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RE: Help on MSN Chat History
Have you tried opening the XML file with Notepad? What are you opening it up with right now?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger03-04-2009 at 08:34 AM
RE: [ Suggestion ] Online synchronization custom emoticons
I've seen this feature requested several other times as well. Messenger automatically syncs your Display Picture using their server, so they may or may not support emoticons in the future. My bet would be that synced emoticons and smileys are not li...
exboxWLM Plus! General02-17-2009 at 01:27 PM
RE: Display picture getting blurry?
Yeah, I guess what could be happening is that the JPG DP gets downloaded the second time you login, and then it's recompressed with each login/logout. Hopefully they fix it since lots of people use this features.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-08-2009 at 09:24 AM
RE: Display picture getting blurry?
I think the problem is that the server uses JPG to store the display pictures that show up on your windows live profile, which is lossy. The client uses PNG-24 which is lossless and will retain full quality. The strange thing is that you mention is c...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-08-2009 at 02:10 AM
RE: WLM 2009 - Unable to view by email address
Please bro, read what was written above, bro. Good luck, bro.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-08-2009 at 02:06 AM
RE: I can't see a friend's Display Picture
Try changing your Display Picture to something new and see if it updates for her. Also, are you using an animated display picture or just a static image? Try a picture that's not animated.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-05-2009 at 12:43 AM
RE: universal emoticons
Emoticons are added on a per-account basis, so you would need to add it to all your accounts, one at a time. This is more of a privacy issues really, you probably wouldnt want someone else logging in to their accoutn and seeing your personal emoticon...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-02-2009 at 03:11 PM
RE: Display pictures back to the right hand side?
Looks like those are your only options for now, but I personally like them on the left side now. The window seems very refined and smooth now. I like the new frames around the pictures.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-02-2009 at 03:09 PM
RE: Problems in WLM 9
One problem that still exists with this version is that the order in which [b]custom emoticons[/b] are added is no kept. My emoticons are jumbled all over the place in the list and the list doesnt seem to be sorted by anything in particular, very ann...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger01-31-2009 at 02:33 PM
RE: contacts display pictures dont show
One simple solution would be to upgrade to version 9.0 which was released a couple of weeks ago. I've noticed this problem before, but the display pictures have always been up to date in the contact list since I started using the 9.0 beta.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger01-31-2009 at 02:24 PM
RE: offline emoticons?
You mean custom emoticons, right? I'll check it out as well, but my guess is they're disabled in offline conversations like nudges, etc.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger01-28-2009 at 11:07 AM
RE: sherv.net ?
i think its possible for some of the pages on a site to not work while the others do, but yeah pages cant be "down" like a server can be...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger12-27-2008 at 02:13 AM
RE: sherv.net ?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger12-26-2008 at 04:09 PM
RE: can people tell that I signed into MSN as "appear offline"??
Yeah its a big privacy issue, and my best guess woul dbe that its not possible. So you can appear offline with peace of mind.
exboxSkype & Live Messenger09-12-2008 at 12:07 PM
RE: Help! I'm desperated!
This has nothing to do with system restore or services...i suggest you backup the content and totally delete the custom content folders, restart messenger and then try adding some emoticons and smileys to the account. if they get adde, you can then t...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger08-16-2008 at 09:07 AM
RE: Emoticons?
no i don't think it's hacking, might be some sort of bug with the emoticons feature... what version of Messenger do you have?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger08-16-2008 at 09:04 AM
RE: my font !
well he didnt say it was done remotely....
exboxSkype & Live Messenger08-16-2008 at 09:03 AM
RE: banned username word "lucky"
really? i dont see anything special about the word 'lucky' for it to be banned, might check it out myself. 8-|
exboxSkype & Live Messenger07-08-2008 at 05:17 AM
RE: How many contacts are held on the msn sever for each accountt??
i thought 1200 was the limit, but maybe they removed the limit compeltely?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger03-29-2008 at 05:27 PM
RE: I donno how to......!! (change display name font)
i'm also trying to use a weird font, but none of these work for me, any others?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger03-13-2008 at 10:49 AM
RE: Current WLM9 animated DP restrictions?
check [url=http://www.sherv.net/animated-display-picture s-news-32.html]this[/url], i tried making a crazy long animated display picture with as many frames as I could while keeping it under the file size, and it worked fine, so i think its just the p...
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-20-2008 at 03:07 AM
RE: name change problem
You're the "hacking king", can't you tell us how to fix it? :P
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-19-2008 at 01:19 AM
RE: Moving Emoticons
also try [b][url=http://www.sherv.net/backup.html]backup wizard[/url][/b] to copy emoticons
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-13-2008 at 12:54 AM
RE: About Animated Avatars on WLM 9.0
Do you mean the current animated DP restrictions already in place, or other ones being added in future versions?
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-11-2008 at 09:23 AM
RE: About Animated Avatars on WLM 9.0
Yeah I really hope not.... it's my favorite new feature, animated emoticons were good, but animated display pics are the bomb! :P
exboxSkype & Live Messenger02-11-2008 at 03:58 AM
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