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RE: software - change setup complete emoticon
Yuna has designers, they can make a new one :P add it as a suggestion maybe so they can decide if they'll change it or not?
Chrono01-08-2011 at 05:52 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
i get that but that was not the point :P i simply mentioned the size of the community because losing even a single helper is bad enough for us. And by size of the community i mean people actually visititng regularly, because if it's for the ammount...
Chrono01-08-2011 at 05:45 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
That's good to know ;o
Chrono01-08-2011 at 04:54 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
wow now im lost. i understood the idea of the forum, basically you're saying that depending on the language the forums will do different sql searches in the proper databases, right? But then how am i supposed to see english and spanish forums at the...
Chrono01-08-2011 at 08:03 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
but im not satisfied with a one liner :( it doesnt answer my specific questions :P [quote=Chrono]but i assume you aint gonna make a replica of your forums for each translation, are you? How is the "multi lingual" forum gonna work then? what will ha...
Chrono01-08-2011 at 06:34 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
i dont get it, what is the cms desk then exactly? i mean you said that we were gonna take care of the community but sunshine has access to it? :p What do i tell her exactly? Also see my other question right before your post :zippy:
Chrono01-08-2011 at 06:12 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
And i'll ask my own question (related to wdz's): What will happen to the spanish board? We also have a mybb instalation (i am an admin there, see http://foro.msgpluslive.es ), but i assume you aint gonna make a replica of your forums for each trans...
Chrono01-08-2011 at 05:35 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
how do i access it? :P now im 'just' a mod here, meaning that i dont do admin stuff, but why did you (i dunno who "you" is exactly, whoever thought of this idea) think that we actually needed 3 full paid programmers considering we were just fine...
Chrono01-08-2011 at 05:30 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
well as far as i remember, o continue the discussion, the domain of this website (msghelp.net) is yuna's, but the data on the servers is not. am i right patchou? Then why are they having access to the data and importing it to the new forums structur...
Chrono01-07-2011 at 11:42 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
o emailed patchou aswell :P
Chrono01-07-2011 at 11:31 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
or you can create a new subforum just for the heck of it :P seems easier lol edit: oh so you already did it? Should we send him the link? :P
Chrono01-07-2011 at 11:03 PM
RE: Plus! 5 Beta announcement
let us know when it's done :)
Chrono01-07-2011 at 10:54 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
well i think before that we should talk to jieff and patchou. Here. :P So they can answer all our questions. Can anyone email pitcho? And maybe allow jiefff to this single thread in the staff forum :p
Chrono01-07-2011 at 10:50 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
Chrono01-07-2011 at 10:17 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
who? Jieff? He's the only smart one out of the people i have seen and im not sure he can tell us more from yuna's side. But yeah, if he is the one responsible of the website project, maybe he can let us know :P what do you think wdz? :P Maybe give...
Chrono01-06-2011 at 11:16 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
well tbh since yuna bought plus (or whatever happened, we'll never know), they probably own this place, the data and such. im pretty sure patchou said that "the data on the forums was ours and not yuna's", but i may be wrong... and even then, is...
Chrono01-06-2011 at 11:13 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
they can already access the database apparently so they may eventually read this thread (so dont forget to delete it later *paranoid*). they should pay us to do the job :zippy:!!!!11
Chrono01-06-2011 at 10:57 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
yep, good idea. He's no Nathalie btw, he knows what he's doing (or so it seems :P). btw wdz, you should make the shoutbox public so we can host it somewhere else when the forums die (A). Or maybe we can even ask them to host it i dunno :p
Chrono01-06-2011 at 09:37 PM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
Chrono01-06-2011 at 08:02 AM
RE: Bot/spammer reports
amiki http://shoutbox.menthix.net/member.php?uid=92638
Chrono01-06-2011 at 08:01 AM
RE: Admin/Mod Status
well wdz left already, so im guessing he wont be there either? :-\ What about surfi? im not too sure yet... :P At least thy have got better at 'caring' about the community lately
Chrono01-05-2011 at 08:30 PM
RE: Guess who showed-up on New Year's day?
Congrats pitcho! :banana:
ChronoGeneral Chit Chat01-04-2011 at 09:47 PM
RE: Bot/spammer reports
Jean-Pierre http://shoutbox.menthix.net/member.php?action=prof ile&uid=92578
Chrono01-04-2011 at 07:29 AM
RE: [SOFTWARE - 673] Search
i think it's a bug too, but we dont really KNOW how did they intend it to work, do we? Maybe they did want it to search inside list boxes aswell? Or maybe not? i mean, it's not clear enough to me, so both these comments: sounds kinda harsh, why no...
Chrono01-03-2011 at 11:42 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 5 information
it still doesn't 'fix' the fact that your real name is being displayed. it's not the real solution to this 'problem', it'd simply cover it up :p
ChronoAnnouncements & News01-03-2011 at 11:21 PM
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