumSkinning06-06-2008 at 04:25 PM
[Looking for a skin] Shaped Cat Head Skin
I'm sure most of you know what skin I am looking for; it's the one included in the documentation. I was wondering if this was ever released for download or not? My friend is interested in it, and if anyone could help that'd be great :).
KeikoniumSkinning06-06-2008 at 04:19 PM
RE: [Suggestion] Floating Groups / Contact List
I *think* the skinning engine for MP!L's interface can access the floating desktop contacts, but I could be wrong, I've never tried skinning it lol.
KeikoniumWLM Plus! General05-06-2008 at 06:15 AM
[Suggestion] Floating Groups / Contact List
I had an idea last night when I was deciding who to have as floating contacts on my desktop. I want to have the people I talk to most which is about 10 contacts. Even making the floating boxes as small as I can, it takes up lots of space on the scree...
KeikoniumWLM Plus! General05-03-2008 at 11:31 PM
RE: Problem With Test Skin And Custom Skin
Click the first color square in the dropdown. It's a bluish color. That is the default color of WLM.
KeikoniumSkinning03-03-2008 at 07:49 AM
RE: Problem With Test Skin And Custom Skin
Is your color theme set to black? If so, set it to the "default color" and try again :).
KeikoniumSkinning03-03-2008 at 05:50 AM
RE: Move Display Picture box
My def. file is heavily modified, so it would probably do you no good. But the line I changed is: [code]<element layoutpos=left layout=verticalflowlayout(0,2,2,0) padding=rect(8,3,4,0)>[/code] I changed the whole line to: [code]<element layoutpos=rig...
KeikoniumSkinning02-13-2008 at 02:06 PM
RE: A Few Questions
Just out of curiosity, what was your script going to do? *-)
KeikoniumScripting02-13-2008 at 06:23 AM
RE: Move Display Picture box
Is this basically what you want? [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/keikon ium/dpboxrightside.jpg[/img]
KeikoniumSkinning02-13-2008 at 12:13 AM
RE: Chat Window Upper Toolbar Problems With Mobile
and here is the style file incase it is needed. I don't know how to attach 2 things to one post :P.
KeikoniumSkinning02-06-2008 at 06:55 PM
Chat Window Upper Toolbar Problems With Mobile
I am at the point in my skin where I am editing the chat window. I knew this would probably be the most challenging part of the skin since it has so many different states (normal, mobile, hidden toolbars, movable gripper etc). Basically what I am doi...
KeikoniumSkinning02-06-2008 at 06:53 PM
RE: my "first test skin" doens't appear
Are you sure the file is SkinInfo.xml and not SkinInfo.xml.txt? (just tossing it out there incase)
KeikoniumSkinning01-21-2008 at 04:07 PM
RE: Stretch, or Resize Images?
Currently my .plsk is only 244 KB with the image at 1600x1200 AND everything else included so far. So I am not worried about size at the moment. If my .plsk gets to large, I'll make the image a bit smaller, but for now I am leaving it as it is since...
KeikoniumSkinning01-18-2008 at 07:40 PM
RE: Stretch, or Resize Images?
The reason I am using such a large image is because it is the same image I am using as the main background of my contact list, and the same background as the chat windows. I need it to be fairly sharp quality so it scales well on larger monitors :).
KeikoniumSkinning01-18-2008 at 05:23 PM
RE: Stretch, or Resize Images?
Ah, wonderful, that works ^_^. Thank you SpunkyLoveMuff :). Here it is now: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/keikon ium/toastlookingbeter.png[/IMG] It still needs some touching up to look how I want it, but at least it's mostly readable no...
KeikoniumSkinning01-18-2008 at 05:12 PM
Stretch, or Resize Images?
Is it possible to stretch an image (or resize it) to the boundries of the element that it is located in? Basically, I am having a problem with my toasts: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v326/keikon ium/toastbgfrigged.png[/IMG] The background I ...
KeikoniumSkinning01-18-2008 at 03:40 PM
RE: [Help] Ghost text in the wordwheel O_O?
Damn Microsoft >.<. Since this 'other element' that you mentioned Eljay is generating this ghost text, is it possible to set this other element to have a different font color? Thank you both for your replies, and for your tests to find out the unde...
KeikoniumSkinning01-12-2008 at 03:19 AM
RE: [Preview] MesOrby - The Transparent WLM Skin
I guess I didn't explain fully on the first page anyways lol. Anywhooo... Open up the 1001 Style file and search for the following: Element[ID=Atom(ai558)] You should see a background entry. Change it to the following: Background:argb(128,255,255,25...
KeikoniumSkinning01-11-2008 at 10:34 PM
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