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RE: A bittorent client
Shareaza. Its a Gnutella 1 and 2 client, as well as an Edonkey 2000 client, and a download accelerator, and a bittorrent client. www.shareaza.com
ShawnZTech Talk03-31-2005 at 07:32 AM
RE: Computer Problem
NEVER trust any popup like that, unless its a REAL dialog and not just a big image filling in a javascript popup window. If it seems like just a still image, and you can click it everywhere, AD. Also, never trust that shit unless its clearly from mic...
ShawnZTech Talk03-31-2005 at 07:31 AM
RE: Computer Problem
:dodgy: wow. just for the record, that was a big fat AD. NEVER click stuff like that.
ShawnZTech Talk03-31-2005 at 07:24 AM
Virtual Keyboard
When i saw this... i wasn't exactly sure if it was real or not :P http://www.cnet.com/4520-7379_1-5886454-1.html?tag =cnetfd.ge
ShawnZTech Talk03-28-2005 at 07:41 PM
RE: I bought a monitor
Alot? LCDs need bulbs cause thier like gameboys. (infact they are used in gameboys:P) They can't actually illuminate the pixels, they just color them. So thier needs to be a backlight to illuminate the screen. (btw all computer LCD monitors contain ...
ShawnZTech Talk03-28-2005 at 07:13 PM
RE: Pimp My Tank
Pimp my Spam-mobile
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat03-27-2005 at 09:35 PM
RE: Two Messenger Plus!
3.50 installs into a different directory then 3.25 does. delete the folder WITHOUT the space in it.
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help03-27-2005 at 03:06 PM
RE: Really low
we could stop posting for a couple mins untill they go away :P
ShawnZForum & Website03-26-2005 at 05:17 AM
RE: Really low
Nope: theres still like 150 guests. WDZ is really trying to calm down the load though [b]EDIT:[/b] rofl they broke the record! Total Users Online: 127 | Members Online: 22 | Invisible Users: 3 | Guests Online: 102 | Most Ever Online: [b]916[/b] on Ye...
ShawnZForum & Website03-26-2005 at 05:13 AM
RE: Really low
A bunch of people were hacked, and the hacker made them all start requesting random stuff from the server untill it died, basicily
ShawnZForum & Website03-26-2005 at 05:05 AM
Really low
[list]I heard someone tried to DDOS the forums as well as www.mess.be If you did, this is really low. Great, it was a irrtating waste of time. We don't really care. If you think you 'got one on us' or whatever, please leave. You irritated us for f...
ShawnZForum & Website03-26-2005 at 04:57 AM
RE: Patches Guide to Crack Protection
:O thats a good idea for seeing/ talking to people who hacked you! Too bad you can get them off your account :P
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger03-25-2005 at 10:52 AM
RE: Gmail Notifation
Cause it sucks and the toast is ugly, basicily
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help03-18-2005 at 02:28 AM
RE: Offical 3.50 Torrent
That's just because you have a slow internet connection. On Bittorrent i get like 80kb/s, but on `uber fast' microsoft servers, i can get my entire downstream bandwidth (nearly) at around 2~3mb/s.
ShawnZWLM Plus! General03-18-2005 at 12:26 AM
RE: Decompile dll
Its impossible to find the source code of a compiled program, but you can disassemble it, just google it
ShawnZTech Talk03-17-2005 at 06:06 AM
RE: mystery song
i know it but i forget who made it... its making my head itch!
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat03-17-2005 at 06:04 AM
RE: What's your broadband conection at?
[url=http://www3.bell.ca/shop/internet.portal]ADSL SYMPATICO HSE (CANADA)[/url][list][*]3MBPS (Defined) DOWN - 2~4MBPS (Tested) DOWN[*]0.8MBPS (Defined) UP - 600~800KBPS (Tested) UP[*]No bandwidth or download caps[/list]
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat03-15-2005 at 10:10 PM
RE: Virus on MSN
When you click the link, it has to download first does it not? Unless ie thinks its a link and opens it automaticcily, you should be fine. Theres no possible way there can be code on a webpage thats executed unless its an activex object (and bropia i...
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger03-08-2005 at 09:52 PM
RE: Convert DVD files to .mpeg or .avi
Actually, you can just put the disk in, open DVD Shrink, click backup, and it does it all automaticily:)
ShawnZTech Talk03-08-2005 at 03:13 AM
RE: Do heaven and hell exist?
Theres more evidence pointing to the fact that they don't exist, and besides the point, there are so many religions that there is a slim to none chance of this spesific part of it being true. I don't beleave in this, or anything written in the bibl...
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat03-07-2005 at 02:14 AM
RE: Do you believe in ghosts
heh we are doing a debate about this in school :P
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat03-06-2005 at 03:18 AM
RE: Microsoft AntiSpyware
Its based upon GIANT AntiSpyware, and its basiccily exactly the same. Infact, there are still GIANT libraries in the program folder :O Well, did you install the sponser first, then just attempt to reinstall plus without the sponser? Make sure you un...
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help03-04-2005 at 10:57 PM
RE: None of my contacts can see me typing?!!?
I think the error that is happening here is that they cant see his messanges, not that they cant see when hes typing Try changing your current font to MS Sans Serif, Arial, or Tahoma and see if it resolves the issue.
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger03-04-2005 at 10:43 PM
RE: None of my contacts can see me typing?!!?
Sounds like a firewall problem. Do you have any firewalls or routers?
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger03-04-2005 at 03:35 AM
RE: Close Javascript Window
you need to open the window into a varible like so: uploadWindow = window.open( parameters ) then, use this to close the window: window.close(uploadWindow) im a little rusty with js, so im not sure if that exact script works...
ShawnZTech Talk03-04-2005 at 03:30 AM
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