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RE: please help!!
doesn't any body knows way I'm gating from live messenger support doesn't work? i tried it like a hundred times
shlomycoSkype & Live Messenger11-15-2008 at 08:41 PM
RE: please help!!
I'm using the explorer 7
shlomycoSkype & Live Messenger11-11-2008 at 09:20 AM
RE: please help!!
hi thanks for the replay i Thought i was very clear i tried the option u r suggesting a password remainder, i did get a mail instructing me to copy & paste a link. the link did enter a "windows live application" but the icon "loading" went for ev...
shlomycoSkype & Live Messenger11-10-2008 at 10:33 PM
please help!!
hallo i have a live passport for over 6 years now needless to say that i have dozens of contacts on it. a month ago i formatted my computer when i installed "live messenger" again, i was asked for the password i may have enter a wrong password a co...
shlomycoSkype & Live Messenger11-09-2008 at 04:06 PM
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