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RE: QuickKey | [release] 2.2 | 29/11/2009
my friend... Ctrl+Alt+Q shortcut is giving me some problems in my Keyboard... I use right Alt+Q to bring @ on! but with you script enabled Right Alt+Q makes appear the QuickKey option menu! :S
warmthScripting11-17-2009 at 01:44 AM
RE: [release] DP Sync v1.3
Can you please update this script for Windows 7? :P
warmthScripting11-16-2009 at 10:47 PM
RE: [Release] Disable Group Edit
:( so what happened with the update?
warmthScripting11-16-2009 at 10:46 PM
RE: [372] CTRL+Z breaking copy emoticons feature
And there is no way to skip that step to make the process look more clean?
warmthWLM Plus! Bug Reports11-16-2009 at 09:00 PM
[372] CTRL+Z breaking copy emoticons feature
If you copy a sent text with emoticons and paste it twice in the convo textbox by mistake and try to corrected pressing CTRL+Z (undo)... you will see that you have to press it twice because in the first try the emoticons of the second string pasted a...
warmthWLM Plus! Bug Reports11-16-2009 at 05:24 PM
RE: Comment/uncomment short cut
:P well well it's ok.. I was just making a suggestion jajaja don't worry
warmth11-16-2009 at 02:05 AM
RE: Comment/uncomment short cut
:( comment/uncomment only? this will help me a lot! just that...
warmth11-16-2009 at 01:06 AM
Comment/uncomment short cut
How about a shortcut/menu feature to comment/uncomment a highlighted selection in Script Editor? :P maybe more funtions could be added taking an example of Notepad++ perhaps!
warmth11-15-2009 at 07:36 PM
RE: QuickKey | [release] 2.2 | 29/11/2009
Yes my friend... just search in the forums... but I think you should add both option copy to clipboard and past directly to a form ;) good luck!
warmthScripting11-15-2009 at 02:22 PM
RE: [Release/Update] RemoteName 1.2
Done [code]Script is starting Error: unknown (code: -2147418113) File: RemoteName.js. Line: 244. Script has failed to start[/code]
warmthScripting11-15-2009 at 06:05 AM
RE: [Request] Soccer live scores in display name
:) Matti was you talking of 2008 or 2009 christmas? come on dude jajaja... I am still waiting for you!
warmthScripting11-14-2009 at 03:50 AM
RE: [Request] Minimize to tray on focus contact window with a hotkey
Matty is there any chances you could add a line to maximize/resettle WLM CL with a single click in Taskbar icon? (right clicking will continue showing the menu)
warmthScripting11-14-2009 at 03:48 AM
RE: QuickKey | [release] 2.2 | 29/11/2009
it's great... but I don't think I will use it... the only good reason for use it is not available (Messenger Information is just for read it... no option for example to paste it somewhere or to copy to clipboard, etc)... Imagine use that informatio...
warmthScripting11-14-2009 at 03:42 AM
RE: [Release/Update] RemoteName 1.2
warmthScripting11-14-2009 at 02:58 AM
RE: Computer Details script
Sorry for bring back this old thread but there is any chances that someone could update this script to work on Vista/Seven with latest versions of MP!L and WLM?
warmthScripting11-14-2009 at 02:34 AM
RE: Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
Well let's see what patch has to say about all this good discussion
warmth11-12-2009 at 11:41 AM
RE: Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
I understand my friend... well it just a small suggestion... if patch thinks is too hard to do it maybe we should forget it... for me will be usefull but maybe no for most of the people... I was thinking about an option to "Remember last selection"...
warmth11-12-2009 at 11:06 AM
RE: Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
Can be... but a better Idea could be a checkbox above the others (maybe next to it can be some tittle with the option to sort scripts "Script", "Added (date)", "Disabled (date)", "Created by", etc...) so if you check this on top checkbox all ...
warmth11-12-2009 at 06:15 AM
RE: Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
I am not talking about a button to enable/disable all... I am just talking about a way to check/uncheck all... if you have 20 scripts is annoying having to select one by one... :P for example jajaja just to make things easier..
warmth11-11-2009 at 09:49 PM
RE: Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
I know that cookie... but I am suggesting a feature not for me but for helping regular users... thanks anyway my friend
warmth11-11-2009 at 08:15 PM
Option to select/unselect all in scripts/skin
Patch can you please add an option to select/unselect all in the script/skin list to allow us enable/disable all at once :P??? this is very usefull when MP!L disable all the scripts after a crash and when you need to test if a script/skin is causing ...
warmth11-11-2009 at 03:06 PM
RE: [Release] Fuse
Has nothing to do with Fuse I think... is an issue of MP!L or WLM itself with compatibility mode...
warmthSkinning11-11-2009 at 06:14 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live Enhancer
TaZDevil remember to update the changelog in the first post ;) Hope you are doing well my friend... long time without talking to you!
warmthScripting11-08-2009 at 05:46 PM
RE: [Release/Update] RemoteName 1.2
Thank you very much my friend! Maybe I will make some suggestions in the future to improve this great script! ;)
warmthScripting11-08-2009 at 05:39 PM
RE: [Release] RemoteNick!
Sorry for bring back this very old thread back... is there any way someone can update this script? thanks in advance...
warmthScripting11-08-2009 at 02:50 AM
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