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RE: Mac Users ?
hello :p
ShawnZWLM Plus! General09-15-2010 at 09:10 AM
RE: Remove secure partition on pen drive
disk management doesn't let you mess around with the partitions on usb drives for whatever reason, but diskpart.exe does (but it's command-line only.) to start it, go to start and search "diskpart". once it finishes loading and the prompt ("DISK...
ShawnZTech Talk09-15-2010 at 08:49 AM
RE: eStores? (Domain registering solved)
you actually use mail.google.com/a/[yourdomain] to access email from google apps (or mail.yourdomain if you set up the proper CNAME records), not gmail (google apps user accounts are not google accounts) -- so everything in the UI is pretty much cus...
ShawnZTech Talk09-13-2010 at 11:35 PM
RE: Fan Expo 2010
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat08-31-2010 at 02:52 AM
RE: Fan Expo 2010
..then who is this asian kid we're eating with?
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat08-28-2010 at 11:10 PM
RE: Fan Expo/Community Meeting
kotjze's name is Cindie. wacky's name is Kotjze.
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat08-01-2010 at 06:39 PM
RE: Server not found
and if you don't like opendns, you can use google's dns servers (, :p
ShawnZForum & Website04-08-2010 at 01:39 AM
RE: ISO Image
use imgburn
ShawnZTech Talk04-06-2010 at 03:47 AM
RE: April Desktops
[url=http://i.imgur.com/qrJQJ.jpg][img]http://i.im gur.com/qrJQJl.jpg[/img][/url]
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat04-05-2010 at 07:18 AM
RE: Delicious hot drinks?
not very often.... why would i when there's tea? :p
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat02-25-2010 at 03:07 AM
RE: Delicious hot drinks?
i only drink tea and, on occasion, dr. pepper, and i'm not dead yet :p
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat02-20-2010 at 03:02 AM
RE: An open letter to Yuna Software
oh man -- how am I going to live now that plus is mostly owned by an advertising company?! oh wait, it has been for years. you act like nobody saw this coming. besides, do you *really* need shit like coloured names and emoticon sounds? plus was origi...
ShawnZWLM Plus! General02-19-2010 at 02:47 AM
RE: Delicious hot drinks?
i'd recommend tea, but why not just get a water cooler?
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat02-15-2010 at 02:28 PM
RE: Minimum bandwidth
use bitlbee: http://www.bitlbee.org
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger02-06-2010 at 10:47 AM
RE: share your tiny windows helper apps
skypecallbutton: http://messengergeek.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!E378 5B1281BBDA1!2709.entry
ShawnZTech Talk01-24-2010 at 02:33 AM
RE: What code editor do you use??
visual studio, of course <3 VS and visual web developer express do this! :p
ShawnZTech Talk01-20-2010 at 03:32 AM
RE: Google Chrome OS
actually, windows NT is very portable, they just haven't compiled windows for any platform other than x86 and IA64 :p in fact, windows NT was originally developed/tested on RISC and then released on x86, just so they could be sure no x86-specific c...
ShawnZTech Talk12-20-2009 at 03:36 PM
RE: New PC
oops, didn't see that :<
ShawnZTech Talk12-20-2009 at 03:29 PM
RE: New PC
the i7's DDR3 memory controller is triple channel. the number of RAM modules you have installed should always be a multiple of 3.
ShawnZTech Talk12-20-2009 at 02:34 AM
RE: I will pay $1000 if you can make messenger stop BLINKING
i wouldn't make offers like that, the script is going to be about 10 lines long :p
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help12-17-2009 at 12:07 AM
RE: utorrent speeds on my vista
try this: http://broadband.mpi-sws.org/transparency/bttest-m lab.php [quote=jackieboi99]and 68 seeds just under 'DHT'[/quote]
ShawnZTech Talk12-08-2009 at 12:27 PM
RE: LCD Monitor
yes, the S2409W is very nice. it's a TN panel, so you get the regular viewing angle/colour reproduction/etc issues that TN technology implies, but as far as build quality goes, it's been fine -- no dead pixels, etc. i've had mine since January, a...
ShawnZTech Talk12-02-2009 at 01:53 AM
RE: Avoid the new Live 2009 (version 14)??
um.... wilfully running exploitable software is an admission that *you* don't know how to take care of *your* computer. i'd prefer crappy performance to my contacts being able to run arbitrary code on my machine.
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger11-08-2009 at 05:09 AM
RE: Avoid the new Live 2009 (version 14)??
what's wrong with pink?!
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger11-08-2009 at 04:25 AM
RE: NO send button????????
and, those times, you can deal with moving your finger 10cm to the enter key :<
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger11-01-2009 at 11:39 PM
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