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RE: s2n error msgs
well u still havent answered my question which was which player are you using? e.g winamp, windows media player
EljayWLM Plus! Help05-31-2004 at 07:58 AM
RE: The Best Web Browers?
:0 i am shocked at how many people have voted for IE. It is the worst browser going and is full of security holes. I voted for [url=http://www.avantbrowser.com]Avant Browser[/url] but another good browser is [url=http://www.opera.com]Opera[/url] exc...
EljayTech Talk05-31-2004 at 07:44 AM
programming n00b
Right well straight to the point. I've been thinking about becoming a programmer for ages (even though i am 14:D) but everything seems so complicated and i dont know where 2 begin in learning how to program. Any recomendations for websites/programs ...
EljayTech Talk05-31-2004 at 07:22 AM
RE: s2n error msgs
yah i want it but how r u gonna send it 2 me:S its probably 2 big 2 email ummmmmmm pm me wiv ur msn addy plz ;)
EljayWLM Plus! Help05-31-2004 at 07:01 AM
RE: s2n error msgs
also which player are you using?
EljayWLM Plus! Help05-31-2004 at 06:48 AM
RE: s2n error msgs
well the only thing i can think of is to just reinstall plus or if that doesn't work reinstall messenger also does anybody know where i can get the install file for messenger 6.1 because all websites i have tried have 6.2 now:( i want 6.1 so i can h...
EljayWLM Plus! Help05-31-2004 at 06:34 AM
RE: Introduction
[b]Name:[/b]Lee Jeffery [b]Sex:[/b] Male [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/images/male.gif[/ img] [b]Location:[/b] [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/images/uk.gif[/im g] [b]Age:[/b] 14 [b]Hobbies:[/b] Computing (internet surfing, forums, website designi...
EljayGeneral Chit Chat05-24-2004 at 07:04 AM
RE: MSG Plus! 3 Logo in ANCI!
wow this is not a complaint (well it is but its a constructive one) but it would be better in colour ok
EljayWLM Plus! General05-23-2004 at 12:51 PM
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