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RE: Whats Your Favorite Music/10 Songs
yeah, they're great........... jackass_wanabe has a heartagram belt, its bad.. but i h8 one type of music thats pop
user27089General Chit Chat12-11-2003 at 08:23 PM
RE: Whats Your Favorite Music/10 Songs
1. HIM 2. Goldfinger 3. Farse 4. Mest 5. [spunge] urhh... dunno really, just random music i like
user27089General Chit Chat12-11-2003 at 07:52 PM
RE: XBOX msn ... get it now
/me got told by jwb about it... /me thinks its great
user27089Skype & Live Messenger11-24-2003 at 11:25 AM
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