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RE: Bezier curve formula in C++
but he has a cubic formula in terms of t, but he equals it to "ans" which is undefined, so he can't solve anything :P Anyway, cubic equations do have a formula to find their roots, however it's quite complex (it uses several square and cubic roo...
CholiTech Talk03-26-2008 at 11:19 PM
RE: Bezier curve formula in C++
I think he wants to output the result of that expression after simplifying it using symbolic calculus. That can't be done automatically in C++ (you can do it in Maple, Mathematica or Matlab). So what you have to do is: simplify it by hand, using v1,...
CholiTech Talk03-26-2008 at 10:42 PM
RE: Missing Blank Space in spanish installation
CholiTranslation03-26-2008 at 10:29 PM
RE: Missing Blank Space in spanish installation
Thanks for the report, but as MenthiX said, it's a problem with Windows displaying the text. If you look at the translation file, you'll notice that it's written correctly: [code]LblInstallNote=Nota: Messenger Plus! Live se integra en Windows Live...
CholiTranslation03-26-2008 at 09:23 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60 is out
I've always thought that those reports where useless, as nobody would read or care about them and even less take any action to fix the problem... but it seems I was wrong. I'll send them from now on.
CholiAnnouncements & News03-19-2008 at 09:56 PM
RE: Translations needed
first time i read it, it took me a while until i understood that word (aduanales)... it isn't a common word in spain... we would have used "de aduana" instead :)
CholiGeneral Chit Chat03-08-2008 at 01:03 AM
RE: Translations needed
yeah, sure (Y).
CholiGeneral Chit Chat03-08-2008 at 12:42 AM
RE: Editing Scripts
so we don't have to do ourselves in our end :refuck: :P nah, j/k ;)
Choli03-05-2008 at 10:19 PM
RE: Editing Scripts
come on, Patchy :P it took you longer to write that post than changing what we request :P also another script can not launch an external editor when the user clicks the "Edit" button, can it?
Choli03-05-2008 at 08:58 PM
RE: Editing Scripts
It's a good idea, but there should be a way (an easy way, not just changing again the registry) to open de default Plus editor because it's the only place where you can get the documentation from. However, the "Download documentation" link (or bu...
Choli03-04-2008 at 11:11 PM
RE: [Scripts] UploadFileFTP suggestion
it's software engineering :) :P less used parameters should go at the end: When you use UploadFileFTP, what is going to be more frequent? Changing the default port, or selecting passive/not-passive mode? Of course the second, so if the function sta...
Choli03-02-2008 at 09:55 PM
RE: Beware of scammers
it is signed, and that's what matters... Patchou can't do anything else regarding the installer.
CholiAnnouncements & News02-27-2008 at 10:49 AM
RE: [Suggestion] Import Skin dialog wording
(Y) yep, change it back to the previous string
Choli02-27-2008 at 12:01 AM
RE: Beware of scammers
What about Internet Explorer 7 "anti-phising" technology or whatever that's called? How does that work? Couldn't those stupid sited be submitted to the bad-sites data base of Microsoft or something?
CholiAnnouncements & News02-24-2008 at 10:28 PM
Documentation bugs
As Patchou is modifying a lot the documentation, I think we can post in this thread bugs, mistakes or missing pages in the docs, can't we? For example (this is an example but [u]also[/u] a real issue): In the scripts documentation, in the page displ...
Choli02-24-2008 at 02:55 PM
[Scripts] UploadFileFTP suggestion
Currently, UploadFileFTP is this: [code][boolean] UploadFileFTP( [string] SourceFile, [string] Server, [string] User, [string] Password, [string] Destination, [number,optional] Port, [boolean,optional] PassiveMode );[/cod...
Choli02-24-2008 at 01:51 PM
RE: This is just WRONG
No, we are not the ones who have to do that. We tell Patchou and he decides what to do. We can't (and shouldn't) do anything else. :)
CholiWLM Plus! General02-18-2008 at 10:08 PM
RE: This is just WRONG
CholiWLM Plus! General02-18-2008 at 08:46 PM
RE: Web site translation
:banana: Happy Valentine's Day (L) :P
CholiAnnouncements & News02-14-2008 at 08:48 PM
RE: All Amazon'd out! :D What did you guys get with your rewards?
mmm... yes i did, but not for being a betatester but for translating... i'm reading the thread again and paying attention to who posted and now i think this thread is about the prizes Patchou sent to betatesters, isn't it? :P
Choli02-02-2008 at 04:36 PM
RE: All Amazon'd out! :D What did you guys get with your rewards?
if you were a woman... :P
Choli02-01-2008 at 11:14 PM
RE: All Amazon'd out! :D What did you guys get with your rewards?
Just one hour ago, I used muy gift certificate in Thinkgeek and bought a [url=http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/blankets/ 574a/]/dev/blanket[/url], a red-led [url=http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/electronic/7 c60/]Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II[/url], ...
Choli02-01-2008 at 08:56 PM
CholiTranslation01-08-2008 at 10:18 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 4.50 is Live!
omg! so true: [img]http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/2909/dibuj ool0.png[/img] but, how did you notice that? :P
CholiAnnouncements & News12-09-2007 at 01:40 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 4.50 is Live!
very well done, Patchou! :) Thanks for all ;) also in the spanish forums :refuck:? (A) :P
CholiAnnouncements & News12-09-2007 at 12:06 PM
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