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RE: Keep contacts shown on desktop visible when Aero Peeking
Thanks! I always looked in the Display Settings by right-clicking on the contact label, I didn't realize there was such an option in the Plus! Configuration window :$
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General08-31-2009 at 07:37 AM
RE: Keep contacts shown on desktop visible when Aero Peeking
On a related note: would it be possible to have a better way to see if someone's online? I'm using a laptop, the contacts on the desktop are at the right side of the screen. But sometimes it is difficult for me to see whether the icon is green or g...
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General08-29-2009 at 09:11 AM
RE: [Suggestion] Contact Whitelist
Thanks! If it works properly, that's exactly what I was looking for!
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General03-08-2009 at 09:15 AM
[Suggestion] Contact Whitelist
hey I was wondering if there's a script available which offers the following feature: a contact whitelist, based on status. I hate being disturbed by people, apart from a few good friends, when my status says busy. I want only *them* to be able to c...
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General03-05-2009 at 03:46 PM
RE: WPL 4.7 support WLM ver.2009?
Yesterday I downgraded back to 8.5. I just love the new interface of WLM 2009. But I really can't miss MsgPlus, especially the logging feature and sign-in events. So I too am checking this thread daily. Keep up the good work Patchou!
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General10-21-2008 at 03:53 PM
RE: [Suggestion] Merge chatlogs
Thanks, that seems very promising :D
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General08-21-2008 at 01:25 PM
[Suggestion] Merge chatlogs
hey I have a suggestion for a new feature which would be really useful for me. I often use two computers, one PC at home and my laptop. I would really like a merge function for the chatlogs. I wouldn't mind if I have to copy the chatlogs on a USB-s...
Jeffrey89WLM Plus! General08-20-2008 at 11:43 AM
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