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RE: info on hard drive
You fellas that know more than me correct me if I'm wrong but I think you should make sure you have the small hard drive as your slave not as your master.
-Bogan-Tech Talk05-12-2005 at 06:07 AM
RE: who can recomend some good picture web site?
I'm not saying u can't make a good avatar but u can't have great effect and use good brushes to create great effects. BTW do u know any good game render sites other than [url]www.gamerenders.com[/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-12-2005 at 06:01 AM
RE: Who here plays NeoPets :cheesy:?
despite all said I'm gunna try out this Neopets thang u all seem to enjoy.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-12-2005 at 05:47 AM
RE: who can recomend some good picture web site?
Oh man u may have made one in MS Paint but that doesn't mean it was anygood. I would say 98%(pulled figure out of thin air) avatars/sigs are not made in MS paint. Not saying u can't make a good avatar in Paint but u will be able tell the diffrence...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-12-2005 at 05:41 AM
RE: who can recomend some good picture web site?
do u want Alien2046 somewhere on the avatar.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 02:24 PM
RE: who can recomend some good picture web site?
/me can make one like his if u want. maybe I make u a S.O.A.D r Korn one.U like?
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 02:20 PM
RE: who can recomend some good picture web site?
u could either take a big pic and shrink it or u culd try and find some small pics. BTW what sort of pics eg.cars,chicks,funny,tv/movies.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 02:18 PM
RE: which one looks better?
woot neither but if I had to pick I would go with the black one.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 01:57 PM
RE: Who here plays NeoPets :cheesy:?
youv'e uncovered my secret /me runs to play with calvin and his barbie
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 12:05 PM
RE: Who here plays NeoPets :cheesy:?
If I did play with barbies I would tell youse if you asked but the fact is I don't and neva have but I bet Calvin still plays with his barbie and ken set that he got for his bday.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 11:37 AM
RE: Who here plays NeoPets :cheesy:?
so if I found playing with barbies fun I could play with them and you wouldn't poke fun at me.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 08:47 AM
RE: Who here plays NeoPets :cheesy:?
neo pets is like sooooooooo 4 years ago but it was fair good back then when I was 12 but anyone over the age of 14 shouldn't be playing it.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 07:34 AM
RE: software for playing dvds
Same here Power dvd is great because it's so easy to use and was free. Also I love the whole capture frame thang it's so much better than taking a screen shot.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-09-2005 at 07:21 AM
RE: New System of a Down album (Y) or (N)
Can't wait until new Album comes out. At Big Day Out In Australia they played Cigaro but nobody new the words I was getting some really weird looks from all these other System fans who hadn't heard it.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-05-2005 at 05:38 AM
RE: Opinions needed ( what do u think of arabs )
I'm good freinds with an arab but he's not a muslim and he's a great fella. Yeah your so right about the whole generalisation thang but it's all got to do with the media all they show is the terrorist bombings and that making the general public...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-02-2005 at 08:31 AM
What browser do you use?
I believe firefox owns but just wanna know what all the rest of you use. [img]http://www.spreadfirefox.com/galleries/23a53e 961584169a87bfe0b94f2c0278-14160.jpg[/img]
-Bogan-Poll Center05-02-2005 at 08:23 AM
RE: Go The Blues!
Carn you Crows, go the Adelaide Crows man they own the Blues man.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-01-2005 at 06:11 AM
RE: Yahoo! email increasing storage
I reckon Gmail will always stay ahead in storage. Google is taking over the world.
-Bogan-Tech Talk05-01-2005 at 05:47 AM
RE: recommend a couple of good music albums.
These albums are all fair good check out: Realizm-Conceiving Art EP Hilltop Hoods-Matter of time Hilltop Hoods-The Calling Bliss N Esso-Flowers in the pavement Korn-Issues Beastie Boys-Hello Nasty Beastie Boys-To the 5 Boroughs Good singles are: Suga...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat05-01-2005 at 03:58 AM
Which Sig is better?
[img]http://darkt.everywebhost.com/ash/image.php/b ogan/sig.jpg[/img] or [img]http://darkt.everywebhost.com/ash/image.php/b ogan/sig2.jpg[/img] or [img]http://darkt.everywebhost.com/ash/image.php/b ogan/sig3.jpg[/img]
-Bogan-Poll Center04-24-2005 at 04:33 AM
RE: Save toby..
Good on him I say praying on the stupid and kindhearted. I meen whats the diffrence between eating the rabbit raw or cooked if the owner wants to eat it raw then let him, there is no animal cruelty here the rabbit will be dead anyway what's the bi...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat04-22-2005 at 02:32 AM
RE: how to make a coin ring
nah man thats stupid what everyone really wants is how to make a ducktape wallet. [url]http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/howto/ [/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat04-22-2005 at 02:20 AM
RE: do you like this?
I like the old one better, I like the old text better.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat04-22-2005 at 01:39 AM
RE: Netbux
Different I might just check this out
-Bogan-General Chit Chat04-20-2005 at 10:40 AM
RE: Fractured anything before?
I've broken my -leg -arm -toe -finger's -thumb but thats about it.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat04-20-2005 at 10:38 AM
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