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RE: Forums Link Bar
Yep, we should be working with WDZ over the next few days to adapt the forum look to the new website. Thanks!
GuidoForum & Website12-09-2007 at 06:44 PM
RE: I can't see the buttons in msn live plus
Wwwwwwwow, ugly :o StyleXP should use the Windows XP uxtheme.dll skinning engine, which should work fine with Plus. Kyaner, any strange DPI settings ("Large fonts", etc.?) set in Windows?
GuidoWLM Plus! Bug Reports12-09-2007 at 06:43 PM
RE: [Request] "Messenger Plus! Live" skin
Wellllll I'd love to! I haven't had much time to dive into the Skinning documentation yet, but, for now, consider this a "yes - I'll give it a try". :)
GuidoSkin Requests12-09-2007 at 06:38 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 4.50 is Live!
Hope you guys like the GUI and the new website :). We'll be making some incremental improvements over the course of the next few days, particularly on the website (and the forums as well, probably!) but we like how it turned out!
GuidoAnnouncements & News12-09-2007 at 08:46 AM
RE: First glimpse of version 4.50
Nope. This is true for most programs, but not for WLM, which is skinned from head to toe. The titlebar buttons that you see in WLM within XP are not drawn by the OS, they are PNG images within the WLM binaries. Same goes for the buttons and almost ev...
GuidoAnnouncements & News11-14-2007 at 10:43 PM
RE: First glimpse of version 4.50
Yeah, I believe the binary files are the same, but WLM detects that you are running Vista with Aero and shows you more Vista-ish window buttons, nothing else. Both button styles are probably within WLM, and shown or not automatically.
GuidoAnnouncements & News11-14-2007 at 07:09 PM
RE: First glimpse of version 4.50
GuidoAnnouncements & News10-29-2007 at 06:02 AM
RE: Shigoto, shigoto, shigoto
Working working working...! :)
GuidoAnnouncements & News10-07-2007 at 09:04 PM
RE: News RSS feed bug !
Should now be fixed. If you notice any problems, just let us know -- and thanks for reporting!
GuidoForum & Website03-06-2007 at 04:35 AM
RE: Did you say Vista? yeah, Vista!!
Great news, and congrats on the stats :)
GuidoAnnouncements & News02-11-2007 at 09:42 AM
RE: MVP Award - Hello Windows Live!
Exactly. An MVP in my eyes as well.
GuidoArchive10-09-2006 at 06:13 PM
RE: MVP Award - Hello Windows Live!
Congratulations Cyril, seriously!!!!!!!!!! :banana:
GuidoArchive10-05-2006 at 03:08 PM
RE: About Windows Live Messenger 8.1
Let me dedicate this to the combination of PHP, Unicode and Internet Explorer :o)
GuidoArchive09-14-2006 at 07:50 PM
RE: Odd/Funny Behaviour
Basically, yep. Don't worry for now, Patchou seems to be changing files on the live site. Thanks as usual for reporting!
GuidoForum & Website08-12-2006 at 10:48 PM
Nickname formatting codes not parsed in Contact information window?
Hi everybody! Shouldn't the name show with the correct color and bold formatting here? [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/attachment.php?pi d=699871[/img]
GuidoWLM Plus! Bug Reports07-21-2006 at 09:14 PM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
/me agrees
GuidoForum & Website07-10-2006 at 06:40 PM
RE: Msgpluslive.net bug/spellingmistakes/typos
IIRC Patchou wants to wait till the translated sites are live, they will have those links automatically (probably for the next release).
GuidoForum & Website06-28-2006 at 03:55 PM
RE: bring back the plus PM notification item?
Yep, I agree
GuidoForum & Website06-28-2006 at 03:54 PM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
Now that I think of it (besides being too much hassle for an old version :P) it might be confusing for old, outdated help to be within the new design of the site... although it would be more coherent. (to have msgpluslive.net/download/old/help/faq/ e...
GuidoForum & Website06-27-2006 at 05:13 PM
RE: bring back the plus PM notification item?
Or perhaps the welcome panel or the PMs line turning red? (color:red; ) I think that's more obvious than a lighted up icon (albeit a bit dramatic for people who don't want to read their PMs, now that I think of it).
GuidoForum & Website06-27-2006 at 05:09 PM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
Just to clarify, I agree with keeping the help pages. I'd say redirecting index.php and download.php to the new website is enough (keeping the rest in a corner of the new server, shouldn't take much visits or load).
GuidoForum & Website06-27-2006 at 12:20 AM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
The thing is, just like MSN Messenger is being phased out by Microsoft (only left for Windows 98, etc.), Messenger Plus! will inevitably be replaced. When MP3 stopped being compatible with old MSN Messenger versions many complained, but eventually th...
GuidoForum & Website06-27-2006 at 12:10 AM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
I agree with this. I'm afraid a banner/splash on msgplus.net asking people to choose between things whose difference they don't necessarily know can confuse many users.
GuidoForum & Website06-26-2006 at 11:43 PM
RE: Msgpluslive.net bug/spellingmistakes/typos
Actually, thanks for that, the "banner" in the filename would cause a lot of problems like that. Renamed them to avoid that.
GuidoForum & Website06-26-2006 at 11:40 PM
RE: Redirect msgplus.net to msgpluslive.net ?
I fully agree. It's very confusing for people to think Plus Live hasn't still be released because the site is still like that (millions of people don't visit these forums and not many notice the small news post saying "Messenger Plus! Live is PUB...
GuidoForum & Website06-26-2006 at 11:19 PM
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