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RE: Tabs Patch for 6.1.0207
Yeah, that's right, but this patch also removes, unwanted tabs, like the one MSN add! That's cool, best patch now!
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-21-2003 at 04:00 AM
RE: TABS in MSN v6.1.0207 (How-To) (also extra games)
I used the first service, tabs didn't appear, but all the expedia, etc, etc tabs disappear, so I guess, its ok! Maybe I'll learn to do it good some day.
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 04:10 AM
RE: TABS in MSN v6.1.0207 (How-To) (also extra games)
Could you explain this, To use this service, you have to go to location 0x000206D4 and change http://config.messenger.msn.com/Config/MsgrConfig. asmx into http://msntabs.ausmade.net/MsgrConfig.asmx######## #### (where # is a 0-byte thus 0x00) how to do...
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 03:21 AM
RE: MSN Messenger 6.1.0207 realeased.
I have that messenger, but not the tab!
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 03:17 AM
RE: MSN Messenger 6.1.0207 realeased.
I don't know much about realeases and all that stuff, I was just good luck finding this version. I also don't know which changes it has.
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 02:57 AM
MSN Messenger 6.1.0207 realeased.
Hi all, you can download the new build of MSN Messenger in the official Page [url=http://messenger.msn.com]messenger.msn.com[/u rl], I was looking for custom tabs for it, but it seems to be too new.
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 02:46 AM
RE: TABS in MSN v6.1.0203 (How-To) (also games now)
your welcome, but not tabs for this messenger
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 02:43 AM
RE: TABS in MSN v6.1.0203 (How-To) (also games now)
The new version is 6.1.0207 is there custom tabs for it?
leitoSkype & Live Messenger12-19-2003 at 02:28 AM
leitoPlug-Ins09-13-2003 at 02:36 AM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
sorry i didnt say that, thank you very much!
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 07:03 PM
RE: Colour Fade plugin
FINN do you have any other projects??
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 07:02 PM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
there is no 2.20.46 available yet, Patchou said the Proxy needed to be updtate first!
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 06:58 PM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
yes, firts I closed Messenger, then i move Uptime.dll to the plugins folder, then I double click install.reg, I open messenger but it didnt work, so i closed again and in run i write "regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Messenger Plus! 2\Plugins\uptime....
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 06:57 PM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
it still dont work!
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 06:50 PM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
It doesn't works for me, WindowxXP HE, MSN Messenger, and Plus! 2.20.45
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 06:42 PM
RE: Colour Fade plugin
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 01:15 AM
RE: Colour Fade plugin
but in that case, both Messengers, would need to have the plugin, and thats the magic (*) of this one!
leitoPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 01:05 AM
RE: Plug-in's will come... :)
WMP 8 sounds kinda bad!! you should consider to change that! or use something like traktor or pcdj, that sounds cool,
leitoPlug-Ins07-05-2003 at 08:25 PM
RE: Colour Fade plugin
Finn you rule man!! hahaha your plugin is really good, congratulations!
leitoPlug-Ins07-05-2003 at 08:10 PM
RE: The New Website
Really excelent, perfect flash combination, good colors, I'm a webdesigner, and this is a MASTER PIECE!!!
leitoForum & Website04-29-2003 at 05:34 AM
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