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Hiya everyone i got win xp but when something went wrong with it i installed another one but now when i boot my pc it has two xps y is this and how can i delete 1 of them thanks in adave (i no uull help me cos everyones kool:) )
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 08:57 PM
RE: Windows xp
oh ok lol could u tell me how to tweak the registry so that someone on a different account couldnt remove my pass. im curious :>:>:>
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 05:41 PM
RE: Windows xp
oh well :'( ill delete this post then eh
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 05:05 PM
Windows xp
right i have windows xp and im computer administrator and theres another account which is also compiuter administrator on the other account i can remove MY password from the other account how can i stop this apart from making her a limited user. is ...
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 04:50 PM
RE: phones
really i want the best its for my dad u see and all he likes is the best lol
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 04:52 PM
RE: phones
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 04:46 PM
im getting a new phone but i dont no which is a better one could you help me please.
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 04:37 PM

im getting a new phone but i dont no which is a better one could you help me please.
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 04:35 PM
RE: Sony Ericsson Z600 help
oh i thought like on a pc u can decode it in someway well i thought wrong oh well
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 02:58 PM
RE: Sony Ericsson Z600 help
ive checked mamual and i no my phone by the back of my hand but im really confused
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 02:56 PM
Sony Ericsson Z600 help
hi i have a sony erricson z600 and im having problems. is thewre away to deocode a phone so that when i close the phone (as in shut it its a Flip phone) when i shut my phonne if im on a game it closes how can i stop it.
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-22-2005 at 02:32 PM
RE: web messenger
erm to:traxor do u need to install msn live cos we dont have priveligis i dont tthink
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-19-2005 at 06:53 AM
web messenger
hiya everyone. at school they block web messnger by keywords like messenger is there away of getting msn (web) on without messenger or msn in the address
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-19-2005 at 06:35 AM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
ok tanxs
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 06:12 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
we do
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:43 PM
RE: i have a problem with my router...
yer is like to no to
NathanTech Talk05-18-2005 at 05:38 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
write i cant see my own winks when i send them but my mate cant my mate can see her own winks but i cant see them
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:37 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
no i cant see hers either so y is there a problems with my contacts pc
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:33 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
no i can see my own but my contact cant see mine i cant see her wink but the contact can
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:29 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
no y
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:15 PM
RE: MSN 7 winks error
nope and we have the latest and theyve stoped workin since yesterday
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:10 PM
MSN 7 winks error
on msn windows the winks arnt showing them to ur mate so if i sent one they wouldnt see it if they sent one to u u canrt see it either its either my msn or everyones y is it though
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-18-2005 at 05:05 PM
RE: i have a problem with my router...
im on a router and it dsays my internet speed it 400 mbps but its only a 1mbps its wot ur network card can take
NathanTech Talk05-18-2005 at 04:57 PM
RE: An idea, wondering is a plug-in is possible for this.
do u mean all at once (hide them) or close them cos theres a plugin were the box shuts after 30 seconds
NathanPlug-Ins05-18-2005 at 05:52 AM
RE: Feature - I would like to see!!! - More than any of you...
heres a good one[url=http://www.logmein.com]Computer acess[/url]
NathanWLM Plus! General05-17-2005 at 05:10 PM
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