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RE: Have you ever cheated in school?
my english teacher last year was soo stupid :p... Vocab tests... I put a little piece of paper on the backback infront of me, or the desk infront of me... cheat like that... or since we had to use a blank white piece of paper... I'd put it under it ...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-30-2006 at 12:59 PM
RE: Plz Virus Thingy
Plenty of stupid people :p.... haha... it actually froze a persons comptuer I was talking to... 3 times :p... It's a really crappy computer that probably is loaded with spyware/viruses... and it's slow as hell :p... the emoticons froze it :p
qgroesslSkype & Live Messenger09-27-2006 at 03:35 PM
RE: Plz Virus Thingy
:p fun stuff! haha
qgroesslSkype & Live Messenger09-27-2006 at 01:48 AM
RE: Coke or pepsi
:p... I love mountain dew... it's that or pepsi for me... my favorite kind of all time though is Surge... don't see it anywhere anymore though :(.... but any orange or grape is good too.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-26-2006 at 12:57 AM
RE: What are you addicted to?
So everybody's telling him that regular coke would be better for him than diet... :p and not that cigarrettes are bad :refuck:... eh... haha... Thought I'd let you know that ;) but I can understand that... it's extremely hard to quit smoking.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-25-2006 at 01:36 AM
RE: Would you give up sex in order to live to 100?
:p... My post got deleted... but anyways... the reason I put :pound:... is cause that's what I'd do instead...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-23-2006 at 04:39 AM
RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Impossible... unless you put them in a group of people exactly like themselves.... There's always something somebody's going to feel ashamed of or something like that... unless everybody's got the same thing to hide.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-22-2006 at 01:28 AM
RE: Which numbers do you use?
Depends on the situation for me too... the majority of the time it's my numpad though.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2006 at 11:34 PM
RE: smooth move. . .
make sure you only do that... because since you are changing the registry if you change anything else it could screw things up.
qgroesslWLM Plus! Help09-20-2006 at 01:21 AM
RE: Your views: Conspiracies
I believe in some conspriacy's... but not all... the 9/11 conspiracy is utter bullshit in my mind :p... but then if anybody knows the Conspiracy theory behind Lincoln's Assasaination... that one I do believe.... it all depends on the supporting fac...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-16-2006 at 11:56 AM
RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Bah... this hits close to home now... a school 30 minutes away from here in a neighboring city was threatened the other night... in the kids house they found home made explosives, trenchcoats, and otherthings similar to columbine...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-15-2006 at 12:33 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
But even so if there was a memorial thread I don't think people would go and make crude jokes about it.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-12-2006 at 03:11 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
dude... stfu.... Honestly I don't care where you're from.... you could be from fucking afghanistan.... don't say shit like that... don't post them fucking pictures.... 3000 people died... and you can be so cold hearted as to not even care. I hop...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-12-2006 at 12:07 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
It was a major center of trade throughout the international world I believe... I'm not exactly sure... but I'd imagine it had to do with international trade. TBH the death toll is probably fairly inaccurate with the number of clients and things so...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-12-2006 at 03:41 AM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
Yeah... that picture is just sick in my mind....
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-11-2006 at 03:34 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
Source?... and what age group is that... As for conspiracy theories... yeah... there are some.... the only one that's right is that a bunch of the taliban conspired and killed over 3000 people....
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-11-2006 at 12:11 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
Yeah... I think everybody (who's old enough) in the United States (maybe around the world) remembers exactly where they were.... I was in fifth grade... just coming up the stairs in school from gym class... and my 5th grade teacher looked horrified....
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-10-2006 at 09:21 PM
RE: How do you get the most out of a history lesson?
Watch videos on what your studying.... [offtopic] Some lady from Florida wanting to become a teacher... and failed a test 4 times called my history teacher (I live in Wisconsin) and asked for some advice on passing.... haha... She got his name and nu...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-10-2006 at 09:18 PM
RE: i broke my arm!
:p sucks to be you! :pound:..... :refuck:
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-09-2006 at 10:33 PM
RE: How do you find out your hearts BPM? (Beats per minute)
No problem ;)... it also works if you count the beats up to six seconds and multiply by 10 :p...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-07-2006 at 09:08 PM
RE: How do you find out your hearts BPM? (Beats per minute)
easiest way is to find your pulse... look at a clock and count how many times it pulses in 10 seconds.... then multiply by six...
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-07-2006 at 08:57 PM
RE: Crash !!
Yeah... it's a known problem with Live Notifier... and the last I've seen the developer is trying to fix it... I haven't seen anything lately though.
qgroesslWLM Plus! Bug Reports09-07-2006 at 02:25 AM
RE: Crash !!
I wouldn't suggest uninstalling a script if you think it might be the problem... first try stopping the script (by unchecking it), then restarting closing and reopening WLM and seeing if that helps... then if you figure out a script is causing the ...
qgroesslWLM Plus! Bug Reports09-07-2006 at 02:11 AM
RE: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead
TBH wait till they make a Steve Irwin foundation... it's inevitable that they'll make one if there already isn't one in his name... But I guess any of them will do.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-05-2006 at 02:46 AM
RE: Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin dead
TBH I can't wait till different stations start doing like, weekend marathons of his show... It's been a while since I've seen it on... and it really is a neat show.
qgroesslGeneral Chit Chat09-04-2006 at 08:09 PM
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