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RE: [split] Private company - bad or not?
If you really want to know who owns it, I am sure you can get a very good idea by searching public records and other sources. It will involve some work and expense, but the names are certain to be on something out there that can be found.
AdeptusWLM Plus! General04-08-2010 at 01:11 AM
RE: Just when I thought I could do something right.
What version of Windows do you have? It is very unusual for this to happen. Microsoft provides [url=http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223188]an article[/url] that describes how to fix it. Although only listed as applicable up to XP and Server 2003, I...
AdeptusTech Talk03-30-2010 at 02:57 AM
RE: Audio problems on Win7
As others have said, try different driver options for your audio chipset. It may be supported out of the box by Windows 7 (your best bet), it may have something on Windows Update, it may have something from the manufacturer of your motherboard and f...
AdeptusTech Talk03-21-2010 at 05:25 AM
RE: SQL/Database Help
djdannyp, It is perfectly fine if you don't want to redo your database. We all live with kludges that are the way they are because that's how it was done at one time and it works well enough to not spend more time on it. Being a geek who designs d...
AdeptusTech Talk03-20-2010 at 11:26 AM
RE: SQL/Database Help
djdannyp, If this is course work and the table layout was given to you, you can probably stop reading here. Otherwise, continue. :) While you have been offered a few solutions that should work with what you have, the real problem here is the databa...
AdeptusTech Talk03-19-2010 at 09:23 AM
RE: Toshiba Tecra
It could be a dirty or scratched disc, the optical drive, or even some other problems. XP's setup claims files are missing when it fails to copy a file for any reason. I've got that when there were bad sectors on the hard drive. Laptop optical dr...
AdeptusTech Talk03-18-2010 at 02:52 AM
RE: Drivers Pre-Installation
You are correct that it won't work without a subsequent repair install or as Microsoft calls it, "in-place upgrade". The best solution for mixed hardware environments is a different process than simple ghosting. First, integrate all the drivers y...
AdeptusTech Talk03-12-2010 at 11:41 PM
RE: [Solved] Are there issues with keeping a netbook on for a week?
I've ran my Macbook always on for months at a time. Of course, it's a Mac and they just work.
AdeptusTech Talk03-11-2010 at 03:33 AM
RE: Unresponsiveness issues
You will have to do some troubleshooting. The first thing I would do is monitor your CPU usage for some time (Task Manager). If the CPU usage is high when you are really not doing anything, the process list can tell you what process it is. It cou...
AdeptusTech Talk03-06-2010 at 11:56 PM
RE: Toshiba laptop charging problem
It sounds like bad battery, but there is also some possibility of failed charging circuitry inside the laptop (this could be a separate board or on the motherboard). I wish you had posted before wasting money on the AC adapter, as that would've bee...
AdeptusTech Talk03-06-2010 at 11:37 PM
RE: New Motherboard
In general, you should not expect to replace the motherboard and have your existing Windows installation just happily adjust to that, unless you are replacing a failed motherboard with the same exact hardware. That hasn't worked worth a damn on any...
AdeptusTech Talk03-05-2010 at 06:22 AM
RE: Wireless keyboard game problem
What MeEtc said. This is in large part why "gaming keyboards" exist. Also, I am not by any means an amazing gamer, but even I found that I couldn't play with a wireless keyboard the one time I tried that. There is a bit of a lag factor and it i...
AdeptusTech Talk02-13-2010 at 12:20 PM
RE: Weird Folders
Your guess is correct and you can delete them.
AdeptusTech Talk02-01-2010 at 04:51 PM
RE: [RESOLVED] Using Ajax.open to get specific div
I think that you may be looking at this the wrong way. Instead of parsing your site to extract the text from a specific <div> it may be much simpler to have your site provide the same text in a more handy format, such as a .txt file or a web service...
AdeptusScripting01-28-2010 at 07:59 AM
RE: Elite Members giving -2 or +2 rep
Just don't worry about it, dude. Who cares?
AdeptusForum & Website01-25-2010 at 12:55 AM
RE: Views on Religion
I have no objection to religion (any) when practiced as a personal belief. Some people may need it, some may just enjoy it, some don't want anything to have to do wth it. More power to them all. I object to religion and any rules or morality deriv...
AdeptusGeneral Chit Chat01-21-2010 at 05:34 AM
RE: new network with dedicated dhcp/dns
As wj says, it will be fine. It's a standard configuration for small Windows AD networks, because Active Directory absolutely requires dynamic DNS updates. You will have to decide whether you want the DNS server to handle recursion (actually resol...
AdeptusTech Talk01-20-2010 at 12:58 AM
RE: MySQL and PHP - using 2 tables in one query?
Great. You should come on IRC (#banana) sometime. :)
AdeptusTech Talk01-17-2010 at 09:22 PM
RE: MySQL and PHP - using 2 tables in one query?
That is what I would expect -- is that not what you wanted?
AdeptusTech Talk01-17-2010 at 08:55 PM
RE: MySQL and PHP - using 2 tables in one query?
First of all, your questions are welcome. I just think you would benefit from knowing what kind of functionality is out there when querying a typical SQL engine. Secondly, I recommend testing queries in an interactive tool before you put them in cod...
AdeptusTech Talk01-17-2010 at 08:13 PM
RE: MySQL and PHP - using 2 tables in one query?
The query that MeEtc provided should basically do then, except you want to modify the WHERE clause a bit: SELECT a.*, b.playername FROM tableA a INNER JOIN tableB b ON a.steamid = b.steamid WHERE b.playername = 'Johnny' Although you said you wante...
AdeptusTech Talk01-17-2010 at 07:24 PM
RE: assembly conversion
It is relatively easy for someone who understands assembly to look at the disassembler output and figure out what a code portion of special interest does, such as an encryption algorithm or controlling a proprietary piece of hardware. They can then ...
AdeptusTech Talk01-16-2010 at 03:10 AM
RE: assembly conversion
You are best off getting somebody who knows assembly for the respective kind of platform interpret it for you -- if it is a small piece of code. Automated conversion from assembly to higher level languages isn't likely to result in anything good.
AdeptusTech Talk01-15-2010 at 04:35 AM
RE: Messenger Plus on Windows 7 x64
This may not help you very much, but I am running Windows 7 64-bit with MsgPlus! too and do not have this problem, so it probably isn't specific to the OS. It is something I've seen discussed in these forums time from time; I would suggest a sear...
AdeptusWLM Plus! Help01-13-2010 at 09:35 AM
RE: Best Places to Live in the World 2010
Discrate, I have nothing further to say to you. The members of the forum can judge us based on the statements made and their community standards. Have a good day.
AdeptusGeneral Chit Chat01-10-2010 at 09:09 AM
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