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RE: This new computer is quite good
If your "586" has 184 pin or 200pin (SODIMM) slots and support for 333/400MHz DDR then yes.
GarndellTech Talk07-01-2005 at 01:45 PM
RE: This new computer is quite good
Similar yes, Macs are very picky withy what RAM they work with. Best bet is to but some Mac RAM from www.crucial.com (Cheaper than Apple).
GarndellTech Talk07-01-2005 at 12:23 PM
RE: This new computer is quite good
GarndellTech Talk07-01-2005 at 11:14 AM
RE: This new computer is quite good
1.8GHz G5 equivalent to a 3.2GHz P4 or a Athlon64 clcked at 2.2GHz. Question is, how extortionate was the price?
GarndellTech Talk07-01-2005 at 08:16 AM
RE: Google Earth!
They offered a free version which came with a Watermark (annoying as it was), I used the free version before getting bored of it, lol.
GarndellTech Talk07-01-2005 at 08:14 AM
RE: Google Earth!
Keyhole did provide free versions of the software and if you look you can see Google charges for the extra features just like Keyhole did. On this page, scroll down to see the prices & features of the Plus & Pro versions: http://earth.google.com
GarndellTech Talk06-30-2005 at 09:36 PM
RE: How fast can you click/type?
Well had to tweak my Mouse/Keyboard settings to get a good score: Click: 66 Type: 103
GarndellGeneral Chit Chat06-30-2005 at 07:06 AM
RE: Google Earth!
Keyhole used to show my house clearly, Earth Viewer doesn't, you can see the area, just not the house anymore.
GarndellTech Talk06-29-2005 at 11:13 AM
RE: What music do u like.Come and chat
Lots of artists from many genre's: Alice in Chains, Alice Cooper, Anastacia, Aerosmith, Alanis Morissette, ATB, Backstreet Boys, Blur, Barenaked Ladies, Basement Jaxx, Ben E. King, Bjork, Black Eyed Peas, Blink 182, Bloodhound Gang, Bob Dylan, Bowli...
GarndellGeneral Chit Chat06-29-2005 at 08:27 AM
RE: 6800Ultra or 7800GTX
7800GTX will give you better performance today & tomorrow. The 6800U in SLI is irrellevant too, as the 7800GTX can be put into SLI too. If you got the money, get the 7800GTX as between the 6800U & the X850XT PE the ATI X850XT PE would get my nod. Th...
GarndellTech Talk06-25-2005 at 04:54 AM
RE: nVidia or ATI?
Yes, the X700 Pro is a good card, the replacement for the sub standard X600, just a shame ATI couldn't put the X700XT into production. Consider this a good report for nVidia's 6xxx series. I use a 6600GT & a 6800GT with no problems at all, unlike...
GarndellTech Talk06-24-2005 at 09:48 AM
RE: nVidia or ATI?
My advice.... buy a nice little Athlon64 or *shudders* a P4 and a nForce4 SLI Motherboard. Then just get a GeForce 6600GT (or 2 for 6800U performance roughly) and if you got P4 you'll need DDR2 Memory too. Basically: Athlon64 2800/3000/3200 nForce4...
GarndellTech Talk06-24-2005 at 04:44 AM
RE: ur connection
3Mbps Down 256Kbps Up Provider NTL. For the record, NTL Engineers currently tell you the upload is 64k for 1Mbit, 128k for 2Mbit & 256k for 3Mbit but at quiet times my connection reaced 311k Upload & 3624k Download.
GarndellTech Talk06-20-2005 at 11:10 PM
RE: What Your Most Played song?
Winamp refuses to show me what i've played at all but luckily my MP3 player tells me so here it comes.... The Who - Baba O'Riley - 487 Edguy - Vain Glory Opera - 361 Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone - 299 Metallica - Fade To Black - 256
GarndellGeneral Chit Chat06-19-2005 at 05:01 PM
RE: MP3 Player
Good choice, my sister has one of those and she loves it. Also good to see another person not joining the Apple fad that's going round.
GarndellGeneral Chit Chat06-19-2005 at 04:58 PM
RE: Intel Chipsets
Or use a thrid part program like SiSoft Sandra or CPU-Z (http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php) which should tell you what motherboard you have.
GarndellTech Talk06-19-2005 at 04:45 PM
RE: Nintendo Revolution *real*
They call it a "Revolution" yet they themselves have said it'll be a rehash of the SNES, N64 & Gamecube in one machine. Grantyed the SNES was good but the N64 & Gamecube just dropped Nintendo out of the top 2 Console Manufacturers. N64 & Gamecub...
GarndellTech Talk05-24-2005 at 10:53 AM
Cell = Designed for Supercomputers XBOX 360 CPU = Designed for the Macintosh Cell = 8 Threads? XBOX 360 CPU = 6 Threads As things stand the Cell CPU is by far a more capable Gaming System chip. I myself wil be buying a XBOX 360 as and when Halo3 arri...
GarndellTech Talk05-23-2005 at 06:34 AM
RE: Is there a way to delete Windows?
GarndellTech Talk04-23-2005 at 07:17 PM
RE: which linux is best?
It's probably best to start off with Mandrake or K/Ubuntu before attempting to install Gentoo. Compiling Gentoo from scratch can teach you more about Linux than using Mandrake will but you have to know how to install it to get the benefits from it....
GarndellTech Talk04-13-2005 at 05:02 PM
RE: "Is not a valid Win32 application" - What the?
Is the error message relating to the autoexec.nt file by any chance? It occurs on XP SP2 sometimes. http://unodocs.nmsu.edu/RoboDocs/WebHelp/jinitiato r/ji_05.htm
GarndellTech Talk04-10-2005 at 07:58 PM
RE: Windows Security Test
90%, good enough for me.
GarndellTech Talk04-09-2005 at 12:27 AM
RE: Graphic Cards?
GeForce 6800 GT's in SLi configuration produces better results than a X850XT. Here are a few comparisons between ATi & nVidia: [url=http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i =2297]Comparison X700 Pro vs 6600GT (Anandtech)[/url] [url=http://graph...
GarndellTech Talk04-08-2005 at 07:36 PM
RE: Graphic Cards?
Currently the 6600GT is the card to get and is within your price bracket. It also come sin both PCI-E & AGP forms so make sure you get the right one for your system.
GarndellTech Talk04-07-2005 at 11:00 PM
RE: Nintendo 64 Expansion pack
Well as much as I hate Ninty thats a 100% increase in Ram: "There is a trend forming to use a Unified Memory Architecture (UMA) in forthcoming systems. The abortive M2 console also features a UMA. Although the Atari Jaguar was the first console to ...
GarndellTech Talk11-23-2004 at 09:53 PM
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