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RE: Delphi Template
if you created the website i suggest editing your no right click feature cuz i still got through it... use this instead (its what i use on my site for my boss in the states) [b]Stick this between </head> and <body>[/b] [code] <script language=JavaSc...
mattyPlug-Ins09-15-2003 at 05:26 AM
RE: Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
i dunno guys , i will look into it , by the code there is nothing that sticks out weirdly , i will try my hardest to get it working for u guys (ps in the mean time i m working on an importer for it as well , the only thing is , it wont add the file ...
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-13-2003 at 04:56 AM
RE: Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
also , i dont care about the source for this , so hear it is..... [code] '/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\ \/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ Declaration Of Variables /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ /\\/\\/\\/\\/\...
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-12-2003 at 06:03 PM
RE: Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
for the people with the run time error , try installing the vb 6 runtime files http://download.microsoft.com/download/vb60pro/Red ist/sp5/WIN98Me/EN-US/vbrun60sp5.exe
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-12-2003 at 06:01 PM
RE: Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
impossible , grrrr , i hate VB , i seriously retired then came back for small apps (this was one) but it only uses one external file unlike before it used so many
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-12-2003 at 04:40 AM
RE: Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
lol sorry i got carried away , it backs up your custom names that you set for your contacts...
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-06-2003 at 10:20 PM
Custom Name Back Up (Made a progy)
Well until Patchou decides to update Plus! and add a feature to back up the custom names, so I decided to make a Program that does. so basically download the file, unzip it and run the exe called CustomNameBackUp.exe what will the program do... it wi...
mattySkype & Live Messenger09-06-2003 at 08:38 PM
RE: Status change notifier
along with my PM i sent you , could it be that i am using FreeBSD along side XP? and just dont want people to know or that putting the pic there is a way of telling people without words, seeing how i just ran the exe i made and it generated that inf...
mattyPlug-Ins07-29-2003 at 06:58 PM
RE: Status change notifier
put the popup on the left :> , cuz it hides the original one [code] Private Sub Form_Unload(Cancel as Integer) 'Put code for icon to system tray here End Sub [/code]
mattyPlug-Ins07-29-2003 at 05:17 AM
RE: IP Address
learn dos commands , its [b]net stat -n[/b] for all active connections if you send a file look for it to say sumthing like this
mattyPlug-Ins07-11-2003 at 04:58 AM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
i agree , Programming Programming Programming for Messenger Tech Talk
mattyForum & Website06-28-2003 at 02:41 PM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
Messenger Programming
mattyForum & Website06-28-2003 at 01:59 AM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
See WDZ a lot of ppl like the idea /me hopes it will be given a shot
mattyForum & Website06-27-2003 at 07:54 PM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
but hey , WDZ has the final word , so we all await your response
mattyForum & Website06-27-2003 at 05:15 PM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
see , ppl like the idea , if it doesn't work out , then it could be removed ,
mattyForum & Website06-27-2003 at 01:51 PM
RE: Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
i feel that a lot of ppl would you use , ones that have been programming for years , and the ones that wish to get into it , why not put up a forum for it for a week to test it , if its a hit then keep it , if its not , then get rid of it. it was jus...
mattyForum & Website06-26-2003 at 10:39 PM
Is it possible to..... (WDZ)
Is it possible to have a developers zone for VB C++ , i know there is msnfanatic but i find that some of the members are not as nice when trying to help a fellow programmer , so maybe we could have one here. Thanks for the consideration, Matt
mattyForum & Website06-26-2003 at 07:29 PM
i think he means it needs to be registered , but it worked fine for me
mattySkype & Live Messenger03-19-2003 at 11:29 AM
i ran the program , tried using a program that only has the messenger api reference , and it crashed ,
mattySkype & Live Messenger03-12-2003 at 01:24 PM
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