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RE: [Claymation] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
i likes :P, haven't seen it yet. who are you? you've had an account here in the past.
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat03-03-2009 at 04:54 AM
RE: Pheremones, what are you experiences?
your friend will be biased, cause you asked him, and you will be biased too, because you know your friend is observing you
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat03-02-2009 at 11:31 PM
RE: Pheremones, what are you experiences?
your perception isn't trust-able, srsly. (key word here being SEEM)
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat03-02-2009 at 11:10 PM
RE: Pheremones, what are you experiences?
well i know a (female) friend had a perfume that had pheromones, and i never noticed a thing... its the confidence that the pheromones gave you - seriously, the effect they have isn't irrational and it won't force you to do shit you normally wouldn...
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat03-02-2009 at 10:37 PM
RE: Laptop for Autocad
3. a certain quality
VoldemortTech Talk03-01-2009 at 04:00 AM
RE: I want to join the dark side.
i don't see the logic on this
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat02-23-2009 at 11:33 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live stops Vista from loading
It is not Vista (unless is an ultra weird weird weird cause). I've been running Plus! on vista since beta 2
VoldemortWLM Plus! Help02-21-2009 at 02:35 AM
RE: Laptop Recommendations
i went through three power connector and two hinges (the third broke too, though) and the screen's backlight ALWAYS flicked as the inverter was fucked, had it changed four times and it didn't work...
VoldemortTech Talk02-21-2009 at 02:31 AM
RE: How to Detect If The External Audio Jack Is In Use?
i don't think it can be detected, as in most (if not all) computers there's no sensor or anything to detect if something is in it....
VoldemortTech Talk02-21-2009 at 02:26 AM
RE: I want to join the dark side.
I carried a 15incher for three years, and i hated it... I got a 13" dell xps and i love it.... only two kgs, which is important if you plan on taking it along
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat02-18-2009 at 10:03 PM
RE: Microsoft is Looking for Beta Testers for Windows 7 Ultimate in Spanish
about to apply.
VoldemortTech Talk02-15-2009 at 06:19 PM
RE: Laptop Recommendations
NOOO, not gateway... i used to have one, they overheat, their hinges break, but other than that they're fine (it might have been just the model i bought, but i wouldn't buy anything from them again).
VoldemortTech Talk02-13-2009 at 09:28 PM
RE: Xbox and PC to Speakers
i don;t think it is
VoldemortTech Talk02-08-2009 at 05:14 PM
RE: Why does Russia get movies first?
everyone knows that hollywood is in russia, duh.
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat02-06-2009 at 04:09 AM
RE: PLUS MEET - Ottawa People - Read.
paintball is fun for nice old people (if by old you mean 18/19)
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat02-06-2009 at 02:16 AM
RE: The whole OK/Apply button dilemma
of the total amount of plus! users, only .00000001% has noticed this
VoldemortWLM Plus! General02-02-2009 at 07:36 PM
RE: Plus! Meeting, London '09
fags, feel free to stalk them from a distance first :p
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat02-02-2009 at 05:22 PM
RE: New computer
VoldemortTech Talk02-01-2009 at 05:24 PM
RE: Plus! Meeting, London '09
i don;t wanna hear moans
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2009 at 11:54 PM
RE: Plus! Meeting, London '09
only if you take your sister
VoldemortGeneral Chit Chat01-28-2009 at 09:24 PM
RE: create playlists similar songs
apologies for the double post, but this is exactly what i need: http://hop.at/mirage/ << that's only for linux, though :(
VoldemortTech Talk01-28-2009 at 04:06 AM
RE: Do not pay or send SMS/text messages to download Live Messenger or Messenger Plus!
why not put a big red message before the links that says "DO NOT CLICK, SCAM SITES BELOW"? some newb will actually end up downloading stuff from there (i do know they are not clickable)
VoldemortSkype & Live Messenger01-28-2009 at 02:52 AM
RE: create playlists similar songs
no, what i want is to set playlists of similar songs on my ipod :P mike: Tor sucks @ streams... or at least it did for me
VoldemortTech Talk01-27-2009 at 09:26 PM
RE: create playlists similar songs
what i mean by human interactions is listeners that click thumbs up if they think that song belongs to a certain chan and thumbs down if the song doesn't belong there
VoldemortTech Talk01-26-2009 at 11:09 PM
RE: create playlists similar songs
it relies on both, but mostly computer processing.
VoldemortTech Talk01-26-2009 at 11:04 PM
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