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RE: Your favourite expression
Get fuc*ed
-Bogan-General Chit Chat03-26-2006 at 05:01 AM
RE: The O.C
-Bogan-General Chit Chat03-23-2006 at 08:47 AM
RE: .avi files
you could try AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner v4.81 by [url]http://www.boilsoft.com/[/url] I used it a couple of times
-Bogan-Tech Talk03-13-2006 at 07:33 AM
RE: Prison Break
I have to agree this show is shocking for all you in australia did u ever watch the TV show OZ that used to be on that was a good prison show. This one is just shocking especially the pedo guy he's not very good at acting the part just doesn't have...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat03-10-2006 at 06:32 AM
RE: Your favourite website
[url]digg.com[/url] is one of my faves along with [url]http://del.icio.us[/url] and a great site for all the newbs to go to is <removed>
-Bogan-General Chit Chat02-21-2006 at 12:11 PM
Help converting/playing file
Does anyone now a way to a)play .ram files in quicktime or b) convert .ram files to mpeg Any help would be great especially if the programs needed are free.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat02-14-2006 at 09:49 AM
RE: planet earth infos
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth and this info Birth of the Earth Initially, scientists thought that the Earth was formed by a gentle 'rain' of dust and small particles slowly accumulating on the then small Earth's surface. And after a while...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat02-02-2006 at 09:39 AM
RE: Does your eyes cheat you?
thats weird but cool...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-16-2005 at 08:36 AM
RE: Boss'n Up with Snoop?
True to that beastie boys, run dmc, grand matser flash and of course the legends them selves the sugarhill gang.... I don't really listen to gangster rap but everyone in the hip hop clubs want to hear that so U kinda have to listen to it. But there...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-12-2005 at 05:52 AM
RE: Boss'n Up with Snoop?
I'm not acting like an african american would you rather I had put it like this: Screw you all snoop is great . Stop paying out hip-hop do anyone like Linkin Park that style of music was developed by the beastie boys who are Hip-hop then Linkin park...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-12-2005 at 04:56 AM
RE: Boss'n Up with Snoop?
Here's some more info: [url]http://www.killermovies.com/b/bossnup/article s/4772.html[/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-12-2005 at 04:04 AM
RE: Boss'n Up with Snoop?
Screw y'all snoop is dope as. Stop hating on hip-hop do anyone like Linkin Park that style of music was developed by the beastie boys who are Hip-hop then Linkin park made it a bit heavier. Were would we be without our snoop dogg's, DRE,ICE cube be...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-12-2005 at 02:58 AM
RE: "Greatest Songs Ever Written Decided"
It is not possible to have a list of songs that are the greatest of all time because the list would be to long you have to cover al genres so pick a set number of great songs from each genre and compile your list from that.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-12-2005 at 02:45 AM
RE: Your First MSN Messenger Nickname
Mine would have to be either -Bogan- + "My current Playing song" or random Lyrics
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-09-2005 at 06:30 AM
RE: Google Print (The online library book thing)
This is the best know I don't even have to go to a library any more.... This going to be great for comprehension work in english. [color=steelblue]YAY[/color]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat11-05-2005 at 07:29 AM
RE: unsecure camara's
This is so old I remember we where looking at this like 6 months ago... Actually it was u -DT- who showed me.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-26-2005 at 08:29 AM
RE: What the hell is it?
Thanx anubis but it doesn't tell you the recipe for it....
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-26-2005 at 08:26 AM
What the hell is it?
After listening to the beastie boys song "Brass Monkey" in which they sing about a drink called Brass Monkey I wanted to Know- Has anyone heard of it? If so have you tried? Were can u get it from? Any help would be good.... BTW anyone tried absint...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-26-2005 at 08:02 AM
RE: Funny Google
ROFL that is funny as good work. The breast of britney is definitely pleasant BTW if you say Britney's [u]Mum[/u] in english spelling it comes up with momia of the britney is pleasant
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-19-2005 at 12:03 PM
RE: New Mastercard Commercial (Joke)
Yeah we show all the visitors we got the bigger balls..... If you a visitor in adelaide and u meeting someone in the city just say you meet them at the big balls.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-19-2005 at 10:50 AM
Do u like this song???
This is a new s ong released by an australian artist. I Like it but I just want to know what everyone else thinks of it you can listen to a free copy of it [url=http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/listen/pegz/bac k_then.mp3]Here[/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-19-2005 at 10:47 AM
RE: New Mastercard Commercial (Joke)
What a man he must have balls like the ones we have down here in rundle mall,adelaide. [img]http://users.tpg.com.au/adsldvb9/blog/snap/20[/img]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-19-2005 at 10:17 AM
RE: What programs do you install on your machine?
Firewall/anti-virus: Zonelabs os: windows xp music- player: winmx Video-- Viewer of dowloads-VLC DVD's- Power DVD messenger-- msn messenger internet- firefox Cd ripping- DVD Ripper- DVD2SVCD cd- Clone Cd things that dont really fit anywhere else: ir...
-Bogan-Tech Talk10-19-2005 at 09:59 AM
RE: Web Browsers
WTF everyone is allowed an opinion especially when there right...... There have been so many polls/threads about what browser we all use why not just read previous threads. BTW I use firefox 1.6a /me runs away in anger....
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-19-2005 at 09:45 AM
RE: 2nd anniversary! - WDZ's fan club!!
Love the pixelation it makes me feel all hot and steamy
-Bogan-General Chit Chat10-17-2005 at 10:58 AM
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