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RE: @msgplus.net Email Support
Phyew... Kinda got me worried there :)
Tochjo1987General Chit Chat10-15-2003 at 07:01 PM
RE: @msgplus.net Email Support
You got an email? I hope you don't mean in the last few days, because I haven't had one yet! :'(
Tochjo1987General Chit Chat10-15-2003 at 06:53 PM
RE: Finaly, ive finished my MSN Skin! (download here)
Yes, I already knew, from Stealth_X's post. I'll wait for the official MSN Messenger 6.1 release, I don't like Microsoft betas. Edit: It was kinda obvious you'd need MSN Messenger 6.1 (see directory path in my error message, it contains [b]MSN M...
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-15-2003 at 06:45 PM
RE: Plat: dutch dialect
Someone who lives in Belgium would be a Belgian, so I guess more than one would be multiple Belgians. True. You're right. I'll (try to) include a translation next time... :)
Tochjo1987Translation10-15-2003 at 04:16 PM
RE: Finaly, ive finished my MSN Skin! (download here)
Sorry I didn't read careful enough... I'm not very fond of beta versions (except betas of Plus! of course ;)), so I'll wait for the final version to come out. It did? As far as I know, only leaked betas are available.
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-15-2003 at 02:47 PM
RE: Finaly, ive finished my MSN Skin! (download here)
It won't work for me... I get the following error message: [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/attachment.php?ti d=16675&pid=146430[/img] Translation: The application can't be started because the configuration of the application is incorrect. Reinstall...
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-15-2003 at 01:26 PM
RE: Finaly, ive finished my MSN Skin! (download here)
Thanks! And I know Lycos (they closed my account for the same reason), so it's not really your fault it didn't work at first.
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-15-2003 at 10:33 AM
RE: Finaly, ive finished my MSN Skin! (download here)
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-15-2003 at 09:11 AM
RE: What do you think about Messenger Plus! ?
Plus! is the best! I'm not going to vote though, I don't feel like filling another registration form in...
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-15-2003 at 09:02 AM
RE: @msgplus.net Email Support
You have to send SonicBoom an email:[quote][i]Originally posted by SonicBoom[/i] Alright, in an attempt to try something a bit more stable, i'm trying FreeBSD as the OS along with PostFix for mail. I will also be adding support for SMTP Authentica...
Tochjo1987General Chit Chat10-14-2003 at 10:48 AM
RE: Plat: dutch dialect
You could distribute it through the forum.
Tochjo1987Translation10-14-2003 at 08:06 AM
RE: Plat: dutch dialect
Great, now I get to play translator... :) In bad Dutch, you have a lot of dialects and if you go mixing them up, it'll be a big mess, but funny anyway :lol: :lol:
Tochjo1987Translation10-14-2003 at 07:45 AM
RE: Plus! icon next to webcam icon
Not going to happen. Patchou won't include things that could put people's privacy in jeopardy.
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-13-2003 at 07:58 AM
RE: @msgplus.net Email Support
Whereto do I have to send the email?
Tochjo1987General Chit Chat10-12-2003 at 08:44 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
This could be solved if Dempsey would also include the current date in the filename.
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-12-2003 at 07:36 AM
RE: GameCube - winner?
I'd say this is pretty good proof the contest is over.
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-11-2003 at 08:25 PM
RE: GameCube - winner?
I thought the contest was already over?
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-11-2003 at 08:17 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-11-2003 at 06:05 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
Profile Viewer lets you view a part of your contacts user profile, including picture and web site address. You can choose a user directly from your MSN Contact List, but also just type an email address. Edit: Besides that, profiles are also stored on...
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-11-2003 at 06:04 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-11-2003 at 05:19 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 2.50 Translation - SIGN UP!
Quoted from another thread. I think Patchou wants to wait until most translators have sent an email, and then do it all at once.
Tochjo1987Translation10-09-2003 at 07:31 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
Yes, I thought so too, it's just a seperated program, which confused me a bit in the beginning as well.
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-09-2003 at 05:39 PM
RE: Profile Viewer 1.3 released
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-09-2003 at 11:15 AM
RE: Plus! icon next to webcam icon
Patchou's reaction: [quote][i]Originally posted by Patchou[/i] the "got Plus!" feature could be nice, I just considered it again and sorry but it's still a no. The only good way I would have would be to send a message to my server to say "this u...
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-06-2003 at 06:17 PM
Plus! icon next to webcam icon
Lots of people have requested this feature, and some have requested a poll. So, this is the poll :)
Tochjo1987WLM Plus! General10-06-2003 at 06:14 PM
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