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RE: MSN Messenger Hacker? Help!
okay, heres my view on this, i think its just a trojan/virus w/e. in vb (Visual Basic) that would be very simple to make. just change the name and hide the program so u dont notice it. then get it to check for name changes and then when it finds one ...
spokesSkype & Live Messenger07-13-2004 at 04:22 PM
RE: StuffPlug-NG Update
Can't wait for sp-ng, it sounds cool
spokesPlug-Ins07-12-2004 at 05:53 AM
RE: Stuffplug-NG Re-started
when will the new version b released?
spokesPlug-Ins07-08-2004 at 04:17 PM
RE: Is there an end to space
but if its expanding, and its bounces back in (contracts) would'nt that make time bounce?, like make time go backwards?
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-07-2004 at 05:47 AM
RE: The IPOD thread!
hey, dom, i think i no how to fix this, goto Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Disk Cleanup then press OK then it should say summit like 'Calculating disk space' then in the list that pops up, select all of them apart from 'Comp...
spokesTech Talk07-06-2004 at 06:21 AM
RE: mp3 music
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-05-2004 at 05:33 AM
RE: My VB WebBrowser
its pretty good!, i like it
spokesTech Talk06-17-2004 at 06:32 AM
RE: Send File Bug
ooops!! soory, rong picture! :$
spokesWLM Plus! Bug Reports06-10-2004 at 04:55 AM
Send File Bug
here's a bug when you send files!!!
spokesWLM Plus! Bug Reports06-10-2004 at 04:49 AM
RE: 2 gigs of email space
dude i got 40MB with mine and i dont even use up more than 500KB!
spokesTech Talk06-08-2004 at 03:51 PM
spokesWLM Plus! General06-08-2004 at 06:30 AM
yay, i've been supported :)
spokesWLM Plus! General06-07-2004 at 06:37 AM
u no in the message box wen u type / and the list comes up? well you could use some api so when u type s after it it jumps to the first s in the list not close the list.. i think some people should agree with me
spokesWLM Plus! General06-05-2004 at 05:50 PM
RE: Sending files
yes, this happens to me, after sendin a file in a conversation, the next file i send only highlights ancel and theres no little icon of the file or no transfer status
spokesWLM Plus! Bug Reports06-03-2004 at 06:47 AM
RE: programming n00b
Dude, i started in april 2003, i was 12 then, and i agree it is easy. (When you get the hang of it) but that does'nt take too long. I tried switching over to VC++ and i failed, it's way too confusing. So I'm going to try and switch from vb.net to ...
spokesTech Talk06-02-2004 at 06:35 AM
RE: IDEA!!! HTML Chat Logs
kk, ill get the log viewer
spokesWLM Plus! General06-01-2004 at 08:32 AM
RE: IDEA!!! HTML Chat Logs
o yea forgot to say, like the official msn chat logs are in xml and easily readable, where as a plain text file isnt easy cos its all in one color!
spokesWLM Plus! General05-31-2004 at 08:38 AM
IDEA!!! HTML Chat Logs
I think in the next version of plus! patchou should change the chat logs to easier to read html files. its not special but just an idea.(Y)
spokesWLM Plus! General05-31-2004 at 08:36 AM
RE: Plus 3 Send Bug
mm, i've had problems with sending files but not like this. with plus the 3rd time a send a file in a convo instead of it showin an icon and highlighting 'cancel' below the icon, it shows no icon and only highlights 'ancel'
spokesWLM Plus! Help05-24-2004 at 06:15 AM
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