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RE: [Release] World Cup 2010 South Africa
Great script. I watch the matches on livestream. When someone scores, the script update the score very fast. Much faster than the livestream :P
Robin2130Scripting06-19-2010 at 10:14 AM
RE: WLM 8.5 ?
www.oldversion.com ;)
Robin2130Skype & Live Messenger06-19-2010 at 10:11 AM
RE: New emoticons in WLM 2010?
That man on the picture scared me off :|
Robin2130Skype & Live Messenger02-13-2010 at 04:17 PM
New emoticons in WLM 2010?
It seems that WLM 2010 will have new emoticons. I read it on [url=http://liveside.net/main/archive/2010/02/10/t idbits-from-windows-live-blogs-new-emoticons-msgr- iphone-app-coming.aspx]Liveside.net[/url]. I Like the new icons :P The old ones are borin...
Robin2130Skype & Live Messenger02-13-2010 at 03:31 PM
RE: February Desktops!
I think with Rainmeter/Enigma
Robin2130General Chit Chat02-13-2010 at 03:26 PM
RE: What other forums do you go on?
[url=http://www.fok.nl]FOK.nl[/url] (A large Dutch community) Neowin. net :P
Robin2130General Chit Chat02-13-2010 at 03:25 PM
RE: Introduction
Yeah... I am new here. Yes i know... my profile is a few years old, but I was inactive :) Name: Robin Sex: Male Country: The Netherlands Age: 23 [align=center][img]http://www.eo.nl/db.images/1017 6697/koningin_Beatrix.jpg[/img][/align] [align=center]Q...
Robin2130General Chit Chat02-13-2010 at 03:23 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.80 is here
Great :D but the icons in tabbed chats are not updated :(
Robin2130Announcements & News02-01-2009 at 08:56 AM
RE: [Released]My Live Messenger
Maybe in regedit? i don't know that for sure.
Robin2130Skinning01-18-2009 at 01:04 PM
RE: [Released]My Live Messenger
The toasts has been changed, and the options are changed :) for so far i can see :P
Robin2130Skinning01-16-2009 at 10:32 AM
RE: [UPDATED] Vista United Skin 4.10
Eehm, this skin is based on Windows Vista... so i don't see the problem. Looks very great though :)
Robin2130Skinning01-15-2009 at 08:42 PM
RE: [Solved] Remove white space
Dutch: Hey Eminem. Ik ben blij dat je de skin wil updaten. Mooi werk :D English: Hi Eminem. I'm glad that you update this skin. Great job :D
Robin2130Skinning01-14-2009 at 05:51 PM
RE: playboy skin
Hmm I think that a skin isn't made for fapping :P
Robin2130Skin Requests01-14-2009 at 08:38 AM
RE: [Released]My Live Messenger
Great skin with many backgrounds for the contact list and the login screen :) Great job :D (Y)
Robin2130Skinning01-13-2009 at 05:21 PM
RE: [Released]My Live Messenger
I'm impressed of your work blessedguy. If you are releasing the skin, you will be the first one who have created a compatible skin for the newest WLM :D :P
Robin2130Skinning01-13-2009 at 03:59 PM
RE: [Released]My Live Messenger
Looks very good :) I will download your skin when it's released :)
Robin2130Skinning01-12-2009 at 06:21 PM
RE: Tabbed Chat and Menu bar
Robin2130WLM Plus! Bug Reports01-11-2009 at 07:42 AM
RE: Another year, another version :-)
Nice release :) Thank you (Y)
Robin2130Announcements & News01-11-2009 at 07:39 AM
RE: Important news regarding Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live
Just wait a little but until tonight or tomorrow.
Robin2130WLM Plus! General01-10-2009 at 05:26 PM
RE: Important news regarding Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live
Great :) KUTGW :D (Keep Up The Good Work)
Robin2130WLM Plus! General01-09-2009 at 02:03 PM
RE: Important news regarding Windows Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live
Or use WLM 8.5 or 9 BETA until the new plus! is released :)
Robin2130WLM Plus! General01-04-2009 at 09:05 AM
RE: Please Help!!! (program closes with no explanation)
Try to re-install 8.5. You can do that in Control Panel -> Software
Robin2130Skype & Live Messenger12-29-2008 at 08:14 AM
RE: Please Help!!! (program closes with no explanation)
Which version do you have? 8.5, 9 BETA or 9 RC? (the newest)
Robin2130Skype & Live Messenger12-28-2008 at 09:18 AM
RE: Messenger Plus Live! For Pidgin
Messenger Plus! is for WLM and it always will be :)
Robin2130WLM Plus! Help12-26-2008 at 07:45 AM
RE: Happy Christmas :)
Dutch: Jij ook fijne kerstdagen :) English: Merry Christmas for you 2 :) [size=1]My English sucks big time today :([/size]
Robin2130General Chit Chat12-25-2008 at 09:08 AM
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