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RE: MsgPlus! IRC
The server is having some problems again. It's probably going to be fixed soon. Feel free to connect to [b]#banana[/b], EFnet.
mezzanineForum & Website12-18-2005 at 04:48 PM
RE: Help me!the Messenger Plus 11 got problem
[b]Win32/Mytob.NP worm[/b] Do not click that link. And shierly_99, I suggest you do a full system scan for viruses and malware. Never install Messenger Plus! from any other sites than www.msgplus.net and the official mirror at Simtel.
mezzanineWLM Plus! Help12-18-2005 at 10:08 AM
RE: MsgPlus! IRC
/server -m irc.efnet.net 6667 -j #banana
mezzanineForum & Website12-18-2005 at 09:13 AM
RE: if you could live anywhere you want where would it be?
Why would you like to live in Romania? I live there (Bucharest), and everyone seems to dislike this country... :^) - Anyway, i'd love to live in the Nederlands, with Pim (*wink*wink* <3 :D), or Canada.
mezzanineGeneral Chit Chat09-05-2005 at 09:53 PM
RE: how can you make a java app
Huh? If you make a Java app (God help you), you can decide whether you want it to be free, or run as a 30 day (or any other time period) trial. Google for 'software licenses' for more information.
mezzanineTech Talk08-23-2005 at 05:02 PM
RE: Windows xp programs...
You didn't say what kind(s) of programs you'd like to install. As a visual artist, i would install graphics and media editing software. Please be more specific when asking such information. A plain user shouldn't need more than Firefox, NOd32, Syg...
mezzanineTech Talk08-23-2005 at 04:49 PM
RE: sound server going a little bonkers
Please see [b][url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php ?tid=44985]Personal sound problem[/url][/b] and [b][url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php ?tid=43902&pid=452093#pid452093]Custom sound feature error report thread[/url][/b].
mezzanineWLM Plus! Bug Reports07-14-2005 at 01:31 AM
RE: Where's the old feature: block a whole group
Open a conversation window and type [b]/blockgrp <name of group>[/b]
mezzanineWLM Plus! Help07-13-2005 at 04:33 AM
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