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RE: Is australia really racist or is it a misconception
Whoever finds that racist, obviously havent been in Australia long enough to realise that racism isnt really an issue here. Why? because we know that whoever is making the "racist" joke isnt serious, and its just a bit of fun; which frankly 95% of...
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-09-2009 at 10:13 AM
RE: Score Windows 7 for $30
I second that motion =D
Th3rmalTech Talk10-09-2009 at 09:26 AM
RE: VERY strange...webcam on with pc off
Check explanations 2 and 3.
Th3rmalSkype & Live Messenger10-08-2009 at 10:30 AM
RE: VERY strange...webcam on with pc off
There could be 3 explanations! 1. She is used to working with a mac, which when you click the on off button on the monitor, it turns the computer off, and then when she switched to PC, she thought it was the same. Thus turning her monitor off and not...
Th3rmalSkype & Live Messenger10-08-2009 at 09:44 AM
RE: October Desktops
what on earth are you on about? (A)
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-07-2009 at 12:14 PM
RE: October Desktops
I would post but with all the whiny people wanting thumbnails linking to full pictures, really cbf anymore lol. edit: screw it whiny people can deal with it, its only 500kb :P [url=http://www.th3rmal.com/files/oct09.jpg][img=8 00x300]http://www.th3rma...
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-07-2009 at 11:31 AM
RE: lockerz
I just signed up (thanks discrate <3) and it seems pretty cool I guess. Maybe its just the graphics talking lol. Some prices are like: 120GB slim PS3 - 675 PTZ 64GB Apple iPod Touch (newest Gen) 800 PTZ 16GB Apple iPod Nano (newest Gen) 425 PTZ PSP...
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-06-2009 at 05:03 AM
RE: What kind of car do you drive.
offtopic but i quite like all your photoshopping skillz
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-01-2009 at 12:43 PM
RE: What kind of car do you drive.
obviously he forgot to photoshop them in
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat10-01-2009 at 09:15 AM
RE: What kind of car do you drive.
[img]http://www.dragtimes.com/images/17562-2009-La mborghini-Murcielago.jpg[/img] This isnt my car exactly, mines a different colour and isnt a lamborghini, but you get the idea.
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat09-30-2009 at 01:49 AM
RE: Response to the nationwide internet filter in Australia,
oh and theres like a 95% chance that if a filter is applied, legitimate sites will be blocked off as well. Similar to how some places like the McAfee site advisor thinks Plus! site is bad, when it isnt, (its just there because of ignorant uneducated...
Th3rmalTech Talk09-23-2009 at 02:16 PM
RE: Response to the nationwide internet filter in Australia,
would both filters be applied to start with? or would it be like the mandatory is applied then you can ask to have the second applied as well? tbh i think filtering is stupid. If your kids are stupid enough to go look at child porn or suspicious web...
Th3rmalTech Talk09-23-2009 at 02:07 PM
RE: Response to the nationwide internet filter in Australia,
holy shit i didnt realise that. forum posts + reading about mw2 perks = spelling fail :P
Th3rmalTech Talk09-23-2009 at 12:21 PM
RE: Response to the nationwide internet filter in Australia,
Also the fact that some legitimate sights that dont have porn on them get blocked by accident, adn the fact that implementing a filter will slow down the net making it even worse than it is now. PC User did a full review on the whole idea of the filt...
Th3rmalTech Talk09-23-2009 at 10:37 AM
RE: Boss Mode Windows 7
In win7 it looks like a magnifying glass, and you may have to expand your list of icons to be able to see it
Th3rmalWLM Plus! General09-20-2009 at 12:42 AM
RE: help! when I sign in it signs me out automaticaly!
Giving us specific build numbers might help deduce the problem. If you dont know how to get the build number, simply go in WLM Help > About Messenger. And to get Plus!'s build number, go Plus! > About Messenger Plus!
Th3rmalWLM Plus! Help09-11-2009 at 11:17 PM
RE: Many accounts in one program
You can try using Pidgin :) Ive used it and its quite user friendly and works well too.
Th3rmalSkype & Live Messenger09-07-2009 at 09:04 PM
RE: Messenger Plus will not finish downloading!
it does work...
Th3rmalWLM Plus! Help09-07-2009 at 10:14 AM
RE: Why not be the rave additions Plus
There is no accurate way of knowing when a person has opened a conversation window with you. All the methods are considered not to work anymore because they are so inaccurate.
Th3rmalWLM Plus! General09-05-2009 at 12:01 PM
RE: September Desktops
thanks :)
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat09-04-2009 at 10:13 AM
RE: September Desktops
theme and wp please (A)
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat09-03-2009 at 01:17 PM
RE: What's Your Most Used Feature?
Tabbed chats, chat logs, /appearoffline :P
Th3rmalWLM Plus! General09-02-2009 at 12:07 AM
RE: Audio/MP3 player software?
like every single popular media player has this feature lol, so it doesnt make WMP any better compared to others :P
Th3rmalTech Talk09-01-2009 at 08:05 AM
RE: Skin Background finally came out =)
Im not a skinner, but posting your code for thtat section might help others in identifying the problem
Th3rmalSkinning09-01-2009 at 06:08 AM
RE: Toronto Meet August'09
I've heard rumors it instantaneously grows back to its original length when cut.
Th3rmalGeneral Chit Chat08-29-2009 at 08:01 AM
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