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RE: Messenger Plus! 2.50 Translation - SIGN UP!
I'd help translating in Dutch too if necessary, haven't sent an email though (just as Knightieboy said, so many Dutch translators already...). If the Dutch translators need any help, just PM me. Mendor: I don't know what you were planning on doing...
Tochjo1987Translation10-06-2003 at 04:16 PM
RE: Official plugin package - be famous :)
[quote][i]From the readme[/i] It is a Messenger Plus! Plugin designed to convert your text into "Elite" To use the Plugin Select a IM Window, Click The Plus! Menu, Then Click Plugins A List of your installed Plugins will appear. Select Jay's Elite...
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-05-2003 at 08:00 PM
RE: Winamp song for nick
This message appears only when the compiled EXE is used. If the client application is run from the Visual Basic IDE, the problem does not manifest itself. The problem may also be detected as a changing App.NonModalAllowed property in the client EXE p...
Tochjo1987Plug-Ins10-05-2003 at 02:25 PM
RE: make a led blink everytime you get a msg
Would you notice that? I wouldn't.
Tochjo1987Skype & Live Messenger10-01-2003 at 04:55 PM
RE: Plat: dutch dialect
Patchou doesn't include dialects in the Messenger Plus! package, for it would become too large in file size. Therefore, creating a dialect language file would be nice for you and your friends, but you'll probably be the only ones who can use it. Yo...
Tochjo1987Translation09-25-2003 at 05:50 PM
RE: Esperanto translation
Tochjo1987Translation09-23-2003 at 03:56 PM
RE: Esperanto translation
Jes, ankau mi estas Esperantisto; tial mi esperas ke via traduko estas poshtota. Se bezone, nur postu ghin sur tio forumo: en la okazo se Patchou ne volas aldoni vian tradukon al Plus!, mi povas elshuti vian tradukon chi tie. Anticipe bonan dankon!
Tochjo1987Translation09-21-2003 at 06:53 PM
RE: Esperanto translation
Dear Mendor, Your idea of an Esperanto translation of Messenger Plus! sounds great, though I'd like to point out that Patchou doesn't allow dialects. I'm definitely not saying that Esperanto is a dialect, but have you checked with Patchou to see i...
Tochjo1987Translation09-20-2003 at 09:04 AM
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