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RE: how can i run a website from my computer?
no heres the proper link [url]www.easyphp.org/index.php3[/url]
EljayTech Talk10-03-2004 at 09:20 AM
RE: PHP Forms
[url]http://www.acky.net/tutorials/flash/forms/[/u rl][img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/images/smilies /google.gif[/img]
EljayTech Talk10-03-2004 at 07:16 AM
RE: how can i run a website from my computer?
[url=www.easyphp.org]Easy PHP[/url]. download it and install it it installs Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin, MYSQL and its a whole lot easier than installing them all manually ;)
EljayTech Talk10-03-2004 at 06:48 AM
RE: An amusing game
i need a hint for level 8 :P
EljayGeneral Chit Chat10-02-2004 at 04:48 PM
RE: MSN 7.0.205 and MSGPlus 3.20 incompatibility
well quite simply, msn 7 is not released yet so patchou (the creator of Plus!) hasnt been able to make plus compatible with it yet.
EljayWLM Plus! Help10-02-2004 at 03:57 PM
RE: My Script Dont Work
2 second interval between lines if u want it more like a countdown use #1# instead of #2# so its more realistic :P
EljayWLM Plus! Help09-26-2004 at 12:50 PM
GTA: San Andreas new trailer!!!!
[url]http://www.rockstargames.com/sanandreas/trail ers/GTASA_TRAILER2_480x360.wmv[/url] :drool: NOTE: view in full screen for maximum "wow factor"!!:P
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-26-2004 at 12:30 PM
RE: MsgPlus! Toolbar v1.0.0.335 By Hah
i know this is an old thread but i just got firefox after hearing about how good the 1.0PR version is only to find out that it doesnt work with this version :( is there any chance of making a new toolbar that does work with it ill be ever so grateful...
EljayForum & Website09-26-2004 at 08:10 AM
RE: WDZ/WJ/Surfi - Pruin user time?!?
(Y) good idea i think this is the best way to sort it out :P
EljayForum & Website09-25-2004 at 12:08 PM
RE: just downloaded mozzilla firefox and....
/me prefers opera i personally dont like firefox i dont really have a reason, i just prefer opera :P
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-24-2004 at 03:42 PM
RE: Display pictures
Main messenger window > Tools > Options > Personal > amd make sure you have ticked "Show display picture from others in instant message conversations"
EljayWLM Plus! Help09-22-2004 at 06:31 PM
RE: Action Mod Beta
i will help with design if i can :)
EljayTech Talk09-22-2004 at 06:27 AM
RE: What some people can do with Flash o.O
:drool: wow that pwned all flash ive seen
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2004 at 06:09 PM
RE: Is this real?
its the windows wizard guy (just one of microsofts range of annoying little helpers :P)
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2004 at 05:23 PM
best site designs
well i just wanna know what all u ppl think are the nicest looking sites out there on the world wide web this is my favourite [url=www.2advanced.com]2advanced[/url]
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-20-2004 at 05:24 PM
RE: what is wrong with this php code.....
in case you didnt know, i was using this code because i was scripting my own forum but this login code just doesnt want to work and if people cant login then why bother. so i sort of gave up on making it :P if anyone could get it to work i would cont...
EljayTech Talk09-20-2004 at 03:10 PM
RE: what is wrong with this php code.....
EljayTech Talk09-19-2004 at 03:26 PM
what is wrong with this php code.....
i dont actually get any errors it just doesnt let me login [code]<? session_start(); if($_POST['submit']) { mysql_connect("localhost","****","****"); mysql_select_db("crimpa_forum"); $user = ($_POST['username']); $pass = md5($_POST['...
EljayTech Talk09-19-2004 at 03:06 PM
RE: FREE US Army FPS game o.O
wj, stop [s]spamming[/s] whoring :P
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-15-2004 at 06:51 PM
RE: FREE US Army FPS game o.O
all i can say is 728MB :|
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-15-2004 at 05:59 PM
RE: FREE US Army FPS game o.O
i heard about this game a long time ago on Gamezville and i thought it looked good but i couldnt remember the link. Thanks Blade ;)
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-15-2004 at 05:52 PM
RE: Power DVD Problem
[img][attachment][/img] as for ur power dvd problem try reinstallign aspi drivers from windows disc
EljayTech Talk09-15-2004 at 05:34 PM
RE: KSMAS for cycling images on a website
i tried putting the uninstaller in the ksmas folder but it wouldnt upload (i cant actually do anything to the folder. delete, chmod, upload, download overwrite or even rename) and then i tried putting it in the main public_html folder but then it sai...
EljayTech Talk09-15-2004 at 03:08 PM
RE: KSMAS for cycling images on a website
i want to install a newer KSMAS on my webspace but i cant delete the old one and the uninstaller doesnt work what can i do?
EljayTech Talk09-15-2004 at 06:41 AM
RE: Oompa Loompas
[img]http://www.sogalante.blogger.com.br/oompa.jpg [/img]
EljayGeneral Chit Chat09-13-2004 at 05:23 PM
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