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RE: I'm having some serious problems with this game...
All-in-wonder 128 pro AGP (Microsoft Co.)
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 08:01 PM
RE: I'm having some serious problems with this game...
No :(
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 07:57 PM
RE: I'm having some serious problems with this game...
Oh, hey thanks alot! I just got one more question for you, how do you check how many Mbs you have on your video card?
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 07:48 PM
RE: I'm having some serious problems with this game...
Well, I checked and from what I can see they don't have my problem listed.
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 07:11 PM
RE: I'm having some serious problems with this game...
Well, I checked the official website to check if they have any downloadable patches for this, but I haven't checked the FAQs yet, I think I'll do that now.
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 07:06 PM
I'm having some serious problems with this game...
Ok so I just got a new PC game, Empire Earth II, and for some reason it won't play. I have so far only tried playing "Skirmish" wich is basically practice and campaign is boring so I never tried it. But this is what I get EXCEPTION: ACCESS VIO...
HybridTech Talk01-22-2006 at 07:03 PM
I don't know if this has happened to you...
If you dial "666" on your telephone it just keeps ringing. Anyone know why? it happens to me, so I'm just curious why it does that.
HybridGeneral Chit Chat12-14-2005 at 01:10 AM
RE: DVD Burning
I thought as much. I figured backing up was different though :P
HybridGeneral Chit Chat11-30-2005 at 02:07 AM
RE: DVD Burning
It does, but I think it only works with TV shows I tried countless time to back up a few DVDs but I don't believe it will work.
HybridGeneral Chit Chat11-30-2005 at 02:00 AM
DVD Burning
ok, so I have alot of DVDs. And since I recently got a dog, he's been a little obsessive with my DVD cabinet and I want to back up my DVDs before he can tear them up. Is there any programs I can get to back up my DVDs with my laptop?
HybridGeneral Chit Chat11-30-2005 at 01:50 AM
I need some help with something
You know when you go to google or something and lets say you type in "e" and a list of words you searched under will come down that says "Everything ...
HybridWLM Plus! General11-24-2005 at 09:04 PM
i know this is really stupid
How do you change the type of music? Like, I want to change the type of file from Windows Media Audio/Video playlist to MP3
HybridTech Talk11-06-2005 at 09:40 PM
Hooking up the TV to my laptop
I want to burn TV shows onto a DVD with my laptop using Sonic PrimeTime. But I don't know what I need in order to do that. Also, what type of blank DVDs should I use? Thanks.
HybridTech Talk11-06-2005 at 08:58 PM
Will SideWinder work for GuildWars?
Yeah, i just wanna know if the[url=http://membres.lycos.fr/thekosclan/matos/g amepad.jpg]SideWinder GamePad[/url] will work for Guild Wars?
HybridTech Talk10-20-2005 at 01:51 AM
RE: Determine which is better
Ok, heres the information about the Toshiba and HP. The thing is- I want to play games. Games like: Guild Wars Warcraft(not world of warcraft) Diablo II Sims 2 and maybe even The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But I'm not in that big of a hurry to get ...
HybridTech Talk10-15-2005 at 06:48 AM
Determine which is better
HEWLETT TOSHIBA Product height: 2" 1.2" -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Weight:9.4 |7.3 ----------...
HybridTech Talk10-14-2005 at 04:14 AM
RE: Laptop issue
Hey thanks again Expert.(H)
HybridGeneral Chit Chat10-13-2005 at 01:49 AM
Laptop issue
I'm getting a new laptop soon. A [url=http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId =7335289&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat6440 0050005&id=1122652836448]Toshiba[/url]. And it comes with a ATI MOBILITY RADEON XPRESS 600 SE. I just wanna know if ...
HybridGeneral Chit Chat10-13-2005 at 01:45 AM
Laptop issue
Well, if you know anything about PFD it is arriving this month. I'll get around the 28th, I'm guessing. Anywho, this year I will get about $845.76. And I'm looking for a laptop that can play games, and DVDs.
HybridGeneral Chit Chat10-12-2005 at 03:04 AM
Xbox 360 release?
So, its suppose to be in by November 22nd? Well I live in Alaska. So maybe it comes out at a different time? If anyone knows when it comes out to Alaska, For the love of God tell me.
HybridGeneral Chit Chat10-08-2005 at 07:56 PM
RE: Text Problems
Heh.Thanks. I'm not exactly a computer genius. :P
HybridTech Talk08-20-2005 at 08:44 AM
Text Problems
For like a few months (maybe 4?) I have been having an issue with my text on internet explorer. It is abnomarly small. I need some help resetting back to regular size :D Heh, I tried look under Internet options. Maybe I'm blind but I coulden't find...
HybridTech Talk08-20-2005 at 08:42 AM
RE: What Your Most Played song?
Please, I know this by heart. Slipknot- (sic) Korn- Alive Slipknot- Welcome
HybridGeneral Chit Chat06-12-2005 at 07:59 PM
RE: Download Festival Meet up
I nearly did a back flip when I saw [b][color=blue]Slipknot[/color][/b] :grin:
HybridGeneral Chit Chat06-12-2005 at 08:13 AM
RE: A FF7 remake for PS3?
I think its a great idea to bring Final Fantasy 7 to the PSP. New & improved
HybridGeneral Chit Chat06-12-2005 at 07:41 AM
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