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RE: S-Video to RF
There is no straight-through conversion from s-video to rf. In the converter the s-video signal is decoded to a (virtual) image, that image is encoded to pal/ntsc format, and the resulting image is given to a mini-tv station for "transmitting". All...
rav0General Chit Chat04-12-2005 at 05:22 AM
RE: The "p"
Slang for when you've been beaten or something like that is pwned, now owned, well unless you were beaten in a bet and you bet yourself and your now the winners property. Usage: You've been pwned by rav0, but you haven't been owned by rav0, and p...
rav0General Chit Chat04-12-2005 at 04:58 AM
RE: The "p"
Pwn, pwning and pwnage refer to dominance over something. Own and owning refer to ownership. Ownage isn't a word. Usage: rav0 pwns you, but rav0 doesn't own you. :D
rav0General Chit Chat04-12-2005 at 04:52 AM
RE: For All Those Bittorrent Users:I have a question.
:SNeither do I [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/images/smilies/go ogle.gif[/img]! Keep in mind that that network bandwidth should be enough because your internet speed is probably less. If its not, your a lucky shit and I envy you so much:@!
rav0Tech Talk04-12-2005 at 03:59 AM
RE: For All Those Bittorrent Users:I have a question.
AFAIK, all bandwidth automatically shared around the users, and allocated back to whoever needs it when it is freed up by someone else. There is a guide for Squid to limit bandwidth to users, links below. | [url=http://www.squid-cache.org/]Squid[/url...
rav0Tech Talk04-12-2005 at 01:19 AM
RE: For All Those Bittorrent Users:I have a question.
your bit torrent is taking up all your upload bandwidth, not only with the bits of file being uploaded, but with the extra info being sent. That is, computer says; [i]"Can you send me part 10203", Yep I got it fine", "What parts do you have?", ...
rav0Tech Talk04-12-2005 at 12:59 AM
RE: A call to all P2P users
This isn't about free music, its about free speech and file sharing of all types. For example, there are hundreds of results of Messenger Plus! archived and current builds on Gnutella (the network used by Kazaa, LimeWire, BearShare and more). Indepe...
rav0General Chit Chat04-12-2005 at 12:45 AM
RE: Who here is a DJ or has made there own music?
Copy and paste was soooo useful when there was the cram-all-the-flash-java-javascript-and-music-possi ble-into-your-webstie craze. Funnily, my visitors said that my sites wouldn't load. Hmmm. Aaargh! im way over my download limit today. (Peak downlo...
rav0General Chit Chat04-11-2005 at 11:04 AM
RE: Who here is a DJ or has made there own music?
(Y)Up with Fruityloops! (N)Down with homework!
rav0General Chit Chat04-11-2005 at 10:55 AM
RE: While saving a puppy two kids get shotgunned
Well . . . it would have to be proven 'beyond reasonable doubt'. Explanation: [list=1] [*]Prosecutor/The State takes woman to court. They decide what to charge her with. [*]Court hears the matter. All jury members decide guilty or innocent. If the...
rav0General Chit Chat04-11-2005 at 09:53 AM
RE: msg plus and msn 7
To all of the above, sorry about that linking. Just to let you know, even if it wasn't with my contest referer, I would have linked like that anyway. I have already updated [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=42448&pid=436020#pid4360...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-11-2005 at 09:18 AM
RE: A call to all P2P users
rav0General Chit Chat04-11-2005 at 06:20 AM
RE: msg plus and msn 7
oops:S . . . my installer was names MsgPlus-351.exe so i just assumed, and i 'copy and paste'ed the text from the official download page without reading. Besides, that version works fine for me, i haven't seen any bugs.
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-11-2005 at 05:17 AM
RE: msg plus and msn 7
3.50 is fairly, I havn't had any problems compatible, download below. [b]My Referer Link:[/b] [url=http://www.msgplus.net/download_contest.php?i d=7681]Messenger Plus! 3.50.124, released March 16th 2005 [img]http://files.msgplus.net/images/downloadno...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-11-2005 at 01:16 AM
RE: File send progress bar disappears
[b]Update:[/b] Sorry guys, turns out that all of that is actually incorrect for MSN Messenger 7.0. When a conversation window is opened in MSN Messenger 7.0, no session request is sent to the Switchboard. For more information, see [url=http://www.ms...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-11-2005 at 01:08 AM
RE: Sounds not sending
Send the text /syawn to your friend. The sound will play on both computers, and the text "I'm tired!" will be sent. Messenger Plus! intercepts all messages that starts with "/", as these represent Messenger Plus! commands. If you want to send a ...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-10-2005 at 05:36 AM
RE: Plus getting wrong email count
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-10-2005 at 05:28 AM
RE: MSN doesn't let me send message!
Your problem is unrelated to that of Timmy_gobbles.Make sure you are using the latest version of Messenger Plus! with a stable version of MSN or Windows Messenger. Create a new thread in [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/forumdisplay.php? fid=7]Messen...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-09-2005 at 06:08 AM
RE: File send progress bar disappears
When you open a conversation window a 'session' is created on a Misrosoft/MSN server. These 'sessions' do disappear after a period of inactivity, not sure how long. The 'session' is created when the first window is opened, a message need not b...
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-09-2005 at 04:40 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! and MSN Messenger 7.0.0777
I'm not sure what you're saying, I get the usual no-more-than-five-different-emoticons message when I should, and it blocks me from sending when it should. Well actually I think it [i]should[/i] have a higher limit. [edit] added third response [/e...
rav0WLM Plus! General04-09-2005 at 02:25 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! POP3 Gmail Limitations
This is a Gmail limitation, Messenger Plus! is doing all it should, quoting information given by Gmail.
rav0WLM Plus! Help04-09-2005 at 12:20 AM
RE: I was wondering what u guys do (work)
I'm a student in year 10 in Australia, I'm 15, I will be 16 before the end of the year and will probably go on to year 11 & 12. For those who can't read, it's now 2005 I want to get a job at KFC (you probably know what that is) or Woolworths (do ...
rav0General Chit Chat04-08-2005 at 11:31 AM
RE: samsung's web ad... must-see...
meh, just says loading for me after i got it past my ad and popup blocker. Not too worried about seeing it though. On a side note, a bit of javascript will let you move, resize, raise and lower windows, as well as send links to other windows. Some sm...
rav0General Chit Chat04-08-2005 at 11:01 AM
RE: YaGoohoo!gle Firefox Search Plugin
[url=http://www.google.com/]Google[/url] does not own [url=http://www.yahoo.com/]Yahoo![/url], [url=http://www.yahoo.com/]Yahoo![/url] owns [url=http://www.yahoo.com/]Yahoo![/url]. For ages, [url=http://www.yahoo.com/]Yahoo![/url] search was "Power...
rav0General Chit Chat04-08-2005 at 09:47 AM
RE: IMG tags
I think that the point of the original post was to send only a url to the other person, but; how about sending the image in ink (handwriting)?
rav0Plug-Ins03-30-2005 at 09:26 AM
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