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Where does winamp buffer URLs? i'm listening to an online song, and i want to find it on my pc. or is there a way to record what im listening to without using my pc?
spokesTech Talk08-19-2005 at 09:00 PM
RE: wow finally they make it
I WANT THIS SOOO BAD, lol, looks cool
spokesTech Talk08-19-2005 at 04:45 PM
RE: Messenger Plus & Tabbed convos...
how do you know that the tabs dont close on double click if you are not using it?
spokesWLM Plus! General08-16-2005 at 07:26 PM
RE: Web2Messenger.com - as seen on Mess.be!
thanks dane (y) www.web2messenger.com/Spokes
spokesSkype & Live Messenger08-16-2005 at 12:34 PM
RE: Web2Messenger.com - as seen on Mess.be!
ive joined technology pulse and replied with my email address, just waiting for my invite now :)
spokesSkype & Live Messenger08-16-2005 at 09:09 AM
RE: what song?
Dam, beat me to it, i search google for some lyrics i heard in it, lol
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-15-2005 at 08:19 PM
RE: PC wont read certain discs
spokesTech Talk08-14-2005 at 10:13 PM
RE: PC wont read certain discs
CD, and no, the disc is in good condition EDIT : i got it to sort of read the disc, now unless the pic on teh disc is 2.10gigs, wheres the rest of my data :(
spokesTech Talk08-14-2005 at 10:03 PM
PC wont read certain discs
Every now and then my pc won't read a disc, but normally taking it out and puttin it back in works, but in this case it doesnt, the disc is ok, my pc can read the type of disc. it's just when i put it in the pc hangs until i take it back out. any i...
spokesTech Talk08-14-2005 at 09:56 PM
RE: Good Uploader Script
google invision file manager
spokesTech Talk08-12-2005 at 05:05 PM
RE: iTunes - adding album art and program
well, i use http://kempele.fi/~skyostil/projects/albumart/ but you have to use itunes sometimes to convert the id3 tags to version 2.3 just open your itunes directory in the program, and it'll show all the albums, fairly straight forward, check out ...
spokesTech Talk08-10-2005 at 07:36 AM
RE: Media Player object
ok, it semi-works in IE, but not at all in firefox, any help on the firefox part?, to make it play in the browser window
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-09-2005 at 04:55 PM
Media Player object
hi, can any fix this code for me? it doesn't work on my site :( [code] <OBJECT id='VIDEO' width='320' height='240' style='position:absolute; left:0;top:0;' CLASSID='CLSID:6BF52A52-394A-11d3-B153-00C04F79F AA6' type='application/x-oleob...
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-09-2005 at 04:28 PM
RE: Senior Memeber, Full Member...
Full member is 50 posts Senior member is 250 you get new ranks by posts
spokesForum & Website08-09-2005 at 11:05 AM
RE: What is the stupidest lyrics you have been caught singing?
the london underground song http://www.jokefrog.com/flash/london-underground.s html
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-06-2005 at 03:03 PM
Import duties
does anybody have an estimate on how much duties i will have to pay for $85 of merchandise from US in the uk? my mate had to pay import duties on his phat farm shoes a week ago. but they arnt worth anywhere as much as what i'm gettin. just as i thou...
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-04-2005 at 10:16 PM
RE: Mars to be visible to the naked eye? - Believe it!
i seen mars at the end of 03 in the nite sky, so it already is possible
spokesGeneral Chit Chat08-04-2005 at 05:08 PM
RE: Tornado in Birmingham, England!
i seen a video about that in geography!
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-29-2005 at 09:49 PM
RE: Tornado in Birmingham, England!
WTF!? the weather in the uk is really starting to annoy me! june and start of july were boiling hot when we are in school sweating like mad in school uniform and as soon as summer holidays are here it starts raining!!! and as for a tornado in the uk ...
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-29-2005 at 10:08 AM
RE: UK Driving Age
i was born in 1990 :|
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-26-2005 at 09:54 PM
RE: my gerbil died
spokesGeneral Chit Chat07-24-2005 at 08:23 PM
Ubuntu randomly restarts
Computer restarts on install or live cd. This happens on all pc's in my house and also when i tried LBA-Linux i press enter at the boot screen thing, and then it says a few things like extractin files or whatever then the computer restarts. it just ...
spokesTech Talk07-01-2005 at 04:30 PM
RE: Google Earth!
the uk needs better aerial pics
spokesTech Talk06-29-2005 at 07:39 PM
RE: GreenZap Sounding Fishy-er
i sent my friend $1 webcash and it took $1 off me and $1 off him! :rofl:
spokesGeneral Chit Chat06-22-2005 at 06:54 AM
RE: VB Help (DateDiff)
might it be because time is (xx:xx:xx) and strLeave is only (xx:xx) ?? edit : no one has replied in 3 hours :|
spokesTech Talk06-13-2005 at 05:10 PM
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