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RE: Plus! Live Isn't working.. >_<
As i understand, now you have version 8.5 and latest version of messenger plus! live. Messenger 8.5 is woking but plus is not. Right? latest version of msgPlus!live is compatible with 8.5.By reading your post, i got impresion that most probable reaso...
LuxWLM Plus! Help07-05-2009 at 12:19 AM
Local location of Dynamic Display Picture(s) ?
Hello :D As mentioned in subject, i need a location of dynamic display pictures on my HDD. To be precize, using option of windows live messenger 2009, to create custome dynamic display pic, by taking picture of web cam and/or 4s video. I used some ot...
LuxSkype & Live Messenger07-05-2009 at 12:08 AM
RE: MSN 7.5
Noooo; they are just being really touchy bout the details. :D EDIT: LOL. you signed here just for that skin?? fist post more than a year ago and now second one :) :)
LuxSkin Requests07-02-2009 at 12:22 PM
Font and display problem
For Winks, in windows messenger Options menu, under Messeges, you can click on the checkmark for "play winks automaticly blah blah...." As for the font, make sure you've got the same font as he/she is using. If you dont have it, you can google for...
LuxSkype & Live Messenger07-01-2009 at 10:04 PM
RE: Help please...
Just google out for the version you had previosly, download it. Unninstal 2009 version, and instal downloaded one.
LuxSkype & Live Messenger06-30-2009 at 08:14 PM
RE: msn not working
There should be error id with the messege you get, so post it here, and you will get help. Without knowing specific error, it could be many diffrent things. You migh want to check before signing up, In Options, under COnnections, Connections Status,...
LuxSkype & Live Messenger06-30-2009 at 07:53 PM
RE: Is There A Way...
u can just use chat only name, from sp, but can't for each contcact to be diffrent...
LuxWLM Plus! Help07-13-2007 at 04:40 PM
RE: [Release] Myspace Manager
great script dude! awesome!
LuxScripting07-13-2007 at 04:38 PM
RE: Are you safe?
i am safe!
LuxGeneral Chit Chat07-13-2007 at 04:38 PM
RE: Should i get vista?
i don't have a "super" pc, it's 2.4ghz 1gb ram...bla bla..it is solid pc, and i tryed vista ultimate-worked just fine, but PERSONALY i don't like it... mostly....but is has potenicals... :| i like the visual expireance and in time i think that i...
LuxTech Talk07-10-2007 at 09:29 AM
RE: How to make hopper live hop 7 times
you can just block/unblock contact you wish to hopp as much as you like....but it can crash or freez his/her msn if you do that to much....i tryed and crashed my friends msn :D :O or crack Mnjul scripts dll :D :O
LuxScripting07-09-2007 at 05:28 PM
RE: Make your name HUGE in WLM.
it's is working, but it is damn buggy......
LuxSkype & Live Messenger07-08-2007 at 05:36 PM
RE: ( Help ) the script menu disappear
You need Msg+ to import the scripts, if you haven't install it yet, do so. then imoprt the script, and in a convo or contact list window there is a script menu icon....just clik on it script icon ( it's 3 little colored boxes ) and choose NameEdit...
LuxScripting07-07-2007 at 09:03 PM
RE: Another DUMB question
hmm....[s]no[/s] :| EDIT: yes, probably they do log that you have accessed with another account... :P toddy!
LuxSkype & Live Messenger07-07-2007 at 08:05 PM
RE: [request] block notifications?
First turn off in msn options->alerts and sounds, options alert me when conctact is online, and then in Msg+ options, in evant notifications, add sign in notification to all contacts but him...and 'bout the script, i can't help you... :)
LuxScripting07-07-2007 at 02:20 PM
RE: links in nickname
that can't be done...you can put some link in your PSM only, so your contacts can copy paste them in browser...you can only make link that can be clicked like songs are, but it would still be opened in msn search......not that link...
LuxWLM Plus! General07-05-2007 at 11:08 AM
RE: [MAJOR UPDATE] IPGet v1.50 - lots of new features + Vista compatibility
hi! if you look at the thread pages 7 and 8, you will remmember my problem....settings and IP conections wont appear neather in this version of IPget :( debbuger says that here is error: [code]Script is starting Script is now loaded and ready Functio...
LuxScripting06-26-2007 at 03:00 PM
RE: Game recommendations
i like game sthey are nice. one god game whicg is old but great is duke nuken. or it isnt. wahtever. i am hapy :) and.....half life si nice. but i realy like halo 2 :) bbut there no 4 pc :9
LuxGeneral Chit Chat06-24-2007 at 01:41 AM
RE: a feature request
use the MDL 1.3 for now....cuz the scripts wich I used unfortunatly aren't so good at imitating as imitate feature in mdl..... you can sign for beta testin of mdl, and in time you will be among the first who can test and use new featuer... and ofc...
LuxWLM Plus! General06-23-2007 at 03:28 PM
RE: Now Playing help!
Enable the updating of your DP in configurations, choose wmp for main player......if that's not helping , [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=61021&page=1]read this thread....[/url]...holp that I helped you.....
LuxWLM Plus! Help06-23-2007 at 12:59 PM
RE: req:when someone send message to me, i will change my status automatic appear offline
i did helped :| told him to change his status by himself :) :P
LuxScripting06-22-2007 at 03:56 PM
RE: Harry Potter and DH
SOme hacker named Gabrijel or gabriel, hacked into the Bloomsburym and he says that he know who is gonna die...dunno bout that a lot...read it on some site.....:D I never ever even watched any of HP movie or read any HP book :P
LuxGeneral Chit Chat06-22-2007 at 03:54 PM
RE: req:when someone send message to me, i will change my status automatic appear offline
why would you wanted such a script?!??! :S you can just swich it yourself if you wish that :D and [quote][i]Originally posted by ICD[/i] [u]the purpose of wlm is that you talk to people![/u] [/quote]
LuxScripting06-22-2007 at 03:34 PM
RE: GRR Help please (Offline Blocker)
disable the option "change my nickname before blocking...." and you won't get your name changed....if that's what you wanted.... if the option is enebled, evrytime someone get's offline your nick will be changed....if that's not a problem, tell...
LuxPlug-Ins06-21-2007 at 03:45 PM
RE: In a world filled with gadgets...
3 landlines; 2 cell phones, and 4 SIM cards....
LuxGeneral Chit Chat06-21-2007 at 12:49 PM
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