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Best IM for iPhone/iPod
I've been using eBuddy for a while, but I hate when I swap apps and when I go back to eBuddy I'm signed off. I'm trying to find the best app with WLM and Google Talk that won't sign off (so often, at least). Do you have recommendations?
ChancerTech Talk06-30-2011 at 06:43 PM
RE: C# anyone?
Interesting. Actually, since it's the first time I'm using an object-oriented language (I've "used" Python once, but I don't think that counts), this things of classes, methods, events, they are still a bit messed in my head. I'm not really wo...
ChancerTech Talk06-28-2011 at 07:18 PM
RE: C# anyone?
Very interesting. I'll try that later. Thanks.
ChancerTech Talk06-25-2011 at 04:39 PM
C# anyone?
I'm starting to learn C# (by my own, so far, with a teacher soon). I'd like to create a linked list able to store 2 variables. I'm working with TCP connections, and one of these variables is obviously the client socket, which is the only one I'm ...
ChancerTech Talk06-25-2011 at 01:32 AM
RE: Unblocking contacts
What if I don't remember their emails?
ChancerSkype & Live Messenger05-24-2011 at 09:15 PM
Unblocking contacts
Until WLM 2009, there was a list of blocked/allowed contacts somewhere in Tool > Options. With 2011, this is gone (or seems to be). The question is, how do I unblock a contact I no longer have in my contact list?
ChancerSkype & Live Messenger05-24-2011 at 07:44 PM
RE: Copying part of a string
Damn... sscanf is not working as I imagined. I can get the command string, but only the first word of the parameter, if it has spaces. I also tried [code]sprintf (msg, "%s", &buffer[5]);[/code] but it also has problems with the \0 Ideas?
ChancerTech Talk05-15-2011 at 05:10 PM
RE: Speaker Enhancements - Shortcut to Enable/Disable quickly?
Perhaps there's a command line to change that or a registry entry...
ChancerTech Talk05-14-2011 at 10:09 PM
Copying part of a string
I'm making a (rudimentary) chat system at college (server + client), and it works like this: The user (using the client app) sends a string in the format COMMAND:text, ie, "USER:Chancer" changes my name to Chancer. The problem is, it's one single...
ChancerTech Talk05-14-2011 at 08:46 PM
RE: Samsung LCD TV board
Oh, my bad, I couldn't see the blown capacitor. (A little hard to see on the pic though :P) Well, that's easy then, just read it's specs, and replace with another with exaclty the same specs. And one last thing: it blew up for a reason, and if tha...
ChancerTech Talk05-06-2011 at 12:08 AM
RE: Samsung LCD TV board
It's hard to tell where is the problem just looking. It could be one or more capacitores, or transistors, power regulators, transformers, ICs, so many things... You could search on google for people with similar problems and how they solved them. If...
ChancerTech Talk05-05-2011 at 07:12 PM
RE: I need a new router
I wish I could find a good laser printer with Ethernet at 90 bucks in Brazil. Maybe in my dreams... (WTF? No nerd dreams here, ok?)
ChancerTech Talk05-03-2011 at 09:13 PM
RE: I need a new router
Printer server inside the router? That is awesome. Too bad I don't need a new router ATM :(
ChancerTech Talk05-03-2011 at 01:42 AM
RE: Messenger 2011 photosharing not working
If you think space is the problem, free some space and try again. Or try reinstalling WLM.
ChancerSkype & Live Messenger05-02-2011 at 12:15 AM
RE: I need a new router
I have a Netgear that was pretty good in the beginning, but after a few months, the wireless connection started to "break" suddenly. You could see the SSID on the list, the signal was strong, but you could not connect, unless you reset it. It's in...
ChancerTech Talk04-30-2011 at 12:59 AM
RE: Messenger Plus in portuguese ( Brazil ) language
Cookie, I see your point. The thing is that we've been living very far from Portugal for over 500 year, and our cultural development took very distinct paths. I understand that it was easier for German, French, Dutch, etc to unify the language becau...
ChancerTranslation04-21-2011 at 01:59 PM
RE: plus5 setup error
Uninstall MP!, try to install it [b]in English[/b]. After installed, change the language to Chinese.
ChancerWLM Plus! Bug Reports04-21-2011 at 03:34 AM
RE: Messenger Plus in portuguese ( Brazil ) language
Yes, I fully agree with Chrono. If you want to have a better idea about the difference, just check most of "big" pieces of software, like OS, office tools (MS Office, OpenOffice, etc), even on WLM... widely-spread software. What they have in common...
ChancerTranslation04-21-2011 at 03:31 AM
RE: Messenger Plus in portuguese ( Brazil ) language
Actually, the lexical choice used on each country is still very different from each other, what makes that agreement sort of useless. Any speaker is able to distinguish the European and Brazilian with ease, and it can be fairly complicated to unders...
ChancerTranslation04-20-2011 at 05:33 PM
RE: Bugs when locking
Just a quick update on the magnifier icon: I've just reformatted my PC with Windows 7 Pro x64, installed the latest WLM 2011 and the latest MP!. That bug is still occurring. Actually, I realized that most of the times the icon is not collapsed, is w...
ChancerWLM Plus! Bug Reports04-10-2011 at 03:37 PM
RE: 16GB memory stick on XP...
It usually happens to me when I remove my stick without ejecting it before. Windows 7 just want to make sure none of your data was damaged after a "not proper" removal.
ChancerTech Talk03-30-2011 at 12:48 AM
RE: Bugs when locking
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit WLM 14.0.8118.416
ChancerWLM Plus! Bug Reports03-28-2011 at 09:59 PM
Bugs when locking
Plus! 5.01.760 WLM 2009 When I lock Messenger, some things happen: On the convo windows, there's a line right above the writing box, usually stating when the last message was received, or if the contact has changed his name, or status, etc. After un...
ChancerWLM Plus! Bug Reports03-28-2011 at 03:01 AM
RE: I'm safe!
Thanks! HAHAHAHAHA :zippy:
ChancerGeneral Chit Chat02-24-2011 at 08:05 PM
I'm safe!
I was in Christchurch, NZ until few hours ago. I was hit by a (quite big) brick during the earthquake. Now I'm safe in Auckland again. Not that anyone cares...
ChancerGeneral Chit Chat02-24-2011 at 09:16 AM
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