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Leaving the forum permanently... bye people
Thank you :D Yes... i still ghost arround somtimes ;)
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat08-21-2002 at 04:54 PM
2320 :cheesy: "Thank you all mighty Google, may the CPU power be with you":tongue:
MenthixForum & Website07-29-2002 at 08:08 PM

[size=6]Yo, that sux man... hope you get better soon, take care [/size] (chrono friendly size)
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat07-26-2002 at 11:42 AM
666 Members !!!
Hell-lo everyone... Just droped by, and saw the the forum has 666 members... yay, what a funny number :s. Anywayz.. one more and we got 667.... 667*2=1334... and guess how many members we had on the old board when we closed down? yeah!!!! *1334* So w...
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat06-11-2002 at 10:37 PM
Leaving the forum permanently... bye people
Hehe, where did i hear that before? Ow... i said that too:grin: So i know how it's like:happy: So Johnny is now officially mod., nice... congratz Johnny!
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat05-20-2002 at 09:23 AM
Leaving the forum permanently... bye people
Thank you all for your support, i appreciate that :) I just mailed Patchou.. and gave WDZ some final info... so thats it, i'm now officially gone. Well... gone, you will see mee arroung here now and that... but only as a normal member. I had a great...
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat05-17-2002 at 03:54 PM
Leaving the forum permanently... bye people
Hello everybody, As some of you might have noticed i haven't been around here for a long time (much longer then the 1 week i told you). It's been because school, my social life and so much other things i have todo that i haven't been here, i'm so...
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat05-14-2002 at 04:20 PM
Which one of these would you prefer?
Hmm... i dunno, anyway, you _will_ get a special status on the forum if you want that :) Something like "Registered Member" and 8 stars, well.... who goes first?
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-25-2002 at 05:59 PM
Ah, i see... well, that's why there are admins... (6) We will destroy your spam (6)
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-22-2002 at 08:14 PM
Which one of these would you prefer?
I'd like $1000 dollars so i can bribe Patchou's boss by buying him a new PC, so he give Patchou some time off. So that Patchou can work on Plus! v2.0 and he can finish it before christmas :d
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-22-2002 at 08:09 PM
Huh? Spam!? Sorry, i don'r understand... could you explain this?
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-22-2002 at 05:42 PM
New Forum
I just changed the icons... the XSO's are displayed now :happy: and you will need to type the msn ones manually. I never heard of a posting replys twice bug... you sure? just press "post" only once, then wait.
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2002 at 05:49 PM
New Forum
:) ..type them
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2002 at 05:31 PM
Welcome to the new Messenger Plus! forum, we hope you will like it.
MenthixGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2002 at 04:59 PM
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